5 Best Cleats for Lacrosse Goalies in [2024]Currently Available

There’s a lot of science revolving around the cleats you use while playing the role of a lacrosse goalie.

Because it not only enhances the overall traction quality but also offers improved penetration and ankle protection while playing on natural surfaces.

Now finding the best cleats for lacrosse goalies might come off as a daunting task.

Hence to save you the trouble of surfing through hundreds of online stores and reading those shady sale posts, we have handpicked 5 top-rated cleats that are reaching milestones in 2024.

Why would you believe us?

Because it’s not only us advocating for these cleats, there are a handful of positive reviews from professional and amateur goalies who have firsthand experiences.

Why delay then?

Let’s get started!

Best Cleats For Lacrosse Goalies

5 Best Cleats for Lacrosse Goalies

This full-fledged review is backed by 12 hours of thorough research and supervision.

We’ve hunted down the deepest darkest facts about each product; as a goalie, you need to understand the workings of your lacrosse gears.

It will be easier for you to deduce since you’ll be enlightened with the key features, perks, and downsides of each lacrosse cleats.

1. New Balance Men’s Freeze v4

If you aren’t familiar with the new balance’s assortment of high-end lacrosse gears, then let us break it down for you.

New balance men’s freeze cleats have bagged unparalleled fame throughout the past few decades due to their superior traction and agility. On top of that, their sincerity for not delving into any celebrity endorsement is living proof that they made this far by genuine labor.

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These cleats thrive in catering to unbeatable traction while dealing with hard cuts and lateral directions. The full bootie tongue construction and the exploweave saddle works in harmony to endow you with maximum stability and protection.

Moreover, these cleats feature internal heel pads to secure your foot in place, while the Lamitex inhibits upper stretching and wear. As far as you are concerned about the overall comfort, the new balance has it covered.

The mesh collar is innovatively crafted for mitigating all the strain around your ankle that stems from extreme pressure and friction. Being made of 100% synthetic material, it can survive any adverse or unforgiving situations.

Last but not least, the cleat includes responsive sole plates for bracing the fast cuts a goalie has to make. Apart from these features, you have the advantage of choosing from four different colors. Pick the ones that suit your athletic personality at best!


  • Synthetic soles for optimal breathability
  • Fresh foam cushioning ensures comfort
  • Lightweight cleats for fast movements
  • Less expensive
  • Outside rail cleats allow sharper cuts and boost confidence


  • Spikes built inside the edge of the heel might stick out


We can wager on these lacrosse goalie cleats because of their multitude of advanced features. This one provides you all at a very mid-range price, from the unmatched footing mechanism to overall comfort. So as long as you don’t have wide feet, this one is worth a shot.

2. Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C. Lacrosse Shoe

Here you have the second top pick for today’s review — the pinnacle of cross-performance footwear, men’s highlight M.C. lacrosse shoe by Under Armour. This item is undoubtedly the one to go for if you are a fan of traditional cleats that vouch for superior ankle and heel support.

The whole architecture of this cleat is built to last for any athlete who wants to cut harder and faster without compromising a tad bit of protection.

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It’s engineered with 100% synthetic material, and due to its stretchability, you get ample room inside the shoes to move your ankle and feel comfortable.

Besides, the breathable contents keep your feet free of moisture and grease. As a result, the susceptibility to slipping or causing an ankles sprain recedes. Next, you have the 3D molded tongue; reinforced with protection and ultra-support around your ankle that ensures you of unrivaled comfort.

Do you know what else the cherry on top is? The ultra-clutch fit acts like a second skin and blankets your ankle while dodging the offense team’s shot.

Besides, it’s worth mentioning that the shaft of this cleat ranges exactly 7″ from the arch. The height of this lacrosse shoe is apt for athletes who can’t take hold of their ankle because, as a high-top cleat, it’s credited to support the regions of the foot more. It improves not only your stand but also the way you play.


