5 Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts In 2024 [In-Depth]

Goalie shafts are no different than other lacrosse shafts, but they do require a few extra considerations.

Lacrosse goaltender is perhaps the hardest position to play. The stress on your body will cause more wear and tear if you’re not careful. As a goalie, you’ll be diving for loose balls, diving on ground balls, and doing everything you can for your teammates.

That’s why the best lacrosse goaltenders deserve the best lacrosse goalie shafts. There are many different types of Lacrosse Goalie Shafts in the market with various prices, weight, durability, and materials. Below is a list of some of the five best lacrosse goalie shafts.

Regardless of what kind of goalie lacrosse shaft you’re looking for, the one thing you should remember to do is always get approval from your coach. Your coach will know what is best for you as a goalie, as well as what you can afford.

There are different kinds of lacrosse shafts including ones that are made for lefty goalies. It is important to consider the quality of the goalie shaft you are purchasing.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts

Top Five Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts

1. StringKing Metal 3 Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

The new StringKing Metal 3 Pro Shaft features the same weight distribution in this design that you’ve come to know and love. The new Ascent Weight improves durability and accuracy of shot selection while maximizing performance.

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Key Features

Improved Alloy Balance

The new ascent weight improves durability and accuracy of shot selection while maximizing performance. Goalie shaft weight is right around the cusp of the goalie’s hand, giving it perfect balance.

Enhanced Durability with New Molding Process

The metal 3, improved durability through a new molding process for improved strength to weight ratio. It features the same weight distribution as its predecessor, but it is even more durable. The material still feels great and is light like all metal shafts. This shaft can last you for years to come.

Unique Ascent Weight™

The unique ascent weight improves the durability and accuracy of shot selection while maximizing performance. The design in which the weight is distributed improves stick control while improving shot consistency. This enables the goalie to see where their shots are going making them more accurate.

Improved Control

StringKing’s new ascent weights offer more control for accurate shots and improved durability. The ascent weight is distributed in such a way as to improve control and accuracy. With the new ascent weight distribution, shots are more accurate and less likely to go wild.

StringKing’s Range of Lengths

This lacrosse shaft comes in a variety of lengths for your comfort. From 32 inches to 36 inches, you can get a goalie lacrosse shaft that fits you perfectly.


  • Improved durability with the new molding process
  • Perfect balance point
  • Perfect weight distribution for improved control and durability.
  • Improved durability through new molding process for improved strength to weight ratio.
  • Lightweight and extremely durable perfect for a goalie stick.
  • Very comfortable grip


  • May be too light for some players.
  • It is also very flexible which can be a disadvantage.
  • Costs more than other lacrosse goalie shafts.

2. ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0

The new and improved Composite Shaft with updated graphics. This lacrosse goal shaft will help you realize your potential on the field.

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Key Features

Engineered to Perform

It features a patented design for improved weight distribution and durability while maximizing performance. The construction allows the lacrosse goalie shaft to perform better than other shafts in its class. It also has an enhanced balance point that improves goalie control and shot accuracy.

Other ECD Composite Shafts

ECD Pro 2 shafts also come in a variety of colors to suit your preference or even a combination of two or more colors. These new color combinations are Black/Red, White/Navy, Gray/Royal Blue, White/White for the fearless goalie who can’t seem to get enough of the white lacrosse goalie stick.

Ingenious Design for Improved Balance and Functionality

This lacrosse shaft features a patented design for improved weight distribution, durability, and protection from slashes while maximizing performance.

The materials used to provide great balance improved control, and accuracy of shots. It is very durable as well, able to last for the duration of your lacrosse-playing years.

Adjustable Weight System

With such a lightweight shaft, you would think that there is no way it could be used by someone who just recently started playing lacrosse. However, that’s not the case with this ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2 goalie shaft! It utilizes a patented weight system where you can adjust the weight on some of the sections of it.

This means, that even if you just started playing lacrosse, you have a good chance at being able to use this shaft until you get better and advance from using a lightweight goalie stick.

StringKing’s Range of Lengths

The ECD Lacrosse Carbon Pro 2.0 goalie shaft is available in a length of 32 inches to 36 inches so you can choose the one that best fits your height and playing style.


  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Comes in an array of colors and combinations of them (Black/Red, White/Navy, Gray/Royal Blue, White/White).
  • Has a patented weight system for adjusting the handle to your liking.
  • Has two grip options: mesh or foam. Sometimes there is even an option for both.


  • The weight does not vary significantly between the different sizes.
  • Slight flex after repeated use of stretching out the head which can make it difficult to shoot straight shots at times.

3. StringKing Composite Pro 142

StringKing Composite Pro 142

The 142 Composite Lacrosse Goalie Shaft is designed to provide durability while maximizing performance. With an enhanced balance point, you can improve your control and accuracy of shots. This is the perfect lacrosse goalie shaft for someone who is looking for a product that will last.

