Best Lacrosse Backpacks & Bags 2024 (with Stick Holder)

We cannot stress enough how much of a headache choosing the right bag can be. Plus, things will go downhill if you do not have any clue regarding where to start. Let us not forget that the game Lacrosse requires a serious amount of gear, unlike other games.

But the real question is, how are you going to hold all that equipment? Well, that is where the best lacrosse backpacks and best lacrosse bags step in. Those would have an adequate amount of space and unique features, which will make it easier to travel from and to the game.

However, choosing one is not as easy as it seems; at least, it was not easy for us. For that reason, we took the initiative of making a helpful guide that will make the choosing process a bit easier for the new buyers.

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4 Best Lacrosse Backpacks

Let us first start with backpacks. These are probably the go-to options for most Lacrosse players. And we had gone through more than tens of available options that seemed promising to us. These are the ones that stood out:

1. Athletico Lacrosse Backpack

Convenient features are one of the things that we looked for while testing out the lacrosse men’s and women’s lacrosse backpacks. And among all, this one from Athletico stood out the most in that regard.

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As mentioned, this one comes with an external helmet holder, vented cleats compartment, and many other compartments for each of the equipment. There are double straps, which will ensure that the equipment is secure.

Thanks to the cleats compartment, it will be easier to isolate the dirty equipment from the rest of the equipment. The venting will ensure that the equipment can get enough airflow to remain fresh.

When it comes to the overall capacity, it features an XL rating. So, it will be capable of accommodating most of your gears. Also, there is air mesh padding on the back and ergonomic backpack straps.


  • Has an external helmet holder
  • Features a vented cleats compartment
  • Sports double straps for holding bulky items
  • It flaunts an XL capacity
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to carry


  • The zippers are not that high in quality
  • It might be too large for some players

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

You will not go wrong with this purchase if large capacity, comfort, and extra features are your priority.

2. STX Lacrosse Backpack

Having an option regarding the color option is always a good thing. But not all of the manufacturers will offer that option. Well, STX is not one of them.

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You will find this backpack being available in three different color options. And the color accents for all of them blend exceptionally well with the primary black color. All of them have vented runt pockets, which will make it easier to isolate the dirty items from the rest.

But the runt pockets are not the only thing you will find on this option. It has two reasonably-sized compartments. Those accommodate most of the equipment at ease. Also, the unit features cushioned shoulder straps. It will enhance comfort.

To improve the ergonomics, the manufacturer has integrated a back panel. And the base of the unit is heavy-duty. So, you will not have to worry about sagging, nor will you need to worry about the durability that much.


  • Available in three colors
  • Features vented runt pockets
  • It has two large-sized compartments
  • Boasts cushioned shoulder straps
  • The base is heavy-duty


  • It might be a bit small for U12 equipment
  • The straps do not have double protection

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it offers color options amazed us. Also, the base is heavy-duty, and it has two large compartments.

3. ERANT Lacrosse Backpack

On the lookout for something that is exceptionally durable? In that case, you would want to look at what ERANT is offering here!

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Unlike some cheap lacrosse backpacks, this one did not skimp one bit on the overall construction. The manufacturer has opted for high-density polyester. There are reinforced zippers present too.

Most lacrosse bagpacks are cheap out on the capacity as well. But you will find enough capacity inside to fit all of your equipment. There are two helmet holders, a miscellaneous compartment, and a cleat compartment available.

The straps are pretty comfortable as well. You can easily carry it around for the entire day without facing any discomfort. Also, due to how versatile it is, you can use it for traveling and other purposes.


  • Features a construction of high-density polyester
  • Have reinforced zippers
  • Sports good enough capacity inside
  • Flaunts two helmet holders
  • Exceptionally versatile


  • A bit heavier on the top side
  • The zippers are not that smooth

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It boasts a construction of high-density polyester. Also, there are reinforced zippers, and it has dedicated holders for helmets.

4. Wolks XXL Backpack

What if the capacity offered by most of the lacrosse equipment bags is not just enough for you? That is where you need to take a look at this offering from Wolks.

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As the label states, it features an XXL capacity. That means you can make it accommodate all of the equipment and have room for some more. There are separated compartments, which will make it easier to keep the stuff organized inside.