  • Padded with 3D foam footbed for aligning to the contours of your foot
  • Lengthened eyebrows cut-outs for effortless foot entry and mobility
  • Available in four attractive colors and a set of different sizes
  • Ideal for athletes who often suffer from ankle injuries
  • V56 technology in the forefoot for abating toe hypertension


  • Comparatively pricier
  • It weighs 11.2oz, a little on the heavier side


The first thing that might come off as a dealbreaker might be the price.

However, as compared to the array of benefits it caters to your various athletic needs, the price does justice on its behalf. There’s no surprise that protecting your ankle from all the fast cuts is one of the strongest suits of these lacrosse goalie shoes.

So, if you need such cleats that offer you optimal foot protection, comfort, flexibility, and an extraordinary feeling, then Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C. Lacrosse cleats have it in spades.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Lacrosse Cleat

This one serves similar needs to the previous lacrosse cleat and is specially made for ankle protection. But this one is on the less pricey side with a stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The rubber soles of this cleat prevent slips and falls, providing excellent grip on perilous surfaces. Hence you get enhanced control over your footings and achieve the agility you require for playing the role of a lacrosse goalie.

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The ASICS men’s gel provost cleats suffice the standards of comfort, protection, and resistance needed for a goalkeeper. It tackles abrasion and impact due to the reinforcement around the toe area.

Be it supporting your ankle while making an abrupt, risky movement or retreating potential ankle injuries, this lacrosse cleat will take care of it.

Besides, the moisture-wicking materials and polymer cleat plate works combinedly and hit the bull’s eye to offer increased comfort. Thanks to the Low-cut design and robust synthetic leather construction.

The synthetic leather and mesh upper blend complement the overall black and white appearance. If the Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C is a traditional beast, then this one is a chic monster.

Lastly, but most importantly, you should make allowance for this cleat in your gearbox because of the super lightweight feature. Yes, you heard it right. Contrary to the previous lacrosse shoes being on the heavier side, this one weighs only 2.4 pounds.


  • Supremely lightweight yet sturdy
  • A supple synthetic upper with unstinting cushioning at the collar and tongue for elevated comfort
  • Detachable insoles for moisture absorbency and breathability
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning for shock resistance
  • Steal for the money


  • Sizes might be inconsistent
  • The white color may fade and turn into a faint yellow


If you are on the lookout for budget-friendly and lightweight turf-specific cleats for protecting your feet while making hard cuts, then let this lacrosse cleat be your ally. As you know, it’s designed for any lacrosse players, albeit the goalies seem to develop a fondness for it. No wonder why!

As for the inadequate sizing issue, you can put an end to it by removing the insoles. It will compress the tightness and prevent scratches.

4. WARRIOR Men’s 2nd Degree 3 Lacrosse Shoe

One of the lightest cleats to lay your hands on are the warrior men’s 2nd degree 3 lacrosse cleats. It weighs only 1.95 pounds and fits almost perfectly on a lean and slender foot.

You might not take it for a fast cleat, but to your surprise, it is one of the fastest, compared to other lacrosse shoes at this price range. The forte of this lacrosse shoe confides in the mesh tongue and TPU outsole with 14 lightweight P.U. studs.

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While the mesh tongue takes charge for unmatched flexibility, the latter stimulates motion control regardless of the field type.

In addition, the elevated TPU in the medial and lateral regions of the heel and forefoot strengthens stability, traction, and overall durability. Besides, the cleats are chiseled with corkscrew studs in the middle.

It helps to avert the crumb rubber or the turf beads during roll-specific movements. Moreover, the VaporTek moisture-management liner prevents dampness around your feet and provides you with a comfortable and moisture-free experience.

Since it’s made from 100% synthetic material, you get a luxurious appearance and longevity.


  • Value for money
  • Incredibly lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Ideal for both artificial and natural surfaces
  • Provides ample protection to your ankle while making fast cuts
  • It keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout the match


  • Not for big toes
  • The soles may peel off due to persistent use


A compelling presence is as crucial as having a skilled foot for a goalie because of the fast cuts you make during the saves. And to give your skills more volume, you will need this pair.

