7 Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads[2024] & Buying Guide

Maybe you are one of the greatest faceoff specialists on your team, or maybe you aspire to be one. In any case, picking the right faceoff head for your games is nothing if not the most crucial factor amidst all.

It all comes down to the faceoff players to steer the game through victory during those critical moments. You do not want to go to the field with a subpar faceoff head at all.

Keeping your needs in mind, we whipped up a list of the best lacrosse faceoff heads that will surely help you feel more confident during your upcoming games. The last thing you would want is your gear to become a hindrance for driving your team towards the line of victory.

Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

7 Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

After considering many available products in the market, we believe that this list below is everything you need to know regarding choosing the right gear for your next game. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the listings below.

1. ECD Lacrosse – Weapon X Lacrosse Head

If you are more focused on the offense side, this lightweight design faceoff head will be the ideal choice for you. Pretty sure you are searching for a solution for holding the ball for an extended duration of time.

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This faceoff head will provide you with enhanced assistance. This factor means that you can hold off the ball easily during heavy movements and effortlessly release it when you get a good chance. With a superior oblique flex, this gear will provide you with a warp-resistant performance.

The warp resistance pairs up nicely with its highly flexible build, which is why the last thing you will want is to hold yourself back while going for the goal. This full offset gear will help you scoop up the ball no matter how tricky the situation is.

Although you can use this for your strategically offensive gameplay, you may stay a bit careful during the break-in right after purchasing it. However, once you finish the breaking-in process, feel free to bend it in any way that you please.

After going for each faceoff, you will notice that the build material will make your gear snap back to its actual shape no matter how much you rough house it on the field. With time, you will notice that this gear will become increasingly durable. Overall, it is a perfect choice for a good faceoff head for lacrosse.


  • Perfect for offense play
  • Extremely resilient
  • Entirely warp resistant
  • It comes with throat plugs
  • An excellent choice for faceoffs


  • Need to be careful during the breaking in
  • Slightly hefty compared to other gears


Whether you play in the offense or often go for faceoffs, the ECD weapon x will surely help you conquer the field during each gameplay.

2. StringKing Mark 2F Strung Lacrosse Head

Here we have another excellent head for lacrosse faceoffs by the makers StringKing. The F in this gear’s name stands for faceoffs. Hence do not worry about using it for faceoffs during each game.

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Along with manufacturing an immense and successful amount of top-notch gears for lacrosse, there is no denying their inherent quality with each creation.

With a hybrid plastic body and a superior build quality, this mere 124 grams head will provide the necessary balance and rigidity needed during the game. The harmony between flexibility and stiffness is on an entirely different level.

Whether you are looking for pitching the ball or picking up from the field, you can undoubtedly rely on the Mark 2F, the best lacrosse head, for faceoffs. No matter how much pressure you put on this incredible piece, the head will snap right back into place afterward.

After thorough research, the makers came up with a slightly tilted design for the head to make scooping the ball from the ground more accessible than ever. So whether you are looking to pick up the ball in a hurry and dash for the goal, this gear will be what you will need.

You will notice that the throat on this product is shorter than average once you get your hands on it. The key purpose behind this is to provide an enhancement in the player’s overall control.


  • Solid build quality
  • Feathery light
  • Short throat for enhanced control
  • Great for offense
  • Warp resistant


  • Not ideal for increased flexing
  • Lengthy break-in duration


From the best scooping to scoring, this lacrosse gear is the perfect choice for maintaining finesse and accuracy throughout the entire game time.

3. Nike CEO Unstrung Lacrosse Head

If you are one of those players with a knack for controlling the ball with superior accuracy, you must check out the best faceoff heads by Nike’s CEO lacrosse head. Its tight universal pinch provides remarkable performance improvements for offensive players.

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The only goal of the Nike CEO Unstrung is to take the best players in the field and bring them up by another level. Aside from being one of the most well-recognized brands for lacrosse heads, the gear comes with a revolutionary design to prepare the players for all sorts of in-game challenges.

You will find that this particular gear comes with a longer than average bottom rail along with a tighter throat. The only purpose for this is to enhance the accuracy. So, whether you are a big finisher within close range or a highly skilled shooter from the outside, this faceoff head will make sure your ball reaches where you want it to go.

