4 Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards [In 2024]Adjustable Leg Pads

The best lacrosse goalie shin guards are more than just a piece of protective equipment. They allow you to get in the right position and stay there without worrying about your legs. A good pair of goalie shins will allow you to concentrate on the ball, not your legs.

A good pair of lacrosse goalie shin guards come in many different styles with various features. Some are very simple with just a few straps and are still mudproof after being submerged in water for hours.

Others have all sorts of technology packed into them and can cost $150 or more. The price will be determined by how much protection and comfort you want and what type of playing conditions your goalie shorts will be exposed to.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

4 Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

If you’re serious about lacrosse, you want to make sure you’re wearing the best equipment, and that includes your goalie gear. It’s not just how they look, but how they perform.

Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport during which you have to be quick on your feet and ready to jump into action at any moment.

You’ll need goalie gear that can keep up with your athleticism and is capable of protecting you from injury. The following are the top 4 Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards products you can choose;

1. STX Valor Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

Lacrosse is a sport for tough men and women. The body contact can be jarring, not to mention the sticks whacking at your shins. The STX valor lacrosse goalie shin guards manufactured by STX company are designed to protect you from all that pain when playing lacrosse.

It has a small/medium size including a joint protector pad. There is a removable hard plastic insert for added protection and two top straps to help keep the pads in place.

The guards are made of polyester materials that are soft on the outside but firm enough for you to feel confident diving on the ground. The straps help you control the pads, but the straps are not stiff.

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Main Features of STX valor lacrosse goalie shin guards:

  • Adjustable straps with a pad that enhances your grip and comfort.
  • Double strapping especially over the ankle for added support.
  • Removable plastic insert for added protection during play.
  • Hand washable – helps release the unwanted odor associated with lacrosse goalie equipment.
  • Reflective pieces in the straps to ensure your visibility when playing lacrosse at night.
  • Comes in two sizes: small/medium and large.
  • Available for both boys and girls lacrosse goalies of all levels: youth, high school, college, and pro.

Advantages of these guards:

  • High-quality materials, reliable construction, attractive exterior design with two color options (red/black and blue/white).
  • Lightweight and easy to put on.
  • Ankle tightening straps help all lacrosse goalies make saves with comfort and stability.
  • Pads provide a perfect amount of flexibility and protection for youth to high school lacrosse goalies.
  • Durable materials help prevent ripping, tearing, and fading after a full season of lacrosse.
  • Easily adjustable straps to help your ankle stay in place while making saves.

2. Brine o2 Shin Guard

The brine o2 shin guard from the Brine brand is a great piece of equipment to have when playing soccer or Lacrosse. It is small, white, and made using foam material.

The guard gives you the protection you need during play. It also has great ventilation for when it is hot out, making it a very comfortable piece of equipment.

When playing soccer or Lacrosse, your shins are always at risk to be injured. If you have ever felt a sharp pain in your shin or even broken your shin, you know how important it is to protect this body part. It is a great tool to protect your shins. It has a lot of padding to keep you protected during play.

The ventilation holes are nice for warm days offering extra comfort, maximizing the potential of the player. It is a great piece of equipment to have when playing Lacrosse, soccer, and football.

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The features of brine o2 shin guard include:

  • Ventilation holes for better breathability when it is hot out.
  • Plastic molded exterior shell to keep shin covered.
  • Large plastic belt for a secure fit.
  • High-density foam interior padding to absorb impact and provide extra comfort.
  • The package weighs 0.009kilograms
  • Size: Large shin guard for ages 14 and older.

Advantages of using brine o2 shin guard:

  • The shin guard is very lightweight and will help you move without worrying about its weight.
  • The ventilation holes throughout the shin guard provide you with very comfortable wear.
  • The shin guards cover the entire area of your shin from top to bottom. This protects your entire shin.
  • The plastic molded exterior shell helps to keep the pads in place and protect you from being cut or scraped.

3. STX Lacrosse Goalie Contour Shin Guards

STX Lacrosse Goalie Contour Shin Guards made by STX has an adult design but is sized for youth goalies. It is white and used in lacrosse games. The outside of the shin guards features a unique contour design that fits better and appears neater than most other youth shin guards.

