9 Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector [2023] Ideal For Movements

Contact games like lacrosse can get aggressive, and like all the outfield players, goalies too encounter dangerous situations and deserve some protection. Therefore, Lacrosse goalies should protect themselves by wearing protective gear capable of stopping fast pace balls aimed at them.

Among the essential protective gear is to find the best lacrosse goalie chest protector. There isn’t any doubt that a faulty one will only put your goalie in harm’s way and may lead to serious player injuries.

But safety is only one of the functions of a goalie chest protector. To win games, the goalie must be flexible and comfortable to move around. Therefore, to play well, a lacrosse goalie must find the best outfit and chest protector in the market.

The following are the best lacrosse goalie chest protectors from top manufacturing sports brands.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

The 9 Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

1. Maverik Max EKG Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad

Maverick is a top brand specializing in the lacrosse goalie niche market where they offer products like gloves, helmets, and chest protectors. The Max EKG offers lacrosse goalies the perfect blend of maneuverability and safety, giving relief to many worried parents about their kid’s exposures to injuries while playing.

The Max EKG is a patented chest guard with a wide range of motion while giving out minimum bunching. Some of the amazing features include a chest plate that works well to dispel shots aimed at the heart. Commotio Cordis is a danger to players when they face fast-paced balls aimed at their chests, forcing the heart to stop momentarily (cardiac arrest).

Parents and players alike can rest easy knowing that the Maverick Max EKG meets the NOCSAE ND200 standard safety rules. According to player review, they find it amazing how the chest plate stops balls efficiently without feeling the sting of powerful strikes.

But some feel that the shoulders could have used more pad as it’s generally thin. On the plus side, the thin pads offer breathability and ventilation, making players sweat less.

The lower abdomen has dense padding and protects the player adding more safety while on the field. Yet again, some players feel that it’s not thick enough. Overall, there aren’t many negative specs for the Maverick Max EKG goalie chest protector.

The paddings are standard and serve to protect the chest and shoulder areas effectively.


  • Dense EKG chest pad
  • Breathable and well ventilated
  • Offers player maneuverability and comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Thin padding in the abdomen and shoulder regions
  • Some players complain of stiffness
  • It has a Bottom-half vulnerability

2. STX Shield 600 Chest Protector

The STX Shield 600 is ND200 compliant and offers more than trust in the company name but also gives you maximum protection. The design incorporates a sizeable floating chest plate that protects the goalie’s vitals without compromising the movements to execute saves. The chest protector has soft stretch points to allow you to move your arms in full mobility when needed to make low or high saves instinctively.

There should be no reservations or fear of breaking creases when making clearances. The primary advantage of the STX Shield 600 protector is that it allows personalization.

It comes with straps that you can adjust to give you a comfortable fit. Additionally, there’s a removable stomach pad that serves to increase the area of protection depending on the goalie’s preference.

But the product is still very new to the market, and there’s yet to be enough feedback to give a performance review. From tests and consumer response, the STX Shield 600 lives up to the glory of its predecessors. It serves to improve on the frailties.

The STX Shield 600 protector is breathable and ventilated such that players don’t feel sweaty and confined when playing in warm temperatures.  


  • The design emphasizes mobility aimed to give flexible movements
  • It has an incredible drip level
  • The removable stomach pad is a welcome idea
  • Soft stretch points along the sides to allow free movements of arms
  • It covers a vast protection area


  • Players complain that sizes run small
  • It’s dull and non-colorful.  

3. Warrior Nemesis Chest Pad

The Warrior sports brand popularizes in making outstanding goalie chest protectors. The Warrior Nemesis isn’t bound to be a disappointment, and you can expect it to live up to the highest standards.

Warrior Nemesis designs respond to the goalies who prefer a non-limited range of forward movement. Among its best features include an adjustable shoulder cap that gives the goalie a custom fit while offering maximum coverage. Players can also remove the shoulder comes if they feel they need more movement or bulkiness.