This faceoff head comes with a superior design that provides the right amount of balance and stiffness that you will need. Undoubtedly an excellent choice for any faceoff specialists for getting the upper hand against the opposing team.

For a versatile faceoff head for offense and shooting, this item will suit you best. No matter whether you are playing at an advanced level or flourishing up in the pro leagues, this particular gear will keep you well satisfied throughout the entire game duration.


  • Extremely popular
  • Top class performance during faceoffs
  • Perfect balance
  • Versatile play style
  • Great for defense and shooting


  • Lacks resilience
  • Warps fairly easily


If you are trying to acquire an all-rounder faceoff head for your lacrosse games, this particular item will cater to your needs with its superior balance and versatility.

4. Warrior Lacrosse Burn FO Unstrung

Take a look at another astounding lacrosse faceoff head by Warrior. Unlike many other gears, this particular one comes with an asymmetric sidewall for its head to ease off the flexibility.

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Even though you may find this particular item carrying a few extra grams than the average gears, the durability that it will bring to your gameplay is going to be on another level.

Once you take this to the field, you will notice that the build quality will provide you with more than the average flexibility compared to others. This factor will help you to not only pick the ball up from the ground but shoot faster and at a longer distance than usual.

The amount of warping that this particular gear can withstand is more than you will need on the field. It is crucial to remember that the head part near the throat is somewhat wider than usual. This particular design may make it slightly more difficult for you during faceoffs.

You will also notice that the head part also comes slightly taller than what you might need. This factor may weigh you down the moments when you will have to pitch the ball. However, you will only have to deal with it once the gear is new.

Eventually, the head will warp itself enough to eliminate such issues and provide you with a nice and easy game.


  • Long-lasting build
  • Average warp resistance
  • Flexible head
  • Great ball control
  • Suitable for offense and defense


  • Carries above-average weight
  • Longer than average head


This particular product will suit you well if you are searching for an all-purpose faceoff head with more than average support for all positions in a lacrosse field.

5. Nike CEO 2.0 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Now let us look at another Nice CEO product here that dominates the market and the game as well. This particular item is one of the most sought out and anticipated products among lacrosse players all over. The superb quality and control that the players experience with this item are simply at a level unmatched by most.

Nike CEO 2.0 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

When it comes to lacrosse heads, this particular product has a more specific head design that is most suitable for faceoffs. It comes with a shorter than average throat design, permitting you to play at an aggressive stance.

If you enjoy playing with closer hand placement, then this item will suit you just fine. All thanks to the inner throat plug, which will provide you with enhanced control and power surge during each gameplays. You will also enjoy its secure release, where you will not have to worry about the ball sliding off now and then.

The stiff shoulder that comes along with this faceoff head provides superior rigidity and aggressiveness. Its scoop also comes with an aggressive and innovative design for an effortless ball pickup from any angle.

However, this one does not hold its end of the bargain at the finest point regarding flexibility. The above-average width of the throat can also provide difficulty in picking up the ball if you are not used to doing such plays.


  • Rigid build quality
  • Enhanced durability
  • Short throat for better control
  • Fair resistance to warps
  • Great for faceoffs and offensive play


  • Below average flexibility
  • Throat width may not suit all players


Mainly focusing on the aggressive style of play, this particular gear is an excellent choice for taking on all offensive moves and throws. Also, you will enjoy greater control over the ball throughout the entire game.

6. STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-off Head

Take a look here at one of the best lacrosse faceoff heads by STX for players who often end up facing off during each of their games.

This gear’s design is specifically engineered for the faceoff specialists to take the upper hand during every single one of their games. Its patent-pending design throat plug will enable you to break the distance between you and the ball in no time.

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For an enhancement in its stability, the dual sidewall braces provide a solid firmness when you need them the most. The superior design optimization from the sides up to the shortened throat will offer you the necessary boost in the game to carry your team for the win.

You will be able to enjoy the scalloped scoop every time you decide to pick up the ground balls without fail. The multiple flex zones across the gear and the torsional stability will let you throw the perfect faceoff head you need.