The lightweight feature, stylish look, and breathability summons quality all over. And honestly, at this price range, you won’t get a better deal than this one.

5. Reebok Men’s Bulldodge Mid M2 III KFS Lacrosse Shoe

Here you have the final selection for today’s top 5 best lacrosse goalie cleats. The Men’s Bulldodge Mid M2 III KFS Lacrosse Shoe presented by Reebok. It’s made of 100% synthetic leather that incorporates synthetic soles, weighing only 2 pounds.

So that you know, manufactured soles are famous for their excellent wear resistance and outstanding shock absorption. Hence your feet will remain steady and secure during those challenging hard cuts.

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You have the KFS technology expansion joints to make your movements swifter and more natural. It guarantees you effortless movement while the adjustable TPU ankle support technology runs along the foot and secures your ankle from scratches and potential injuries.

In case you are stressing over the medial foot protection, let us assure you that the flex armor ventilation will take good care of it.

On top of that, the mesh collar line, including the PlayDry, repels the moisture derived from extreme heat. Thus, your feet remain dry and comfortable throughout the game.

Last but not least, the upper cover of this cleat is engineered to dwindle heat accumulation and friction.

In conclusion, you are gonna get a lightweight, sturdy and comfortable lacrosse shoe with improved traction quality, whether you are a goalie or making an attack.


  • The overall appearance drips style and professionalism
  • Available in a set of four attractive colors
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight
  • Shock, scratch, and stain resistant


  • It could be more durable in construction
  • The soles have a poor joint


Well, we hate to tell you that, but there’s no remedy to stop your ankle from twisting. The best you can do is scale down the chances by enforcing additional ankle support.

And to provide you with that extra ankle support, the Reebok KFS lacrosse shoe will be the right choice, especially for a newbie goalie who isn’t still accustomed to unforgiving situations.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Best Cleats for Lacrosse Goalies

Let’s have a glance over the crucial facts you need to consider before shopping for lacrosse goalie cleats.


You can’t take a gear seriously if you are oblivious of the material used in the process because every substance that contributes to the overall making ensures the quality of your cleats.

Thus, one of the most important things to consider while bagging the finest lacrosse cleats is to inspect the material.

Besides, having a once-over on the outsole plates is also important since the traction, lateral movement, and steadiness depend on it partially.

We don’t need to tell you about the rubber soles because that’s used in every other shoe. The one material discussed in the review is the TPU material. So, let’s break it down a little bit to eliminate your further concerns.


The TPU material refers to thermoplastic polyurethane, which is vastly used in the plates of lacrosse cleats.

And the reason why it has a significant impact on the overall working of the shoe is its lightweight feature.

It comes into play when you are making lateral movements. While on the other hand, the stiff plastic guarantees you a stable foot which a rubber sole fails to offer.

So, when shopping for lacrosse cleats, make sure to go for the ones made of TPU material.

The Various Cleat Profiles

Since lacrosse cleats come in various profiles, such as low-cuts, mid-cuts, and high-tops, we will describe them in brief detail. However, there’s no telling which one is the best as all of them are unique in their way of protection.

  • Low Cut

First, we have the low-cut cleats crafted for enhanced speed and freedom around your ankle area. Well, some goalies may prefer low-cut cleats for their speed, but in reality, these work best in a soccer game.

For a goalie, it’s not the ideal type to go for, as goalies require maximum protection than speed.

  • Mid-cut

Secondly, we have mid-cut cleats which offer unbeatable ankle protection and effortless foot movement. And that’s what you need the most as a lactose goalie. If you have doubts, you can search for the most popular profile choices amongst the lacrosse players, and you will find your answer.

  • High-Tops

Lastly, we have the high-top cleats, which might be a little overwhelming to look at, but once you get the hang of it, you will be surprised by the level of protection it offers.

Not just that; if you can spot ones with a lightweight design, then that will be the icing on the cake. You can keep your ankle safe from injuries as well as make easy movements.