Warrior Nemesis comes with a reinforced chest plate with a bone system and an additional Impax foam to cushion high-impact hits. You will probably like the floating belly as it prevents any disruptions the chest pad might create when diving to make low saves.

The adjustable shoulder pad is forward-facing making it possible for goalies to react to various ball patterns instinctively. Some users find it bulky, but there aren’t any disputes about the maximum protection and comfort it offers.

The Warrior Nemesis chest protector has a wide cut at the neck to allow a comfortable fit of the helmet without compromising the chin guard. It covers all your torso and reduces all the impact to nothing regardless of the range they are struck.


  • It reinforces the chest plate to offer goalies maximum protection.
  • Adjustable shoulder caps and straps
  • A floating belly pad that keeps the chest protector in place.
  • Heavy impact protection


  • Slightly priced on the higher side
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Some players find it to be somewhat inflexible

4. Unequal HART Goalie Chest Protector

Unequal HART is among the sports technology enthusiasts that provide the market with clinically tested sports gear. They are an engineering marvel which is evident on the military-grade Unequal HART goalie chest protector.

Playing as a goalie in a lacrosse team makes you the target of hits, and your body is always on the line. With new sports innovations that aim to stop the ball on impact, Unequal HART technologies provide heart safety.

Players are assured of superior performances regardless of the conditions that they play in. Among its best features are the removable stomach guard and reinforced chest protector with pad. The Unequal HART chest protector doesn’t restrict player movement, and you can react to make quick saves from any direction.

Unequal HART has strategically placed pads on the chest wall that proves effective to stop all heart aimed hits. The chest protector is clinically tested and protects you from sudden cardiac arrest or death from chest ball impacts.

There’s enough padding on the left-hand side of your chest (where the heart is located) to prevent exposure from hard-hit balls or the possibility of commotio cordis. For players who seek mobility and flexibility, they can remove the lower abdomen protection.  

The Unequal HART goalie chest protector complies with the new ND200 safety regulations.


  • Offers maximum flexibility
  • Comfortable, customized fit
  • Durable construction
  • Maximum chest protection


  • Some players find it to be bulky
  • Slightly priced on the higher side

5. STX Shield 300 Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

Another premium STX product is the STX Shield 300 goalie chest protector that graces the market to upgrade to the STX Shield 200. At first, they might appear almost identical, but some improved, innovative features offer you more protection.

The STX Shield 300 is more compact and fits tighter. It’s accompanied by more padding and plastics for protection. It also comes with a removable stomach pad to offer the goalie more maneuverability when saving low and high shots.

Parents can rest easy knowing that their children can stand in goal and stop all shots. With the STX Shield 300, there are adjustable shoulder straps and shoulder caps to offer all-around protection of the torso. The adjustable straps also make it a custom fit and can be adjusted to fit comfortably.

Although it’s popular among youth players, pro players also use it in training and season plays. It exhibits durability and flexibility, allowing mobility.

While some players find fault with its bulkiness, there are only positive reviews about its performance and quality. Most people prefer the STX Shield 300 because the padding and adjustable straps influence mobility and performance without compromising safety.

There is moderate coverage on the chest area, shielding you from Commotio Cordis. The idea of the floating chest plate gives protection and grants mobility for instinctive low and high shots.

The STX Shield 300 is among the best goalie chest protector lacrosse that offers a custom fit for all games.


  • Flexible Fit
  • Maximum protection
  • Removable stomach pad
  • Adjustable strap


  • Slightly inflexible
  • A bit pricey
  • Bulky

6. Warrior Nemesis Pro 19 Goalie Chest Pad

Warrior Nemesis registers another quality lacrosse goalie chest protector. Look out for the signature Impax foam technology that distributes the impact of hard-hit shots, stopping them instantly. The foam also prevents the chest protector from taking damage, and you are assured of durability.

Warrior nemesis pro 19 is a three-piece construction that focuses on the overall protection of vital spots of the goalie. Along with the removable pieces, players can be sure of maximum mobility and safety.

