7 Best Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet in 2024 & FAQ

It is no secret that if you want to perform better at any game, one of the preliminary things that you need to check is the gear. The same thing is applicable for Lacrosse. However, ever noticed how rare it is to find a cleat that perfectly fits the players with wide feet? Yes, our team has some players that have wide feet too!

That said, we struggled a lot to find the best Lacrosse cleats for wide feet. Even though there are many options available, most will either be uncomfortable or will provide an extremely tight fit. However, we did not give up that easily.

After wearing and running with tens of options that seemed promising, we could finally seclude the ones that allowed our team members to reach their maximum potential in the field. You will be capable of getting your hands on one of them too. But for that to happen, you need to stick until the very end of this article.

best lacrosse cleats for wide feet
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7 Best Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

By now, our team has worn more than 20 wide-width Lacrosse cleats. And after doing loads of testing, running, playing, and researching, we found these to be worthy of being considered:

1. New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4

The brand New Balance is not really new in the shoe market. They have been around for a reasonable amount of time. Also, their cleats lineup is pretty extensive. But among all, this one stood out the most to us.

First, let us talk about the size options available for the model. You will have a total of 23 sizes. Among all of them, there are seven wide options. But size is not the only option you will have for this shoe. It is even available in six different color options.

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The thing that makes it offer a high amount of underfoot traction is the base lugs. They are strategically designed to increase the traction level on demanding fields. Also, the lugs are capable of delivering an unmatched amount of rotational release. As a result, you will be capable of gaining complete control over your movements.

It also integrates dual-density TPU plates that will provide a higher amount of flexibility. Thanks to that, your movements will be more natural. The plates can even enhance the level of traction even further. And you will be capable of gaining more stability while making explosive movements.

There is a woven saddle. That will help to keep the foot centered. It even has QuixRail, which is responsible for mirroring the angles through which the Lacrosse players can easily cut through the entire game. You will not even have to worry about durability as it features Lamitex.


  • Delivers a high amount of underfoot traction
  • Provides an unparalleled amount of rotational release
  • Integrates dual-density TPU plates
  • Packs woven saddle
  • Offers a high amount of flexibility


  • Available in two colors only
  • Might form bumps under the sole after a prolonged use

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The amount of underfoot traction it offers is stellar. You will be capable of getting full control over your movements in the field. Also, the flexibility level is reasonably high too.

2. Under Armour Spotlight Cleats

Another brand that is quite popular in the market is Under Armour. They are well-known for offering great overall value for money. And this specific option can illustrate that properly.

Note: This product currently unavailable, You Can check similler Men’s Command Mc Lacrosse Shoe

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There are a total of 16 size options available. And each of them is a good pick for players with a wide foot. The shaft will be approximately 4.5 inches from the arch. This distance will ensure that you do not have any issues while putting your feet in and pulling them out.

The manufacturer has engineered the upper portion in such a way that it wraps around the foot. As a result, the fit will feel comfortable and lightweight, plus offer you more running capacity. The molded TPU plate will further enhance the biting power on the fields. In other words, the traction will be at an all-time high.

Aside from that, you will find a mesh tongue inside. That will increase the overall ventilation and hinder your feet from getting excessively hot. It even has a die-cut sock liner. This reduces the cleat pressure and enhance the overall underfoot comfort.


  • Offers a lightweight feel
  • The comfort level is exceptionally high
  • Utilizes mesh tongue
  • Sports die-cut sock liner
  • Can offer maximum traction and biting power on the fields


  • Only one color option is available
  • Soles are not removable

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It is an excellent pick for Lacrosse cleats. Wide feet players will not have any issue when it comes to comfort. It even offers a lightweight fit and can adequately keep the inside ventilated.

3. New Balance V3 Agility Lacrosse Cleats Men’s

Getting a snug and secure fit was one of our priorities when we were testing out the cleats. And this offering from New Balance managed to check that criteria with flying colors.

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So, what makes it offer such a great fit? It utilizes no-sew, knit upper overlays. That specific design allows it to provide a snug overall fit. It will basically remain secure on your feet while you are running across the field. There are loads of size options available too. And it comes in plenty of wide specific sizes.

When it comes to the build quality, it is half mesh and half synthetic. The mesh part ensures that your feet do not get excessively hot during the games. And thanks to the synthetic part, the durability level will be reasonably high. This specific build will even offer a lightweight feel.