Playing Surfaces

We can’t be discussing Lacrosse and ignore what’s under your feet. There are two possibilities. Either you are playing on grass or turfs.

You might know that Lacrosse doesn’t confine to one weather only. It is played in all weather conditions. It can be raining cats and dogs or snowing all night, no matter what the game must go on.

That said, you should be very careful of the environment you will play in. Before buying the cleats, consider whether you have any upcoming tournaments or just be practicing.

Also, think about the field surfaces and seasons. Some cleats are deemed best for natural surfaces as grass might not perform well in a turf field. However, some lacrosse cleats are made for all-weather conditions and turf and grass surfaces.

Ideal Fit

Wouldn’t it be frustrating if your lacrosse shoes fit too tight to spread your toes? Or it can be too wobbly and start coming off of your foot while making a fast cut.  In both circumstances, you can face horrible ankle injuries.

Thus you can’t go wrong in terms of picking the ideal fit.

Make sure to choose the ones that fit nicely against your feet and have a lightweight design. Neither too stiff nor too loose. It should be comfortable yet stable; as for a goalie, protection and comfort are paramount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a goalie use for their protection except for the cleats?

A lacrosse goalie plays the role of stopping the ball and directing the defense. Thus, they require extreme protection, not only around their ankle area but also their chest. They should wear a chest protector to prevent potential chest, rib, stomach, or shoulder injuries.

Apart from these two crucial goalie gears, there are some more, such as the helmet (the most important), mouthguard, gloves, and goalie pants. In addition to these, you can add some extra protection by including a protective shirt, throat guard, elbow pads, knee pads, arm sleeves, Shin guard, etc. These are optional, yet being too careful doesn’t hurt.

Does the weight of my cleat have any impact on my performance?

Well, not necessarily. If you are a skilled player and have an experienced ankle, you might dodge the injuries or be able to make fast cuts with heavy lacrosse cleats.

However, it surely takes a toll on you since the cleats on the heavier side seem to be less flexible than the lighter ones. While it might not be a downer for a professional due to their goalie techniques and physical tolerance, a newbie can experience difficulties moving.

What is the best lightweight lacrosse goalie cleat?

The WARRIOR Men’s 2nd Degree 3 Lacrosse Shoe is the one that falls into that category. Except for being one of the most budget-friendly goalie cleats, it weighs only 1.95 pounds.

Which one is better, the Under-armour M.C lacrosse shoe or the ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Mid Lacrosse Cleat?

Well, not everyone will tell you that, but both are best in two different aspects. The U.A. lacrosse shoes are the overall best, mainly quality, durability, speed, and support. However, they are heavier and cost a little too much.

Now, it might not be an ideal choice for an amateur goalie. Be it for the bulkiness or the high price tag. In contrast, the ASICS mid lacrosse cleat is lighter and comes at a very competitive price. As for the quality, protection characteristics, speed, and durability here, it’s undoubtedly good but not as good as the U.A. lacrosse cleats.

Cleats or turf shoes? Which is the best while playing Lacrosse?

If you aim for increased traction and playing in a muddy field or natural surfaces, then cleats are the one to go for as they can penetrate the ground and prevent collapses.

On the other hand, turf shoes are crafted for artificial or turf surfaces, which play a vital role in inhibiting ankle injuries. Now, it’s quite a pain to tell which is the best as both have different characters to play. According to your requirements and circumstances, you gotta pick and choose.

Are cleats used in soccer can be used in Lacrosse?

Honestly, it might not be a great option since soccer cleats offer less ankle protection. Although you can play Lacrosse in soccer cleats, you can’t go for the other way around.

Final Words

You are not unaware of how much investment it takes to be a lacrosse goalie, as you need many goalie gears in your arsenal. Thus, you have to be very careful about the things you put your money on.

We suggest reading the buying guide thoroughly and making a quick comparison amongst the best cleats for lacrosse goalies while keeping your primary requirements and budget in mind.

This way, you will make a cost-effective investment and ensure protection. Because why not cut the cake and eat it too?