The overall build quality is solid. It features a construction of polyester fabric and has sturdy metal zippers. The exterior is waterproof, which means even if the weather gets a bit rough, you will not have to worry about the equipment inside.

That said, there will be no compromise in terms of comfort. It features a comfortable design on the back. The design ensures proper airflow on the back. Also, you will find multiple padding. Those are there to enhance ergonomics.


  • Sports an XXL capacity
  • Has separate compartments
  • Features a solid overall build
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable and highly ergonomic


  • The capacity might be too large for some
  • It does not have proper helmet straps

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

Its capacity is the main selling point. If you want something with a large capacity, this one is it!

6 Best Lacrosse Bags

Backpacks are not the only options available when it comes to carrying equipment for Lacrosse. There are bags too! However, not all of the available bags will be worthy of purchase. But these are:

1. Sling Lacrosse Bag

Having loads of straps is a great thing. However, often, you might not need more than two straps. Well, with an option such as this one from Sling, you can have the best of both worlds.

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To start with, it comes with three different straps. There are a sternum strap, shoulder strap, and padded shoulder strap. All of them feature the construction of high-quality 600D Jacquard polyester. And the padded shoulder strap is removable.

Even the construction of the exterior is made of the same polyester. That increases the overall durability level and makes the whole thing sturdy. The overall capacity is 40 liters. That means you will have all of the space you require.

There are angled Velcro straps on the side. Those will let you easily carry the sticks with you. Also, the zippers and buckles of these lacrosse backpacks with stick holder are reasonably sturdy and can withstand a good amount of load.


  • It flaunts three different straps
  • The padded strap is removable
  • Both the straps and body is of high-quality material
  • Features a 40L capacity
  • Has Velcro straps on each side


  • The stitching on the straps are not that well done
  • It does not have dedicated compartments

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This one has three different straps. And one of the padded straps is removable. Also, the capacity is praiseworthy.

2. STX Lacrosse Challenger Equipment Bag

One of the things that most of the bags for Lacrosse equipment will skimp on is the accessories pockets. However, STX kept that in mind while they were manufacturing this offering.

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As we have mentioned, you will find small accessories pockets. The pockets on the front have a good amount of capacity and will hold a good number of small pieces of equipment.

There are multiple sleeves on the exterior. You can use those sleeves to make this bag hold multiple sticks. Yes, there will be no need to get yourself a dedicated bag to carry them. Also, the straps are adjustable.

Additionally, you will have two options when it comes to capacity. The first one is 36 inches in size, while the other one is 42 inches. Both of them have a proper main compartment, which will accommodate all of the gears with ease. 


  • It comes with small accessories pockets
  • Has multiple sleeves on the exterior
  • Two size options are available
  • Both have a proper-sized main compartment
  • Features adjustable straps


  • Some packages might ship with missing shoulder straps
  • The seams feel a bit cheap

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It has small pockets for accessories, and it comes in two different size options. Also, the straps are adjustable.

3. Martin Sports Deluxe

While looking for bags, you might want to opt for something that offers color options. If that is the case for you, keep this offering from Martin Sports on your consideration.

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First of all, it comes in six different color options. You can get the one that will perfectly blend with your team’s clothing. No matter which one you pick, you will get something that has a large compartment. It can carry a good amount of gear.

Apart from that, there is a separate compartment for wet gear. As a result, you will not have to worry about ruining your perfect equipment by keeping them with the dirty ones. You will also find oversized pockets on the side.

Those pockets will have double zippers. So, you will not have to worry about the gears not being secure inside. Also, it has a good amount of padding on the straps. Those will increase comfort. The straps are both adjustable and removable.


  • It comes in six colors
  • Has a separate compartment for wet gear
  • Sports oversized pockets on the side
  • The straps have a good amount of padding
  • Utilizes double zippers


  • The inside of the liner does not feel that durable
  • It might ship with having a strong smell

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The bag comes in six colors, and the unit comes with oversized pockets. Additionally, the straps have a reasonable amount of padding.

4. Warrior Stock Black Hole T1

Want to get your hands on something that will offer you the ability to do some aftermarket customization? Well, what you want is probably this offering from Warrior.

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To start with, it comes in black color. However, it has patterns all over the body and a logo on the side. That design makes it look reasonably sleek. The stock coloring is also highly resistant to fading.