Key Features

Durability and Functionality in One Product

This lacrosse goalie shaft features a patented design for improved weight distribution, this makes this lacrosse goalie shaft stronger than other shafts in its class while also providing more balance and accuracy. The materials used are also very tough, able to withstand the intense use of a lacrosse goalie.

Enhanced Balance Point for Improved Control and Accuracy

This lacrosse shaft has an enhanced balance point that adds to its durability since it will provide you with more control over your shots. This is ideal for someone who has just started playing lacrosse (Beginner Lacrosse stick) or someone who has never used a lacrosse goalie stick before.

Helpful Grip Options for More Control

The StringKing Composite Pro 142 is designed to provide you with more grip options when it comes to choosing the grip of your stick. You can choose between foam and mesh which provides different degrees of control over your shots in different weather conditions.

This also allows you to change the grip of the shaft depending on how wet (or humid) it is outside since some people like using white mesh in hot weather while others enjoy having gray foam on rainy or humid days.

A Wide Range of Weight Options

This lacrosse goalie shaft comes in varying weights so that every player, regardless of their weight, can find one that matches their preference. The weights range from 140-160 grams so it should be very easy for you to find one that matches your weight and feel the same way you did when you were shooting with a field lacrosse stick.

Stronger than other Lacrosse Goalie Shafts in its Class

This lacrosse goalie shaft is stronger than shafts in its class, so it can withstand more batterings and even still provide the user with excellent accuracy and shots while doing so.

This also allows people who have low patience levels or simply don’t want to change their shafts often to be able to use it long since you probably won’t need to get a new one any time soon unless you break this lacrosse goalie shaft by accident.


  • The grip options for this lacrosse goalie shaft are excellent since you can choose between foam or mesh.
  • You also have two different color options which allow you to change your lacrosse goalie shaft depending on the weather conditions outside.
  • It is designed with an enhanced balance point.
  • Several weight options range from 140 grams to 160 grams.


  • This lacrosse goalie shaft only comes in two colors; black and white.
  • Since this lacrosse goalie shaft has mesh grip options, if you plan to use it outside then you should probably look for another option that is designed with foam.

4. StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

This lacrosse goalie shaft is designed with a custom shaft weight as well as a convenient color selection so you can easily match the color of your stick to your team or just use it because you like that certain color.

Some colors have glitter mixed into the lacquer, so it blurs out any scratches and other marks on the surface of the shaft and gives the stick a shiny and new appearance.

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Key Features

Different Shaft Weight Options

There are four different weights available so you can choose the one that will match your specific preference and weight. You can also get a lacrosse goalie shaft for people under 90 pounds.

So, if you have lightweight goalies on your team who might want to switch from field sticks to goal sticks then this is an excellent option for them.

Different Colors and Designs

There are several colors to choose from so you can match your stick to your team or just choose the color you like the most since they all look pretty good.

If you want a lacrosse goalie shaft that will stand out, then this is the one for you since it has glitter mixed into the lacquer, so it will reflect light and give your lacrosse goalie stick a very shiny appearance which is sure to attract attention.

Improved Accuracy Compared to Other Lacrosse Goalie shafts in Its Class

This lacrosse goalie shaft has an improved balance point compared to other shafts in its class, so you can achieve more accurate shots with this shaft.

There is a balance point in the head of the lacrosse goalie shaft that will give you more control over your shots, and it also helps improve your accuracy in all conditions whether it is in broad daylight or a dark indoor arena.


  • The mesh grip options ensure a very comfortable and tight hold, so this will prevent slipping from happening which will allow you to get the most out of your performance.
  • This lacrosse goalie shaft offers several points in its head that are optimized for strength so you can get more durability out of this shaft.
  • This goalie shaft is made with high-quality steel that are engineered to be much stronger than other shaft.


  • The mesh grip options might become loose over time.

5. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shafts

The shaft is made out of carbon fiber which makes it much stronger than other shafts in its class. This lacrosse goalie shaft is a lightweight shaft, so it won’t put much pressure on your neck and shoulders even if you use it for an extended period.

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Key Features

a) Pick Your Color Option

There are three different colors to choose from, so you can make your lacrosse goalie shaft stand out even more than other shafts in its class. You can choose between red, blue, and orange depending on which color you like the most since they all look very good.

b) High-Quality Mesh Grip

The mesh grip is high quality so it will prevent slipping from happening so you will be able to get the most out of your performance.

c) Shaft is Made Out of Carbon Fiber for added Strength

The shaft on this lacrosse goalie is made out of carbon fiber which makes it much stronger than other shafts in its class. If you like to play more aggressively and become physical with your stick then this is the right lacrosse goalie shaft for you since it won’t break or crack easily.

It also comes at a very reasonable price, so even if you tend to break sticks often, you won’t have to worry about breaking your lacrosse goalie shaft.

d) Pick Your Shaft Length

Since this is an adult-sized lacrosse goalie shaft, it comes in 4 different shaft lengths that you can choose from; 41 inches, 44 inches, 47 inches, and 50 inches.