Its patent-pending design throat plug will enable you to break the distance between you and the ball in no time. Thanks to a tighter throat and long bottom rail, this one comes with an advantage for a tighter gripping of the ball. Hence, you will enjoy the upper hand if your opponent tries to scoop up the ground ball.

The enhanced stability comes to play due to the throat plug going further inside the shaft while pressing on the insides of the wall. With all these enhancements, dominating with ball possession will be a breeze.


  • Perfect for faceoffs
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Superior rigidity
  • Solid head quality
  • A shorter neck provides aggressiveness


  • The topside may easily fold off
  • It needs a proper break-in


If you want the best gear for the perfect faceoffs and middle play, this Duel U Unstrung head is undoubtedly the finest that you can get your hands on.

7. Brine Dictator ST Lacrosse Head

Brine Dictator is a top-class faceoff head that offers a superior edge to any faceoff mid-fielders to sway the entire game towards their team. The prime purpose of this gear is to tackle faceoffs and go on the offense without much hassle.

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Its narrow head and stiffer throat provide a superior grip to the ball once you get a chance to grip it. The rail design comes with a tapered finish that will enable you to navigate the ball in any way you please.

You can also choose to grab closer to the neck for better control due to the ergonomic neck design. Since the build material makes the entire gear stiffer, going a little rough will not be an issue at all.

If your play style resembles a FOGO, you will be able to string up the ball a lot easier. While playing, the gear will only bend within a comfortable level so that the navigation will be pretty straightforward.

What makes it a great gear is that no matter how much you have to flex, the gear will snap back to its original shape in no time. No matter how you intend to play, rest assured that this one will serve you well above your expectations for a longer-than-average lifetime.


  • Designed for faceoffs
  • Effortless stringing
  • Durability enables you to play aggressively
  • Ergonomic neck design for a better grasp
  • Long-lasting build quality


  • Carries more than average weight
  • It takes time to get used to it


For an aggressive style of play with a focus on faceoffs, this particular product will provide a solid grip and dynamic control, tipping off the entire game in your favor.

What Things To Consider Before Buying Best Lacrosse Heads for Faceoffs

Before you decide to purchase any particular heads for your upcoming games, you need to make sure that your new shiny gear will bear fruit to the hard-earned money that you spend. There are countless features to keep in mind beforehand. So let us talk about some of them below.

  • Structure

The first thing you should consider is the type of play you perform most of the time. Mostly you will either be going for a pop or a pinch while taking the ball. The traditionally designed heads will come with a flex that occurs at an oblique angle.

So, once you try to grab the ball, the head will bend somewhat towards its side. Once you grab the ball, the time will come for you to lift your gear for a swift pinch and pop. At times, you may find that the throat also flexes towards its side along with the head.

When it comes to the face flex, you will notice that the throat bends somewhat perpendicularly instead of twisting on the side. In such situations, the head needs to provide you with a specific flex to maneuver accordingly. Hence, based on your style of play, you need to decide on the structure of the head.

  • Playstyle

It is crucial to calculate your timings based on how much you play on the field and how much you focus on playing faceoffs only. If you are in the field, most of the time, make sure that your head is good enough for a good offense and defense when situations demand it. (Read about Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads)

If you focus mainly on the faceoff get-off style of play, going for an offensive design will help you out a lot. However, for a faceoff stay-on style, you should opt-out for a head that is significantly more warp-resistant.

  • Flexibility and Rigidity

For those players primarily focusing on faceoffs, the head must resist a certain degree of bending while getting the ball. So, it is crucial that the flex is just enough for a quick grab and go.

However, durability is a concern as well. You do not want your head to eventually lose its strength and become softer than what you need. Another crucial factor is the resilience of the warp. After a prolonged number of games, if your head becomes too soft, you will notice that dealing with passing the ball is difficult.

  • Head Types

Choosing a wide head will come in handy when you learn how to play lacrosse as a beginner. Over time, shifting to a narrower head will become easier. On the other hand, you can opt out for a wider head for faceoffs. But if you choose to go for attacks, then a narrow head will surely be a better choice.