When it comes to customization, you will find hooks on each side of the bag. Those will enable you to connect different bag accessories with it. Also, it comes with a detachable strap. That makes customization more effortless.

That said, the main compartment is quite large. It holds the ability to carry a good amount of gear. There is a small strap on the top, which will let you easily carry the bag with your hands if you want to. And the overall build is top-notch.


  • Features a sleek design
  • Customizable
  • It comes with a detachable strap
  • Large main compartment
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • It does not have any side pockets
  • The zipper is not that smooth

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This bag offers customization abilities. It has hooks on the side, which will let you attach straps and other accessories with it.

5. Brine Magnus Equipment Bag

You really do not have to pay a hefty amount of money just to get a premium Lacrosse bag. Do not believe us? Take a look at what Brine has to offer here.

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Let us first talk about the capacity. It has a massive main compartment. The compartment has an XL rating.  And that compartment will hold anything and everything you would want it to accommodate.

But the main compartment is not the only thing that makes it premium. It even has reasonably large side pockets. Those can hold up to four sticks! You will not even need a dedicated bag for the sticks if you get this one.

Finally, the build quality is premium. The construction is made of high-quality nylon. It has a higher overall durability level. Also, the outlook is pretty praiseworthy too. The bag will blend exceptionally well with your team’s clothing.


  • It has an XL capacity
  • Features side pockets
  • Capable of accommodating up to 4 sticks
  • Made of high-quality nylon
  • Sports a sleek outlook


  • The main strap does not have a load of padding
  • Only the main strap is detachable

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It incorporates all of the things of a premium bag without the price of a premium offering.

 6. Champion Sports Lacrosse

We have got yet another offering that comes in different color options. It also checks all of the qualities of a proper Lacrosse bag. Want to know more about it? Read through the review!

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This option is available in five different color options. Each of them has a reasonably large main compartment. So, it will not be a hassle to fit all of your game equipment inside.

The overall construction is highly praiseworthy. It features a build of heavy-duty nylon. And the material does not only make the bag achieve a higher durability level but also makes the unit waterproof.

In addition to that, the strap has a good amount of padding. That would make it comfortable for you to carry it throughout the entire day. Also, the straps are adjustable. It will let you securely carry the bag around.


  • Five color options are available
  • The main compartment is pretty large
  • Constructed of heavy-duty nylon
  • Waterproof and highly durable
  • Features a good amount of padding on the strap


  • The straps are not heavy-duty
  • It does not have a proper design on the bottom

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The offering comes in different color options. It is waterproof and features durable construction.

4 Best Lacrosse Stick Bags

While looking for a Lacrosse bag, you might want to opt for dedicated bags for sticks. Well, keep these well-tested and worthy offerings in your consideration:

1. STX Lacrosse Essential

Even though most of the stick bags out there will only have a compartment for the sticks, a couple of them will have pockets to let you carry other personal items. And this offering from STX is one of them.

No products found.

Let us first discuss the main compartment. It is large enough to carry full-sized sticks without any issues. Also, it has good zippers. So, getting the sticks out and inside the pocket will be a smooth process.

The large top opening will also make putting the stick inside an effortless process. In fact, you will not face any issue even if the stick is modified to some degree. Also, it can hold up to three sticks. The small pocket can even hold a good amount of space.

That said, it comes in two colors. Both of them sports durable construction. The exterior is made of nylon. And it has a strap on the side, which will make it easier to carry the bag. It is also an excellent pick for lacrosse stick bag defense.


  • Can carry up to three sticks
  • The main compartment utilizes good zippers
  • Has small pocket on the front
  • It comes with a strap
  • Available in two colors


  • The exterior is not that fade resistant
  • It might come with a flimsy hanger on the top

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It flaunts a reasonably large capacity main compartment. The bag can hold up to three sticks. Also, there is a small pocket to keep small stuff inside the bag.

2. Athletico Lacrosse Stick Bag

Most of the bags for sticks will prioritize more on making the main compartment large. However, one thing that most fails to deliver is protective padding inside the pocket. Well, Athletico considered that when they planned to offer this bag into the market.

No products found.

The main compartment is pretty significant. It holds the ability to hold sticks that are up to 46 inches. That means you can accommodate the sticks of attack and midfield into the compartment without any issues.

