7 Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants[2024] Ultimate comfort and flexibility

After being on the field several times, one of the most crucial factors that we understand is that you cannot fathom the significance of strapping yourself up with proper goalie pants. And since goalies are specifically more prone to direct impacts, putting on a suitable pair is a must for them.

Due to such significance, we will talk about the best lacrosse goalie pants and the various crucial aspects you will find. Among a list of some fantastic goalie pants, let us help you choose the ones that will be a perfect fit for you.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants
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7 Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants

If one thing is clear, you should always get on the field after putting on a durable pair of goalie pants. But how will you choose one? Let us take a look at a few of the top choices down below.

1. STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants

This amazing piece of goalie pants by STX is undoubtedly one of the most rugged and stylish pants you can lay your hands on if you are looking to face a proper jostling while on the field. Undoubtedly an amazing choice when it comes to one of the best gears that you can get your hands on.

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With a properly fit design, this low-profile spandex comes with a superior design pad configuration that will dim down the brute force attacks you may experience and provide you with solid comfort and movement.

The last thing you want is to sacrifice your agility while tackling some gruesome hustlers as you progress forward with your eyes on the goal. You should not have to worry about your gear’s protection level at this point in the game. However, if you do have to run such thoughts, what is the point of a gear anyways.

Aside from providing such protections, these pants will provide you with a solid amount of breathability during your entire game. The elastic waistband is also there to keep hugging you no matter how much roughhousing you do. The flexibility of the entire thing is on another level, to begin with.

Its lightweight design also makes it super easy to keep on for an extended period. The aerated pads on the thighs and durable protection pads for the groin area will protect you from all sorts of impacts. You will also enjoy the inner cushioning layers that come within these designs for comfort and confidence.


  • Proper fit
  • Solid pad configuration
  • Withstands excess force
  • Breathable form factor
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Stitching might come out at times
  • Does not come with cup holders


This particular goalie pants will make sure to provide superior comfort and protection every time you get on the field without having to worry about any sort of unexpected injuries.

2. STX Lacrosse Youth Padded Goalie Pants

Yet another STX products make it into this list of the best lacrosse goalie padded shorts. The only reason is the superior quality that STX dedicates itself to providing. For a small or medium-sized player, this particular product will fit without much of a hassle.

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The appearance of this one may perplex your mind into thinking that this particular gear may not provide enough protection. But do not let such trivial factors fool you at all. With a high level of comfort paired up with the right amount of protection, this sophisticated gear will get you game-ready in no time.

Although this pair of pants may provide an image of you bulking up after putting it on, but rest assured that you will not have to let go of a single ounce of your agility whatsoever. Your capability to move through a crowded field will not take even the slightest hit.

Its stretchiness will not shy away even after putting this one through a solid amount of games. All thanks go to the mesh fiber protection that comes along with it, covering every single weak spot for you.

Its mesh fabric will promote solid air circulation keeping you dry throughout the entire game. The last thing that you will have to worry about is the excess amount of sweating that might cause you discomfort.


  • Perfect size for small and medium players
  • No sacrificing movements for protection
  • Stretchy enough for effortless maneuverability
  • Mesh covered paddings all over
  • Prevents from sweat build-up


  • Might provide uneasiness in the middle
  • Not ideal for professionals


Thinking about getting a pair of goalie pants for the lacrosse games at the weekend? This unit will help you prepare well for a good time and protect you from unnecessary injuries.

3. Brine Ventilator Lacrosse Goalie Pant

Brine Ventilator goalie pants has a superior touch for great ventilation and air circulation. The beaded foam technology Brine uses for manufacturing this particular unit can disperse all sorts of impacts you may face while at the lacrosse field.

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Not only will you stay in full protection, but this unit will enable a proper circulation of air while at it. It might be time for you to take out a nice pair of shorts for your upcoming lacrosse match. However, do not forget to wear this gear underneath if you want to go all out against your opposing team.

Since you will be busy dominating the entire game with your agile movements, this goalie pants will support you by holding on to you without sliding off even an inch. All credit goes to the exclusive quality in the elastic waistband which comes along with this gear.

Also, do not forget to credit the reinforced pull loops, which will help you deduce the number of rips you may face with prolonged usage. Even with all these extensive benefits, the last thing that Brine will let go of is a sleek and modern design to finish the touch.

Paired up with immense comfort, you will also enjoy a solid protection throughout the entire game duration. The last thing you would want is to keep adjusting your goalie pants for comfort when you should be focusing on the game instead.


  • Modern design
  • Extremely cozy interior
  • Superior breathability
  • Reinforced pull loops for reduced rips
  • Washing machine friendly


  • Outside materials may wear off fast
  • May not fit youngsters


Looking for a superior and cozy experience along with a solid amount of armor? These goalie pants will be your new favorite in no time.