The removable pieces also offer the player preference to select mobility over protection or both. While the padding provides the extra protection that players want, taller goalies find that the rub isn’t long enough to cover the entire torso.

The Warrior Nemesis pro 19 has another shortcoming. Players find it challenging to break into when still new and might be uncomfortable within the first few times you put it on. However, after you successfully break into it, you will have a comfortable fit and mobility.

The Warrior nemesis Pro 19 is a high-end product that lives up to its reputation by giving quality and maximum protection. The materials used are of the highest grade to provide safety for the lacrosse goalie.  

The Impax foam on the chest pad covers the chest and sternum region to absorb all the energy from high-impact shots leaving no threat of commotio cordis. You will not feel a thing even after putting your body on the line stopping ferociously hit shots.

Warrior nemesis pro 19 complies with the standard NOCSAE safety standards.


  • Improved mobility
  • Comfort
  • Focus on mobility
  • Enhanced impact absorption
  • Tested foam technology
  • Customizable padding


  • Minimal coverage area
  • Break-in period required

7. STX Lacrosse Women’s Sultra Goalie Chest Protector

STX Shield brand has chest protectors for male and female lacrosse goalies. The STX Sultra for women is a suitable fit and protects all vital areas. The design offers flexibility and maximum safety because of the quality of materials in use.

Among its best features is that it’s lightweight, offering you more mobility as you cover all angles of the net. The design incorporates a chest pad on the stretch zones like the chest, stomach, and shoulder regions. You will have 100% comfort and fit as there is no need for adjustments if you pick your size right.

The STX Sultra for women also has a microbe shield that protects you from odor and sweat while playing. You will have a relaxing game time regardless of the weather. You can play for many hours without fear that your sweat and odor will musk the field because the microbes prevent the bacteria from building up.

It comes with a reinforced chest plate that protects your heart from commotio cordis by absorbing shots aimed at your heart. Compared to other women’s lacrosse goalie chest protectors, it has a wider cut on the arm and shoulder regions to allow flowing movement.


  • It has removable shoulder caps and stomach belly pads.
  • A contoured design to give maximum mobility
  • A comfortable fit and easily adjustable straps
  • High-quality materials to make it durable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some players find it to be a bit bulky

8. STX Shield 400 Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

The STX Shield 400 chest protector bridges the gap between a budget-friendly and professional lacrosse goalie outfit. The STX Shield is a remarkable brand that offers its customers high-quality, durable construction. The chest pads are NOCSAE approved.

Users will appreciate the strap system that allows quick adjustments and a comfortable fit for all players.  It also boasts of a quality-grade drip level and a floating chest pad. The chest pad allows your body to move freely while protecting all angles from high-impact shots.

Similar to the STX Shield 300, it comes with a removable stomach pad and shoulder caps. Moreover, you can add padding for extra protection to face shots between the goal post with peace of mind.   

The construction is durable, and you will also find it comfortable despite it coming at a moderate price range. However, it has an average coverage area to offer maximum mobility. But the average coverage area isn’t a big concern because you can add the cover later to match your preference.

The STX Shield 400 chest protector is in total compliance with all NOCSAE safety standards. It’s the best lax goalie chest protector for intermediate players who can choose between mobility and maximum protection.

More protection comes from the floating chest plate, which is adjustable and offers a personalized fit.


  • Floating chest pad added
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • NOCSAE approved protection
  • Coverage adding facility available
  • Removable options for padding and flexible


  • Provides a small coverage

9. STX Shield 200 Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

The STX Shield 200 passes as a cheaper option that is suitable for all novice players. It still complies with NOCSAE safety standards, so the budget-friendly price shouldn’t throw you off. The design is basic but functional to offer protection in all vital areas.

The STX Shield 200 lacrosse goalie chest protector review is among the best for kids you will find in the market. Because of its pocket-friendly price, you wouldn’t fret when your child suddenly outgrows it. The STX 200 uses hard plastic to protect the heart from chest-bound impact shots instead of the foam common on all the upgraded versions.