To keep the sticks protected, the manufacturer has integrated protective padding. Those will cushion impacts and ensure that the sticks remain undamaged while carrying the bag on the back.

Moreover, this bag features an adjustable shoulder strap. For that reason, it will be easy to carry it. Also, there are small pockets on the front and back. Those can easily hold goggles, personal items, and balls.


  • The main compartment is 46 inches in size
  • Has protective padding inside
  • Sports an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Features pockets
  • Easy to carry


  • The strap feels a bit flimsy
  • It does not have smooth zippers on the pockets

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This offering has a reasonably large main compartment. And most importantly, there is protective padding inside. That will keep the sticks protected.

3. STX Lacrosse Women’s

The brand STX seems to have an extensive lineup of offerings for Lacrosse. Most of them are worthy of recommendation. And the case is the same for this one too.

No products found.

So, what makes it worthy of the recommendation? Firstly, it features a large top opening. That will make it easier to put the sticks inside and get them outside of the main compartment.

On that note, the main compartment has a good enough capacity for sticks. It will be capable of accommodating reasonably large-sized ones without showing any issues.

There are external pockets with zippers. Those can easily carry small items such as wallets and keys. Also, the strap is adjustable. You can make it go over the shoulder and across the chest. So, carrying it will not be an issue either.


  • The top opening is pretty large
  • Reasonably large compartment
  • Features side pockets
  • It comes with zippers on the pockets
  • Sports adjustable straps


  • Only one color option is available
  • The zippers are a bit rough

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It has a large top opening and pocket on the front. Also, the strap is adjustable, and it has a relatively large main compartment.

4. Brine Lacrosse Stick Bag Women’s

We have already covered a regular bag from Brine. Like that one, this stick bag is highly worthy of the money. Want to know why? Read this review through!

No products found.

Unlike the other offerings, this one does not have pockets on the exterior but also small sections inside the main compartment. Those inner mesh pockets will let you store goggles and other small items inside.

On that note, the outer pocket is pretty large in size. That can hold moneybags, phones, balls, and other accessories without any issues. Also, it features a moisture-resistant liner. So, all of the equipment inside will remain fully protected.

Other than that, the bag features an adjustable strap. It will allow you to carry the bag around securely. Also, the outlook is pretty praiseworthy. Its design makes it stand out and blend well with uniforms at the same time.


  • Sports mesh pockets inside
  • It has a large-sized exterior pocket
  • Boasts a water-resistant liner
  • The strap is adjustable
  • Features a unique design on the exterior


  • The straps might be a bit small for some user
  • Does not utilize smooth zippers

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it has pockets inside and outside truly amazed us. Also, it has a unique outlook.

Buying Guide: Best lacrosse Backpacks and Bags

Going through the reviews will not be enough if you want to get your hands on something worthy of each penny. Along with that, you should keep these factors in your mind:

Build Quality

First and foremost, keep the build quality in your mind. For this, you need to start with the construction material. Ensure it is high in quality. If the material is not high in quality, the units will not be sturdy, nor will they be capable of holding the equipment and sticks properly.

Secondly, check the seams, straps, and buckles. Those need to be durable as well, or else the bag might fall apart after a couple of months of use.


Apart from the build quality, you need to factor in the capacity. Now, this will highly depend on the amount of equipment or sticks you want to carry. If you do not plan to carry a good amount of equipment for the bags or backpacks, opting for XXL would not be wise. Get the XL or L-sized options.


The straps are what you will rely on to carry the backpacks and bags. And to securely place them over your shoulder and across your chest, you need to ensure that the length is correct. So, they need to be adjustable. Check whether the units offer that before making a purchase.

Additional Features

Extra features add more value. And in this case, having small pockets, customizability options, and removable straps can make things convenient. For example, the extra compartments will allow you to carry the small items separately.

Additionally, a separate compartment for the shoes will make keeping the dirty shoes away from your other gears easier. Also, internal paddings on some of the units will ensure that your equipment remains safe from damages.

Water Resistance

Most of the units will be made of nylon. And nylon on its own is pretty water-resistant. However, some manufacturers will go a step further and integrate water-resistant liners. We would recommend prioritizing them because you never know when the weather might catch you off guard.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Last but not least, consider the comfort and ergonomic. But what do you need to consider for this? Padding! Ensure that the straps have a good amount of padding integrated into them. Also, for the bags, you should make sure that the back features an ergonomic design.