4. Shock Doctor Shockskin Impact Short

Shock Doctor is one of the leading sporting goods manufacturers to enhance performance while keeping your protection game on. This particular product comes with the top-level integrated fabric woven all across. The vented foam pads also provide superior air circulation along with top-class protection.

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Plus, the high-frequency seams and contours provide an enhancement to the overall purpose of the gear. You will get the x-fit brief cup retention system paired up with these amazing youth lacrosse goalie pants when it comes to cup protection.

Not only will your comfort level be on the top par, but the cup position will also fit accurately with extreme stability.

This youth lacrosse goalie pants will keep you relaxed with its calculated anatomical fit without the slightest bit of compression. Say goodbye to all your worries regarding the freedom of movement on the field.

When it comes to the most critical areas, this gear’s superb impact protection level will allow for absorbing those unexpected extra shocks while at play. Your hips, tailbone, and thigh will be free from the extra moisture due to the enhanced materials within the pants.

You will also get an ultra-carbon flex cup with multiple-stage impact protection, which will help you convey the shocks away from your body’s critical points. The flex curve build and orbital gel pads will also extend your comfort while providing an elegant fit.


  • Vented and padded foam
  • Internal mesh brief for enhanced comfort
  • Relaxed fit design for proper movement support
  • Superior shock-absorbing capability
  • Carbon flex cups for vital areas


  • Sizes may vary compared to other brands
  • Wearing cups may cause discomfort


For solid all-rounder protection while on the field, this one is undoubtedly one of the top-tier goalie pants that you can find. With superior protection to comfort, this one has it all.

5. STX Lacrosse Deluxe Padded Goalie Pants

The only reason for us to list three different goalie pants by STX is to show you how amazing their product is when protecting all the lacrosse players out there. This deluxe padded pants comes with an anatomical design of a floating protective pad system.

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Not only will this keep you safe from tackles, but you will also get a boost in confidence while charging for your team.

It is no doubt that you will be profoundly sweating throughout the game. Lucky for you, this is where the multi-zoned full mesh body will come to your aid. Not only will it help you dry off easily, but the moisture-wicking materials will help get rid of the extra perspiration off of you.

As you prepare yourself for going to the field wearing these amazing lacrosse goalie shorts, its waist pull-tab will assist you to put it on effortlessly. Also, after the game ends, taking the gear off is an easy process as well.

The overall form factor provides a particular appeal paired up nicely with a rugged look. Unlike many other products, you will also get paddings on the inner thighs, which is crucial. You do not want to walk home with chafed thighs after each game. The spandex materials also hold up nice and well for a prolonged period.


  • Full mesh body
  • Moisture absorbing technology
  • Waist pull tabs for easy wear
  • Freedom in movement
  • Inner thigh protection


  • Material quality is subpar
  • Pads do not always stay in place


If you plan to enjoy some occasional and friendly lacrosse games on holidays, this gear will keep you safe from unexpected tackles and prevent accidental bruises. This will be a great pair of girls’ lacrosse goalie pants, you are unlikely to find a pair better than this one.

6. Warrior Burn Lacrosse Leg Pad

Here we have another great budget-friendly product by Warrior. These particular goalie pants will be a great choice for amateur lacrosse players. However, the quality still holds at a level similar to the top-end products.

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This unit will be exceptional for providing a superior level of protection for lacrosse goalies. Its sleek design nicely synchronizes up with functionality and performance. You will notice that the material consists of VPS foam providing you with an enhanced shielding from shots.

Warrior uses a special VPS foam technology that helps shed a significant amount of weight throughout the pants. This is why you will enjoy its feathery lightweight while you are on the field.

The movement also becomes extremely easy, thanks to the light material. Not only that, but you will also experience an increased airflow to keep your body breathing.

The protecting guards consist of multiple panels on each of the legs. This factor also promotes a higher level of flexibility for which you will not have to sacrifice your game quality at all. Warrior Burn leg pad’s Wartech compression system is also responsible for a snugger fit.

When it comes to holding up the goalie pants while on the field, the elastic around the waist does a tremendous job, no doubt. The high-grade spandex present all across the gear will provide a cozy feel which will last for a prolonged duration.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Feathery light design
  • Built with flexibility in mind
  • Cozy cup holder positioning
  • Multiple protection panels all over


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Needs separate cup purchase


For beginners’ level of gameplay, this particular gear will be an amazing budget-friendly choice for decent functionality paired up with protection and flexibility.

7. McDavid Compression Padded Shorts with HEX Pads

These superior lacrosse shorts by McDavid come with a nylon fabric build for extreme breathability. Not only will you be able to move freely all across, but these padded shorts will provide you with an increase in blood flow.

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Taking care of your wellbeing while adding advanced level protection is undoubtedly a solid yet rare feature when it comes to goalie pants.

You will be able to enjoy the 9mm hex padded girdle covers for an extra layer of added protection. Whether it is on your hips, tailbone, or thighs, you will stay secured through and through. The area of coverage comes with a solid engineered shaping for mobility and protection.