  • The fact that this lacrosse goalie shaft length will be one of the biggest advantages for tall goalies since it is very hard to find shaft with such a long length.
  • The carbon fiber on this lacrosse goalie shaft makes it much stronger than other shafts in its class, so you don’t have to worry about using it aggressively when you play goalie.
  • This lacrosse goalie shaft is designed with a mesh grip, so it won’t slip out of your hands when you play goalkeeper ever again.


  • Your hand will be resting on the mesh grip if you add tape to this lacrosse goalie shaft, so it might feel a bit unnatural to some goalies.
  • You might feel that the ball can travel slower than usual because the shaft is so long, so you need to be careful about this issue.

What Things to consider before buying the best lacrosse goalie Shafts

The weight of the shaft

You might feel that a lighter shaft is better, but in reality, they can hurt your shoulder more since you will be lifting it for a longer period when playing goalie. A heavier shaft will also be able to cut through the wind easier which gives you even more control.

If you add some extra weight to the toe of the shaft it might also be able to shoot harder so you can score more goals.

The right shaft length for lacrosse goalies

There is no overall rule on how long a lacrosse goalie shaft should be, but many people think that 45 inches is an ideal length for just about any goalie out there since it is not too short or long.


Many manufacturers will offer shafts that are very durable and will last forever, but in reality, they break after a while when used enough even when you don’t break them yourself doing aggressive movements when playing goalie.

This is why you should check reviews of each product before buying it since some are better than others at lasting a long time.

The price of the best lacrosse goalie shafts

Many great shafts will come at an affordable price, but also some that are very expensive and only suitable for professional goalies who want to practice every day with their favorite stick. Our list contains shafts of all prices so no matter what your budget is, you can find the right one here.

What’s The Right Shaft Length for Lacrosse Goalies?

  • 45 inches

This is the standard length for a lacrosse goalie shaft and if you are not sure about the exact length you should choose, this one will always be a great option both when looking at it from right under or when standing up straight with the shaft in front of you.

  • 47 inches

If you are tall and like to play goalkeeper in net, getting a longer lacrosse goalkeeper shaft may be an advantage for you since it will allow your hands to move freely while playing goalie and make it much easier to catch hard shots that can propel pretty far over 10 yards away from your body.

  • 50 inches

If you have very tall players on your team who want to score goals rather than just stop them, getting a longer lacrosse goalie shaft is always a great idea for anyone 6’5 or taller.

  • 50 – 72 inches

Remember that a longer lacrosse goalie shaft will give you more reach and make it easier for you to catch hard shots, but it can also throw off your balance if you don’t like long sticks.

Of course, the best thing about these shafts is that they come with many advantages such as giving taller goalies more reach and making it easier for them to do their job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lacrosse Goalie Shafts (FAQs)

1. What’s the best nylon lacrosse goalie shaft?

A: A shaft that is made of nylon will perform very well even if you play goalie for a living or play a lot of games every week.

2. What’s the best composite lacrosse goalie shaft?

A: These shafts are both lightweight and durable at the same time which makes them perfect for any serious lacrosse goalie who wants to practice and play as much as he can.

3. What’s the best wooden lacrosse goalie shaft?

A: Wooden shafts are usually pretty cheap, but they are also very heavy which can make playing goalie quite tiring if you don’t have very good physical fitness.

4. What material are the lacrosse goalie shafts made of?

A: You can get lacrosse goalie shafts that are made of nylon, wood, or composite materials which all have their advantages and disadvantages.

5. Which is the best wood elbow guard for lacrosse goalies?

A: If you are looking for a wood elbow guard, it is best to get one that only covers the top part of your forearm since they will often be too long otherwise.

6. Which is the best forearm guard for lacrosse goalies?

A: A good elbow guard will protect your forearm, but not your elbow since it is best if you can rotate your shoulder when taking shots during practice.

7. Can you play with a short shaft if you are not tall?

A: Yes, many players are not very tall but also use a short shaft to stand in front of the goal.

8. Do racquetball paddles make good lacrosse goalie shafts?

A: While racquetball paddles are good for stopping shots, they are not very easy to handle when you start moving around in goalie position.

9. Should I buy a long foam roller to use as a goalie shaft?

A: While you can buy a foam roller and cover it with plastic to make your goalie shaft, it is always better to get one that is already made if you are serious about your game.

Final Verdict

There are many goalie shafts out there and it can sometimes be hard to choose the best one for you. If you know what type of material you want your goalie shaft to be made of and the type of grip you like, finding the best lacrosse goalie shaft will be easy.

No matter what kind of material you choose to make your goalie shaft from, always make sure that it is not too short or too long for you since they can both throw off your balance. If you choose a goalie shaft that is too long, it will make playing goalie a lot more difficult since you won’t be able to move around as fast.

As always, keep in mind that a shaft that is too short will not be very effective since you won’t be able to cover the entire goal when you are in goalie position.