Types of Lacrosse Bags

There are three different types available in the market. Having proper knowledge about each will make it easier for you to know which one is the best for you. So, without further ado, let us get into describing each of them.


These will usually have the design of a regular backpack. But do not let the looks fool you. There will be special features that will make these different than any average backpack. That said, these are usually highly versatile. It means you can use them as a regular backpack if you want to.

Equipment Bags

These will generally look like duffle bags. But the length will be higher than any usual duffle bags. That said, these will have one main compartment and will be capable of carrying all of your equipment. Some will even be capable of accommodating sticks inside.

Stick Bags

Just like the name suggests, these are strictly for sticks. However, some will have pockets inside or outside. You can fit small equipment and personal items inside those pockets.

Why Should You Buy a Full-Sized Lax Bag?

Are you still wondering whether you should invest in full-sized lax bags or not? Here are the reasons that can convince you fully:

Carrying the Equipment Properly

Lacrosse equipment is usually large in size and requires a good amount of storage space. And if you use regular backpacks to carry them around, they will have a higher chance of getting damaged. Now, that is something you would not want on your precious game equipment, would you?


Unlike regular backpacks, the lax bags will have a separate compartment for each piece of equipment. That means you will not have to worry about keeping the dirty ones with the others.


Some of the units will have internal padding. That will cushion the equipment from impacts. As a result, even when the bags fall, there will be little to no damage to the equipment.

Extra Room

The full-sized bags will offer good enough space to accommodate all equipment. In fact, there will be some room left for some of the cases. So, you will be capable of easily carrying personal stuff along with the game equipment.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Lacrosse Bag

Purchasing a proper bag is one thing and making it last for a prolonged amount is another. If you want to get an extended service out of the bag, you need to regularly carry out the cleaning and maintenance process. And for that process, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make a cleaning solution using mild detergent and cold water. Mix the solution up properly and get yourself a clean cloth. Use that to clean the interior of the bag.
  • Then move to the exterior. Use the same process and wipe down the whole surface properly. Make sure that the straps are taken care of as well.
  • Once the wiping process is done, get yourself a dry cloth and dry up any of the existing residues on both inside and outside. Keep the bag in the open air for a while. You need to make sure that the bag dries up properly before you start using it.
  • Finally, we would recommend putting deodorizers inside the bag. That will fight the odor that your used gears emit while being inside the bag for a prolonged amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of Lacrosse bag should I choose?

If you want to carry equipment and sticks together, opt for the equipment bags. However, if you plan to carry the equipment only, the backpacks would be good enough. Finally, for just sticks, choose the stick bags.

Are Lacrosse bags durable?

That will depend on the construction material and build quality. The better the construction material and build quality, the higher the durability level will be. Also, the durability level does depend a lot on the seams and stitchings. So, that needs to be in consideration too.

Can Lacrosse bags resist water?

Usually, the bags will be made of nylon, which gives them gain the natural ability to resist water. However, if you want maximum water resistance, opt for the ones that have a water-resistant liner.

How large are Lacrosse stick bags?

Usually, they will be from anywhere between 43 inches to 46 inches. Some might be larger than 46 inches. Those will be capable of accommodating all of the types of sticks.

Can I carry personal items in Lacrosse bags?

If the bag comes with external or internal pockets, you can carry personal items inside the Lacrosse bags. However, if the units do not come with any pockets, we would recommend against it. There will be a risk of damaging the items or the equipment inside.

Is it possible to use a Lacrosse backpack as a regular backpack?

Yes! You can use Lacrosse backpacks as regular backpacks. Those are exceptionally versatile. Thanks to separate compartments, it will be easier to keep all of your personal items in an organized manner too.

Do I need a separate vented compartment for shoes in the backpack?

Having a separate vented compartment for shoes will let you keep the dirty shoes away from the equipment. So, if you can get a unit that does come with a separate compartment for shoes, we would 100 percent recommend opting for it.

Final Words

You would think that we exaggerate when we say that we cannot really think of carrying our gears without the best lacrosse backpacks or best lacrosse bags. But that is the truth! It would become challenging to carry the equipment in a protected manner.

That said, we hope that after reading through our recommendations and buying guide, it is now easier for you to choose one.