The shin guards are made of lightweight polyester and foam with hard caps on the front, upper side, outside back, and heel for better protection. The inside of the shin guards is made of open-cell foam, which provides great comfort and airflow to keep your legs cool during a game.

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Features of STX Lacrosse Goalie Contour Shin Guards

  • Adult size to fit youth goalies
  • Lightweight polyester and foam with hard caps
  • Open-cell foam for comfort and ventilation
  • Contour padded shin guard with a unique shape to provide you better protection and fit better into your gear
  • Aerospace nylon shell construction
  • Screen printed graphics that won’t peel or fade
  • Mesh liner allows for ventilation to prevent overheating
  • Extended lower leg protection for the goalie

Advantages of using STX Lacrosse Goalie Contour Shin Guards

  • Fits into your shin guard better: Most youth shin guards have a sock-like design that bunches up and looks bad. These shin guards have a design that fits better in your shin guard and looks neater
  • Better protection: The unique shape of the shin guard is designed to provide more protection to the goalie
  • Better airflow: The open-cell foam provides great airflow and keeps your legs cool while playing a game
  • Lightweight: The polyester and foam are lightweight, which does not put a lot of stress on your leg.
  • Easy to wash: The polyester and foam can be machine washed

4. Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

They are used by lacrosse goalies everywhere. These shin guard are made of plastic and offer a lot of protection for the goalie. They are available in different colors and sizes.

The Brine shin guards are made in the USA and offer a nice fit with the four-strapping system on the back of the leg.

The side and back protection is great and will help deflect some shots away from your goalie. These shin guards will last for a long time and can be used in practice and games. The price is also reasonable for this quality of goalie shin guard.

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Features of brine lacrosse goalie shin guards

  • Four strapping system on the back of the leg for strapping in shin guards
  • Side and back protection for great coverage
  • High density plastic shell molded with special plastic blend for durability and comfort balance of weight
  • Lightweight materials that provides protection, comfort and durability
  • High density injected cap designed for added protection
  • Stance flex grooves on front of shin provide flexibility where you need it most
  • Increased strapping system for added protection

Pros of using shin guards

  • The quick strapping system works well with lacrosse goalie gloves
  • They fit well and provide a nice locked in feeling
  • The product’s material is durable and will last for quite some time
  • They are comfortable to wear and help prevent injuries
  • The price is good for the quality of goalie leg protection


  • They are plastic and provide no ventilation or airflow
  • They can be hot depending on the weather
  • The price is a little high compared to other goalie shin guards

What Things to consider before buying Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

A goalie in lacrosse needs protection for his chest, arms, and legs from shots that he is about to catch. There’s a wide variety of lacrosse gear available for goalies, including chest protectors, leg pads, gloves, headgear, and of course shin guards.

This can make it difficult to choose what is best for you, but this buying guide will help you learn what things to consider before buying the best lacrosse goalie shin guards.

1) Padding

Straps that are too tight can reduce circulation to your legs, while straps that are too loose increase the risk of your pads slipping down, which will cause you to lose protection and control of your stick.

2) Comfort

The most important thing in a goalie’s shin guard is protecting your legs from the impact of a shot, but this may not necessarily mean that you should be wearing the most protective pads on the market. Comfort is also important in a goalie’s pad because if the pads are too stiff and rigid, it may limit your movement.

3) Price

Remember that best lacrosse goalie shin guards are not just for saving goals. Most pads also include parts that will help you control the ball, so if your budget is tight, you may want to choose a more basic pad that still offers considerable protection.

4) Manufacturer

Some companies are known for making the best lacrosse goalie pads and it is a good idea to research the company that makes the pads you are interested in. If you know of or have used a specific pad before, then it is wise to choose that manufacturer.

While you can find great goalie pads from many companies, these manufacturers excel in terms of quality and design: Warrior, STX, Maverik, and Brine.

5) Durability

If you play a lot of lacrosse then durability is very important. If you can afford it, choose a pair of pads that will last for years and won’t break down after a few months of play.

6) Color

Most goalie pads are black and white, but some companies such as STX and Warrior offer pads that can be customized with your school or lacrosse team colors.