The unit also sports a Lacrosse-specific plate. That will increase the pivoting ability. You will not even have to worry about the traction because the shoes utilize a TPR outsole. And the biting power it offers is reasonably high. These also offer higher support for the hybrid tongue design.


  • Sports no-sew, knit overlays
  • Provides a secure fit
  • Offers a lightweight feel
  • Boasts Lacrosse-specific plate
  • Can offer a high amount of traction and support


  • The eyelets are not that durable
  • Some of the sizes are not standard

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

These shoes can offer a secure and snug fit, which is something that most players look for. Also, both the traction and support are at a maximum level.

4. New Balance Men’s Rushlx

Along with comfort and a proper fit, most players look for a sleek overall design. That is exactly what this offering from New balance is capable of providing!

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As mentioned, the design of the cleats is pretty sleek. It is a blend of modern and a touch of minimalism. That will make these units look exceptionally well on your feet. Also, it is available in seven different colors. You can get any of them by considering how well each blends with your clothing.

In addition to the color options, there are different size options available as well. To be exact, there are 26 different sizes. And among them, you will find 14 specific options that are for wide feet. Those will fit well and will offer a stellar overall wearing experience.

Talking of which, it can offer an exceptional amount of comfort. The upper sole and middle sole will ensure that the fit is just right. For the synthetic upper sole, you will get the maximum amount of support. The bottom also offers a great amount of traction and biting power on the fields.


  • Features a sleek design
  • Available in seven different colors
  • Comes in 26 different sizes
  • Offers a great amount of comfort
  • Provides a high amount of traction


  • The sole might feel a bit loose
  • Does not have a praiseworthy durability level

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

If you do not play on harsh fields and want something that looks sleek, then this is the right pick for you! Also, it can offer great traction on the fields and wearing comfort.

5. New Balance Men’s Burn X2

On the lookout for something that can provide high overall stability? Well, what you might have been looking for all this time is this offering that is from New Balance.

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The first thing that makes it offer a high level of stability is the knitting on the upper side. It went through a kinetic stitching process and had a fully knitted upper part. That will offer a higher amount of support and stability on the field. You will not feel imbalanced while playing with these.

It sports dual-density TPU plates. Those will enhance the stability even further. Also, the plates make the whole unit highly flexible. Due to how high the flexibility level is, you will be capable of making explosive and fast moves easily. It will even promote the natural movement of your feet.

Even the traction level will remain exceptionally high. The plates will offer the biting power that most of the intense fields require. Also, there is a supportive knit collar. That will provide out-of-the-box comfort and will allow you to wear the shoes for an extended amount of time without facing any discomfort.


  • Boasts a fully knitted upper part
  • Offers a great amount of support and stability
  • Sports dual-density TPU plates
  • Provides out-of-the-box comfort
  • The traction level is pretty high


  • Gets a bit hot after wearing for a while
  • Opening is a bit narrow

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

We were pretty impressed with the stability and support that this offering provided. The comfort is top-notch, thanks to the supportive knit collar. And it can provide a good amount of traction on the fields.

6. New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0

Even though most of the offerings might nail the comfort of the cleats, there are only a few that can provide a high amount of underfoot traction. And if you were looking for something such as that, take a look at this offering.

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When it comes to the overall construction, the cleats are 50 percent mesh and 50 percent synthetic. The mesh will ensure that a good amount of air gets inside. That can lower the chances of your feet sweating excessively. The synthetic part is what is going to make it exceptionally durable.

There is a bootie tongue inside that will create a fit that will be custom-like. Also, it has a full-contact gum outsole. It will ensure that you can get a proper grip on the field. You will even find a rubber sole and foam midsole. Those two will offer maximum comfort.


  • Offers 7 dedicated wide size options
  • Available in six color options
  • Features a rubber sole
  • Boasts full contact gum outsole
  • Utilizes a bootie tongue


  • Might get a bit heated up when worn for a prolonged amount of time
  • The eyelets are not that durable

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This offering from the New Balance has seven dedicated sizes for wide feet. Also, it is available in six different colors. The comfort level is stellar, and the fit it can offer is top-notch.

7. New Balance Men’s Burn

Yes, we have got yet another offering from New Balance. We really could not help but recommend a bunch of the options from New Balance because they usually provide a good value for the money. But what exactly does this specific unit has to offer?