Keeping Your Faceoff Head Legal

Once you finish breaking in your new head, you will be able to enjoy the game to its full extent. However, after a significant duration passes, you may notice the warp on the head becomes a little tedious to manage.

You will need to manage the head to keep it wide enough to stay legal in such cases. But if you choose to leave it as it is, you will notice difficulty catching and retaining the ball as it may pop out from the back of the head fairly easily.

What you can do here is get your hands on a softball or a baseball and then keep it at the throat of your head. Now leave the ball there for as long as you are outside the field.

This factor will help you retain the shape of the head. A simple process indeed, but this will surely pay off. Another way of managing the head is to bend the head the other way as soon as you do a faceoff. Practicing this will prepare your gear well for a good offense while maintaining structural integrity.

Breaking in Your Faceoff Head

The moment you purchase the head, you may notice its structure is quite a bit more rigid than you might hope it to be. Hence breaking in before going for a proper game is extremely important. This process helps make the gear more flexible so that you can easily flex and maneuver it over the ball.

Simply exposing your head to heat will eventually help you with the breakdown process by making it faster. Simply using boiling water for such reasons can help a lot. However, do not overdo it, or else you may ruin the item’s integrity.

Another fabulous process is to practice faceoffs using your new head. You will be able to naturally tone down the rigidness and prepare your gear for a proper game significantly faster. Since the faceoff heads have designs to warp over the ball, they will naturally adapt over time.

While breaking in, one thing to consider is that eventually, your head will warp around it. Make sure to keep that in a limit. This factor is because if the warp is too much, the head will become illegal, and you will have difficulty passing the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best offense-type lacrosse heads?

For a good attacking position, make sure to get a narrow head so that you can effortlessly control the ball. A tighter throat area will provide an increase in precision while you pass or shoot.

How can you choose the best heads for midfielders?

For mid-fielding, you need to scoop up the grounded balls faster. Hence opt-out for a rounder scoop. Also, keep an eye on the weight and durability. You need something light yet strong enough to defend the tackles and shootings.

What are the best defense-type heads?

Wide-faced heads are more suitable for defense. You also need gears that are robust enough to wield off attacks. Also, higher pockets are great for a fast release.

Which features to choose for the best heads?

Getting strung heads is most suitable for beginners. Unstrung ones are easily maneuverable once you feel like taking a step up in your games. There are also various shapes and build qualities available for the different brands of heads. Make sure you choose accordingly.

Should I choose soft mesh or hard mesh types?

When it comes to selecting the mesh types, there are good and bad sides to both. If you go for a soft mesh build, you will not have to go through any break-in time. Its easy string systems will provide you with a better ball feel while on the field.

However, you may lose shape sooner than you might expect. So, make sure to do constant maintenance for these types.

On the other hand, the hard mesh has a higher life expectancy, so these will continue for an extended period. Sticking the ball is more manageable, and the pocket shapes do not bend off so easily either.

But being hard means that stringing will not be as easy. You will also have to break the heads beforehand.

Which materials should I choose for a good head?

Even though all other factors may please you enough for the purchase, make sure you know about the lacrosse heads’ materials. Do not cheap out on the overall quality of your head while choosing multiple features.

It is best to balance everything so that all factors remain in harmony with each other. So, make sure you get the best that your budget allows you to buy.

Do all shafts support all kinds of lacrosse heads?

Most lacrosse heads that you will find in the market have a universal configuration. However, ensure that you get your hands on a decent enough shaft to pair off with your head. You do not want to get on the field with a poor grade shaft paired with a top-tier head. You will end up sacrificing a significant amount of potential that you might bring otherwise.

On the other hand, a few new models of heads are available in the market that might demand you to get a specific shaft. You will usually require getting hollow shafts for such types of heads to work on.

Final Words

It is no doubt that lacrosse is an enjoyable and yet pretty gruesome sport. However, aside from the sporting skills that we bet you already have, the gears can play an invaluable part in improving the overall game.

This factor is why you need to choose the best lacrosse faceoff heads you can afford to get. So, when it comes to buying faceoff heads, make sure to choose wisely.