7) Materials

When considering the material, think about what position you play and the weather conditions you’ll be playing in. For wet, muggy days choose a pad made of neoprene.

For cold, sunny days choose a lacrosse goalie pad made of nylon because it will keep you warm and protect your legs from the sun. Mesh is lightweight and breathable, which you’ll want in your goalie pads in hot weather.

8) Compression & Fit

Some lacrosse goalie pads feature a compression fit. This means that the padding is not attached to the main material of the pad with straps or velcro, so you can slide the pad up and down as necessary.

This is a great type of design for goalies because it allows you to adjust the size of the pad by pulling it down, which gives you better control while stick handling.

Lacrosse goalie shin guards are essential for any lacrosse player who wants to protect their legs and be able to play the game with confidence. By keeping these things in mind, you will be better prepared for choosing and purchasing the goalie pads that are best for you.

The Goalie Shin Guard Rules

The rules are simple:

Shin Guards can be white, black, or team colors. They cannot have any wording on the front of the guards (must be plain).

Goalie shin guards must completely cover the front of the leg from ankle to knee. They cannot extend past this area. The bottom of the guard must have a velcro strap that goes around the back of the calf.

They cannot have any electronic or battery-operated components. This includes lights, sounds, or any kind of motor.

Goalie shin guards must be in good condition. This means there cannot be any tears, rips, or any other kind of damage that would affect the performance.

They must be game-ready just like all other equipment. They cannot have tape on them, or any other equipment attached. The guards cannot be altered in any way.

Goalie shin guards must completely cover the knee with no holes or gaps. The guards cannot have any straps, zippers, belts, buckles, velcro, buttons, etc…

Since goalies cannot wear standard equipment, they are not required to wear the same color of shin guards as any other player. They can wear matching team colors or personalize them with favorite colors.

Goalie shin guards cannot be attached to any other equipment (Lacrosse pants, pads, etc…) or have anything attached to them.

FAQ About Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

How To Choose The Best Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards?

The key to choosing the best lacrosse goalie shin guards is flexibility. One should be able to bend it completely to the sides. If the goalie leg pads are not flexible, they may give you blisters or even worse an injury for not offering any protection when it’s needed.

Make sure that all straps fit perfectly and don’t leave any room for slipping.

How To Fit Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards?

To properly fit lacrosse goalie shin guards, you should place them on and bend your legs to see how does the guard feels like. If the guard is too tight or too loose somewhere then it’s not the perfect one.

The best bet would be buying lacrosse goalie leg pads that are adjustable. If you’re not sure about whether it’s tight enough, the best bet is to go one size bigger rather than one size smaller. You can always remove or add cushioning materials inside of your lacrosse goalie shin guards later on if required.

How To Care For Lacrosse Goalie Leg Pads?

First of all, you have to take your lacrosse goalie leg pads off every time after the practice or a game. Making sure that they dry properly is one of the most important things in proper care for goalie leg pads. The next thing you should do is to brush them clean from dirt and mud using a stiff brush.

Are Lacrosse Goalie Leg Pads Washable?

Yes, they are. The best bet is to wash your lacrosse goalie leg pads with cold water and a mild detergent only. Make sure that you don’t put them in the washing machine as there maybe straps that can get loose or snap altogether which would render the leg pads useless as a piece of protective gear.

Is It Better To Get Nylon Or Plastic Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards?

This is entirely up to you as the goalie but I would go for nylon lacrosse goalie leg pads any day of the week. The only reason why I prefer them is that they are lightweight and don’t make me sweat as the plastic ones do.

They may be a little more expensive than the traditional goalie leg pads but are worth it if you’re looking for lightweight yet durable goalie leg pads.

Lacrosse Goalie Weights?

The weight of lacrosse goalie shin guards doesn’t matter that much as long as they are comfortable to wear and don’t weigh you down.

The lighter the better but this is only my personal opinion as some of my friends prefer heavier leg pads for extra protection or simply because they are used to wearing heavy goalie leg pads.


It is better to choose Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards based on comfort, fit, and weight. My pick is the STX Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards because it has all three covered. The One 4 Pro Shin Guards are not as comfortable, but some will still find them good enough for their needs at the goalie position.