About Laxidea.com

Here at Laxidea, we are known for offering our unbiased thoughts about different equipment of lacrosse. You will find reliable information regarding the top-rated gears that both professional and regular players use daily.

That is not all! We cover guides to help you know all the things you might want to know about lacrosse.

What Is Laxidea?

Whether you are a professional or a newbie to lacrosse, Laxidea will provide you with valid information regarding heads, stick shafts, cleats, pants, and other equipment. We know how it feels to be completely baffled among the available options. And our primary goal is to make things easier for you.

Who Are We?

Our team mainly consisted of a few lacrosse players who were tired of seeing players struggling with average-grade gear. Laxidea now consists of many like-minded professional players and an editorial board who know the lacrosse game’s ins and outs.

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Starting from day one, we believe that you need to have up-to-the-mark gear if you want to excel at any game. And we strive to ensure that both new players and the pros find it easier to get the right equipment and have easy access to the topics related to the gears.

What Do We Do Here?

Our editorial team and experts come together to make content that will help the players get what they are searching for. We offer guides, unbiased thoughts about the equipment and strive to make it easier for the new players to know all about the things related to the gears.

Our Ethics

Our Laxidea team strictly maintains the standards. Instead of blabbering about the products, we give an actual description of them. And if it is not possible to have hands-on experience regarding the gears, we do tons of research about them.

What about the affiliate program? The small amount of revenue that we earn from your purchases is spent trying out new gears. And we are impartial towards the brands, and we are not at all connected to any of the products we cover.