Unfortunately, the protector has a narrow frame which means it has less coverage. While shoulder caps aren’t adjustable, and some people raise qualms about their durability. The shoulder caps tend to wear out quickly compared to the chest protector, and it doesn’t have a smooth fit.

The STX Shield 200 provides a cheaper alternative but never compromises performance, mobility, and protection.


  • Most affordable chest protector on the market
  • Highly adjustable fit


  • It has a narrow coverage area
  • Cheaper materials

Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Buying Guide

Now that you know the best chest protector goalie available on the market. It’s time you also understand how to choose before you commit your money.

The following are what you should consider when buying a lacrosse goalie chest protector.

1. Protection

The most important feature of the chest protector is safety. When looking for the level of protection, you can determine this by looking at the padding’s coverage and quality.

Among the latest ND200 safety standards, padding has become a significant area of emphasis. It’s now a must for a chest protector to have padding reinforcement around the chest and sternum areas. High-end chest protectors use foam which influences the distribution of force across the plate to dampen the impact.

When looking at coverage, check to see that the chest protector covers all the vital areas. Check the length and width of the coverage. At this point, your body type comes into play. Some people have a longer torso, therefore, need more coverage at the base.

2. Comfort & Mobility

There is no need to sacrifice mobility and gain protection. The purpose of the goalie is to stop shots. Look for a chest protector that guarantees safety yet offers flexibility to move around and allows reaction stops of high-impact close-range shots.

When looking for comfort, choose pads that are adjustable so that you can make custom fits on all points. Ensure that your ribs are covered but can move freely. The same applies to your waist, shoulder, and back.

There are additional removable protection components like the stomach pad. Therefore, a lacrosse goalie has the preference to choose the fit and play they desire.

Mobility is also affected by the rigidity of the central padding. While other models bunch, there are some that are stiff and can deliver blows to your chin each time you try stopping high sniping shots.

Taller goalies have no problem with stiff chest protectors, while goalies with a small stature don’t have a problem with bunching.

Here, your body type determines the chest protector that suits you.

3. Durability

Chest protectors should be for long-term use, and durability should be at the core of your mind before settling for a particular brand. The quality of the materials, straps, and the connecting elements such as Velcro determine how long one will serve you.

The removable pieces are the most vulnerable and susceptible to breaking. The question of durability is first addressed by the quality of the removable and connecting pieces.

4. Breathability

Lacrosse is a physical contact game that demands more use of energy from all the players. When choosing a chest protector, look for the brands that offer ventilation and breathability. There are models that use moisture-wicking technology to remove moisture away from your body, ensuring you remain comfortable.

5. Budget

A chest protector is an important piece for a lacrosse goalie. When choosing what fits you and better protects you, remember that quality products are costly. While there are budget-friendly chest protectors, cutting on costs can be detrimental.

Regardless, ensure that your chest protector cover is in compliance with the ND200 safety regulations, and you will be set.

Update on The Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Rules 2022

In 2019, there were some rules introduced by the US lacrosse board. The emphasis was directed towards goalies using faulty chest protectors. The new rules target the prevention of commotio cordis risks.

Commotio Cordis is the disruption of the heart rhythm upon impact, making it stop beating, leading to cardiac arrest and sometimes death. Players often need immediate treatment with an AED device which may save one’s life. However, all this can be prevented by wearing a certified chest protector.

When parents hear about the commotio cordis for the first time, they can be tempted to block their child from playing goalie in a lacrosse team. But many sports are dangerous, and that’s why sports technology is ever-evolving.

But the alarm is warranted. NOCSAE reports around 5-15 deaths of lacrosse athletes every year from commotio cordis. The following rules ensure that no goalie risks losing their lives while playing lacrosse.

The rule changes of 2019 are to take effect in the 2021 season for both boys and girls US lacrosse players. The time was necessary to allow manufacturers to comply with new updates and find suitable materials for chest protectors.

Here is what the rulebook states for both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse players.