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To start with, it comes with a supportive knit collar. It will provide the support that most of the wide feet players require during explosive movements. Also, this knit collar will ensure that you get out-of-the-box comfort from these shoes. So, you will not have to worry about the comfort level that much.

However, comfort is not the only thing that these cleats have going for. There are dual-density TPU plates present as well. They will offer a perfect combination of traction, stability, and flexibility. Your movements will feel more natural, and the level of control you will get on the field will be reasonably high.

The cleats even feature a fully knitted upper side. They have gone through the kinetic stitching process, which enhances the stability even further. The stitching will also lock your feet down and ensure that the control over the movements is just right. You will have an unfair advantage over your opponents!


  • Integrates a supportive knit collar
  • Provides a great amount of comfort
  • Utilizes high-density TPU plates
  • The flexibility level is reasonably high
  • Can provide a high level of stability


  • The eyelets are a bit flimsy
  • Not resistant to color fading

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This is yet another offering from New Balance that did not fail to amaze us. Its knit collar will provide a high level of stability while increasing the level of comfort. Also, the traction level is reasonably high for this cleat.

Considerations to Buy the Best Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet?

Choosing a proper cleat for wide feet was not an easy task. However, when we considered a couple of factors, scrutinizing the available options became a piece of cake. Want to know what factors did we actually consider? Let us get into describing them then!


The first thing that we considered was durability. As a Lacrosse player, you will find yourself running across the entire field. And if you happen to get something that is not durable enough, the shoes might fall apart while you are running back and through the whole field.

For that reason, we checked whether the construction material was up to the mark or not. Usually, most of the offerings will rely on synthetic. Check the quality of the synthetic. Also, do ensure that the stitchings are proper because they play a vital role in terms of sturdiness as well.


Needless to say, the feet of all players do not have the same length. There is nothing called one shoe that will fit all. That is why we considered whether the offering comes in different size options or not. Most importantly, we factored in if there are plenty of wide versions available or not.


Many care about looks, while some do not. But we believe that the cleats should blend well with the outfit or team jerseys. So, when we were scrutinizing the offerings, we factored in whether the overall outlook was sleek or not. The ones that look bland did not make it into our list.


Getting a high amount of traction is pretty essential. Without that, it will be pretty impossible to get proper control on the field. That is why we have considered the underfoot of the offerings. If one offering had a good pattern and higher biting power, it made it into our list.


Just like traction, flexibility is an important factor. It will allow you to naturally move your feet. In other words, you will face fewer limits while making those explosive and fast movements on the fields.

Usually, the offerings that integrate a proper underfoot sole will offer high flexibility. So, keep that in mind while making a purchase.


Even if the cleats offer high overall flexibility and traction, you will not be capable of wearing them for a prolonged amount of time if they can not offer a good amount of comfort. So, considering the comfort level is essential.

For this, you need to check the upper side, middle sole, and inner sole. We would recommend opting for the ones that have proper knitting on the upper side. Those generally provide a great level of out-of-the-box comfort.


Last but not least, consider the overall stability. If the cleats cannot provide a high level of stability, you will not get a good amount of support. And when it comes to making quick movements, a proper amount of support is essential. In this case, consider the plates. The better the plates are, the higher the stability will be.

Benefits of Lacrosse Cleats for Wide Feet

So, what would be the benefits you will be enjoying once you get one of the offerings we have covered? Well, you will be signing up for these:


Narrow shoes can be highly uncomfortable for people with wide feet. In fact, some of the players will find it impossible to put their wide feet into the narrow shoes. But with the offerings that are specifically for players with wide feet, that will not be an issue.

Extra Depth

The cleats that are for wide feet will usually have a good amount of depth inside. That will make the feet fit deeply inside the cleats. As a result, the chances of friction occurring between the top of the feet and the upper part of the shoes will be reasonably low. It will also increase support and stability.

Toe Box

For the wide feet cleats, the toe box will be reasonably rounder than the others. That will ensure that the toes do not get cramped inside. Eventually, there will be lower chances of overlapping occurring. That will offer more comfort and allow the player to get more control over the movements.

What’s the Difference Between Men’s vs Women’s Lacrosse Cleats?