The hDc moisture technology will keep you dry and odor-free while providing a cool feel throughout the entire area of coverage. So, no itchiness or excess sweatiness will occur thanks to the superior build technology.

These compression padded shorts also come with six-thread flat lock tech, which strengthens the seams and their subsequent area. Whether you are an adult or a high school goer, this one will provide you with the right support that you deserve.

You can also wear these shorts for many other activities such as football, hockey, basketball, skiing, etc. So, whether you are an amateur looking for a great game with your buddies or a professional planning to get something for your next game, this product will fulfill all your protective needs.


  • Unisex design
  • Feathery light
  • Nylon and spandex blend
  • Extra strength and comfort near the seams
  • Washer friendly


  • May cause slippage near the waist
  • Padding is quite thin


If you want all-rounder padded shorts for a wide array of demanding sporting events such as football, basketball, etc., this one will surely be the best choice for you.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants?

Several factors can come to play when choosing the right gear for your upcoming lacrosse games. So, if you already chose one of your favorites, let me pause you right there.

Aside from functionality, you also must consider your flexibility, comfort, and safety concerns before getting your hands on a piece and running to the field wearing it. Hence, make sure to keep in mind the following points before spending on the shiniest pair that you can find.


When it comes to goalie pants, you will notice that various materials come to play while building them. Starting from basic spandex to synthetic build, you will get a lot of options.

If you go for synthetic blends, you will be able to enjoy a superior level of freedom while moving without worrying about ripping off your gear so easily.

Make sure your private parts are safe with a high-density construction build. Also, ensure that the goalie pants come in materials that resist allergens, sweat, and dirt.


Get a proper idea regarding the size that will fit you well. Do not go for an oversized one for kids and expect them to grow up and adjust to them. Loosely fit goalie pants can severely deteriorate functionality and cause accidents. A size too small will also diminish your movement and affect your gameplay.


A comfortable feel with a firm grip around the waist is a must-have for any lacrosse player, which is why always make sure that your goalie pants possess elastic material across the hip area. Not only will you feel comfortable, but this will enhance your movement as well.


One of the most crucial parts of goalie pants lies within the type of its internal seams. You will have to move around and face countless aggressive tackles while on the field. Make sure the seam supports a cozy enough stretch for you to maneuver around as much as you please.


With so many types of protective layers available for various goalie pants, make sure the protection layer is not just a show.

The last thing that you want is to run off to the ER after a simple but unlucky attack from your opponent. This factor is one of the most important aspects of goalie pants, so make sure that your gear can keep you safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best type of goalie pants for girls?

Most of the lacrosse goalie pants that you may see online will come in a unisex design. So, it does not matter while selecting the type of build of the product. The most crucial part of goalie pants is to provide a proper fit and keep the players safe.

2. How should I fit my goalie pants?

When it comes to properly fit goalie pants, the most important aspect here is the comfort of the fit once you put it on.

You should not have to sacrifice mobility for safety. Make sure you have enough space for the pads and guards around the critical parts of your body. You do not want them to move out of place at those times when you will need them.

3. Which style of goalie pants should I go for?

Although goalie pants have a particular purpose of serving, you will easily notice many differences among various models across many brands. Some of them will help you cover a limited amount of critical area, while others will come with a heavy amount of paddings.

You will also find pants with a tapered fit with a low-cut waist for goalies to keep a significantly tighter fit. However, you will not be able to tuck a chest protector through them. But if you go for a taller waist cut with a wide topped goalie pants, you will easily be able to tuck in your chest protector.

4. Should I choose goalie pants with wide legs?

Goalie pants with a wide and thin designed legging will offer you room for a wide range of knee pads for protection. If you plan to strap on certain padding, make sure that your goalie pants will support them. Or else you will have to forego at least one of the gears for your upcoming matches.

5. How to keep my goalie pants well maintained?

Since goalie pants are available in a wide range of materials, ask yourself how frequently you will be using them and under what weather.

For pro pants, you can look out to play seven games at most every week. Senior and lower senior pants can serve you for five or three games at most every week.

Many players also wear pads underneath for protecting their knees and other critical parts for defense. The materials which come in direct contact with the gears may wear off easily unless you are careful enough.

6. How should I keep my goalie pants clean?

Depending on the build materials, you will find that many goalie pants may need proper washing using your hands.

Although this might turn out to be a hassle, you will be able to clean them thoroughly without losing the integrity of such pants. However, you will find many products which are washing machine friendly. So, pick wisely based on how much you will spend time taking care of your gears.

Final Words

When it comes to enjoying a good lacrosse game, one of the first and foremost factors that you should keep in mind is the safety factor. Apart from the multiple layers of protection that you may enjoy with the right pair, you also need to cozy yourself in it without sacrificing your maneuverability.

We hope that this write-up was informative enough to assist you in selecting the best lacrosse goalie pants for your upcoming games.