From 2021 onwards, a lacrosse goalkeeper chest protector should be in compliance with the NOCSAE ND200 regulations. The outfit should be deemed illegal if it lacks the SEI certification mark, making it illegitimate for plays.


Beginning of 2022, all boys lacrosse in-field players must have heart protection as well.


Beginning 2022, all field players must wear heart-protective gear to prevent commotio cordis. The chest outfit should also bear the standard NOCSAE ND200 SEI certification mark.

It implies that for the 2022 season, we will see shoulder pads with an additional heart protection cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOCSAE ND200?

NOCSAE ND200 is a standard regulation body for chest protection performance gear. It’s the first-ever for lacrosse players. For manufacturers to be in compliance, their products must meet ND200 specifications of impact forces to reduce and eliminate the risks of players suffering from commotio cordis.

The new NOCSAE ND200 standard protection takes effect from January 1, 2021, and all goalies are required to have the new chest protectors.  These mandatory changes apply to all lacrosse boys’ and girls’ youth teams, the NFHS girls and boys high school, and NCAA men and women players.

Do Lacrosse Goalies wear mouthguards?

The goalie and all outfield players are required to wear a mouthguard. The mouthguard protects the teeth the way a chest protector covers the chest. Your gums and the inside of your lips are also protected from impact. Lacrosse is a contact game, and sometimes players get heavy blows to the jaw, cheeks, and chin.

Are there other extra chest protectors for the lacrosse goalie?

Currently, only the lacrosse goalie wears chest protection, but this will change at the beginning of the 2022 season. Besides the chest protector, a goalie needs to wear throat guards, gloves, shin pads, helmets, etc.

Goalies are the only players that touch the ball using their hands. As opposing players throw the ball aiming to score, the goalie can use every part of their body to stop the ball. Therefore, a goalie needs extra protection around the chest and other vital areas. The new NOCSAE ND200 impacts the safety of goalies, but we have yet to see how it affects performance.

Can you play lacrosse without standard safety equipment?

No. Goalies and outfield players must have standard performance equipment certified by NOCSAE ND200. Both boys and girls youth teams should be in compliance and the pro leagues of NCAA men and women.

However, according to the new NOCSAE ND200 safety performances standards, women’s headgear is still optional.

What determines the perfect fit of a lacrosse goalie chest protector?

The best youth lacrosse goalie chest protector should have a thick chest plate with padding to absorb high-impact shots and distribute the energy to force the ball to come to an instant stop. It shouldn’t be stiff or too tight as this compromise’s mobility. However, a loose-fitting chest protector may also be faulty as it might leave you exposed in some areas.

How will I know that the chest protector is in compliance with NOCSAE ND200 standards?

All lacrosse chest protectors will be inspected by NOCSAE ND200 and therefore have a certification mark from the independent safety Equipment Institute (SEI). The outfits should also bear the NOCSAE Lacrosse label SEE HERE.

You can read the rules and find out more information at the SEI website by clicking https://www.seinet.org/search.htm

How do you measure the size of a goalie chest protector?

There aren’t one size fits all chest protectors as there as players who are taller than others. To find your correct size, measure your height and wingspan. To find your accurate wingspan, the distance between your left middle finger and the outstretched right arm and middle finger is the distance. You can use a tape measure to take the measurements.   


Every goalie has different preferences; hence, you should try one yourself when choosing the best chest protector. Some goalies prefer to be flexible and won’t bother much with other protective components like the stomach pad and shoulder caps.

Some prefer stiff equipment as they aim for maximum protection. At first, you might find all new lacrosse goalie chest protectors to be inhibitive and slightly uncomfortable. But like new shoes, all they need is for you to break into them.

When choosing a chest goalie protector, never compromise on comfort and flexibility. You need to be able to move freely to stop both high and low shots. Remember, the work of the goalie is to keep opposing outfield players from scoring.

Now that you know all about the best lacrosse cheap goalie chest protectors finding one that suits you is within your range. All the products recommended are the best in the industry, and whatever you pick shall serve you well.