When it comes to the men’s and women’s Lacrosse cleats wide width, there are a couple of things that sets both of them apart. By having a good idea regarding the differences, you can know what you are actually getting yourself before making the purchase. So, without further ado, let us get into describing them.


First and foremost, the design will be a bit different. For the women, the length will be a bit lower in comparison. The broadness will not even be equal. Men usually have broader and longer feet than women. So, if you are men, you will find it difficult to fit your feet inside the cleats that are for women.


Usually, the cleats for men will have subtle outlooks. Most will feature a sleek and slightly minimalistic design. On the other hand, the ones that are specifically for women will be a bit flashy. However, it does not mean that you can not find flashy designs for men’s cleats. There are some available out there!

Upper Foot

The upper foot for women’s cleats will generally be narrower than the men’s. This specific design is there so that women can get a proper fit while wearing those cleats.

Lacrosse Cleats vs. Soccer Cleats

So, are soccer cleats and Lacrosse cleats the same thing? Not really! There are a lot of things that make both of them different. Want to know which factors are we actually referring to here? Go through this segment.

Stud Length

The first and most prominent difference between the two cleats is the stud length. For example, the stud lengths for the soccer cleats will be from 12 mm to 16 mm. And for the Lacrosse cleats, the studs can not be longer than half inches. In fact, some will be lower than quarter inches.

Stud Pattern

You will not find any stud on the end of the toe on the soccer cleats. But for Lacrosse cleats, having studs on that part of the cleat is a must. That is what makes it possible to make those explosive movements and get a good amount of traction on the field.

Ankle Support

Another noticeable difference that lies between soccer and Lacrosse cleats is the ankle support. The cleats for Lacrosse will offer higher support to the ankle, while the soccer ones will usually have low-cut ankle support. The higher amount of ankle support makes it possible for the Lacrosse players to get more stability.

Lacrosse Cleats Material

The materials utilized for the overall construction will usually differ from one offering to another. However, this is the list of the materials that most of the manufactures will rely on:


One of the most common materials for cleats is synthetic material. It is the material that makes the cleats obtain a lightweight nature without compromising one bit on durability. In other words, the sturdiness level will remain all-time high, but the cleats will feel light on the foot.


Brands will rely on rubber for the inner soles. It offers a cushioning effect that can make wearing the cleats easier. The material also offers a good amount of support inside and increases comfort.


Manufacturers will utilize foam for the midsole. It can improve support and increase the comfort level at the same time.


Another common material for cleats is mesh. As you might already know by now, this material lets the air pass through easily. For that reason, cleats that have mesh will not get hot that quickly.

TPU Plates

Lastly, the cleats will usually have TPU plates. These plates will be there to increase the traction and improve the biting power of the cleats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear football cleats for Lacrosse?

Even though you will not find studs on the front part, football cleats will surely allow you to perform reasonably well on the Lacrosse fields.

Can men wear women’s Lacrosse cleats?

Usually, the feet of men are broader and longer than women. That means you might not get a proper fit on the women’s cleat. But in some cases, if you find better comfort and fit on women’s cleats, you can indeed roll with one of them.

Does Lacrosse allow the cleats that have metal studs?

The game of Lacrosse does allow cleats that have studs underneath. However, the studs can not be made of metal. That can easily disqualify a player from the game.

Are cleats for Lacrosse durable?

That will depend on the construction material. Usually, brands will utilize synthetic and mesh materials. And if the quality of those materials is high, the durability level will be too.

Do Lacrosse professionals wear Lacrosse cleats?

Even though it is possible to wear other cleats for Lacrosse, pros would opt for nothing but the ones that are specifically for Lacrosse. Those will have particular features that can offer an advantage on the game, such as the studs on the front part of the underfoot.

Do all of the Lacrosse cleats come in a wide size?

Not really! There are a lot of cleats that do not have wide-specific sizes at all. That’s why not all of the offerings out there are suitable for players with wide feet.

Are Lacrosse cleats worth it?

Yes, they are absolutely worthy of the money. However, the ones that provide a higher level of comfort, support, stability, and traction would offer more value for the money.

Final Words

Without wearing the best Lacrosse cleats for wide feet, it will be pretty hard for you to get proper control over your movements, comfort, and support on the feet. In fact, getting a good fit will be out of the equation.

We assure you that each of the offerings we have gone through will offer you nothing but those. So, you can pick any without hesitations.