5 Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick[2024] Complete Sticks

The options for the best lacrosse goalie stick were scarce back in the days when I was still a sophomore student.

Reminiscing those years carries a pang of nostalgia for sure. But it seems like my knack for collecting information and digging deep into numerous sports gears stayed with me.

Here, I’ve handpicked 5 top lacrosse goalie sticks after an intensive hour of scrutinization, and interestingly enough, I came to know about the market demand, brand history, and customers’ views on each product.

Why take the pain? Because having an unmatched hand speed won’t make you the best goalie but taking hold of the right lacrosse stick will.

Let’s have a look at each of them one by one.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick
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5 Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick

What I can assure you here is that I’ve focused on the various dynamics that take part in the world of lacrosse. And I’ve chosen the products accordingly, highlighting not only the main features but also the nuanced ones.

1. STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick (CSSH10)

At the top of the list, you have the shield 100 strung lax goalie stick from STX. Well, does the name “STX” bell a ring?

I mean, the “STX outlet” is a major hit for its budget-friendliness, and it might have been one of the most reviewed goalie stick over the past few years.

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The same brand bettered themselves and created the STX shield 100 Strung Goalie Stick which happens to be more versatile and competent at this point. It features a 12-diamond semi-hard mesh clung around the 30 inches handle.

From the look of it, the head has a faint white color while the stick exhibits a mixture of platinum and black. Not that you can take it for a sophisticated goalie stick but here is the drill, looks can be decisive.

The STX shield 100 is one of the most perfect goalie stick for beginners. It’s strategically made for entry-level players who require a solid and dependable goalie stick to hone up their skills.

Be it for stopping the ball or leading the defense, the big and durable surface area will do the job for you. Since it comes in the standard lacrosse goalie stick size you can vouch for the big saves.

All you need to do is to channel your skills through these complete lacrosse goalie sticks. This concave-shaped goalie stick weighs relatively less, so that you have superior maneuverability while clearing the ball.

No matter how much abuse or pressure you assign to this Alloy STX Shield 6000 Goalie stick, during tests matches or practicing, it won’t budge.

The compact size of 30 inches, the sturdy surface area, and the lightweight profile collectively benefit any aspiring lacrosse player to leave a legacy in the field of lacrosse.


  • Lightweight goalie stick
  • Lightweight feeling puts your mind at ease
  • Easy to hold and make movements
  • 30 inches stick allows better ball saves and cradling
  • Built ergonomically to avoid handle twists


  • Stringing style needs a little improvement
  • Color might fade over time


This entry-level lacrosse goalie stick is something you can pass down to your future generation with pride and reliance. It will shape the fundamental of your goalie skills and prepare you for playing against big teams.

2. Maverik Base Jr Mini Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Next up you have the Base jr mini lacrosse goalie stick from Maverik. This lacrosse stick is specially engineered for goalies who intend to play fiddle lax in the backyard or on the beach. Unlike the previous goalie stick, this one looks a little bolder with its fossil grey profile.

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Now, about the stick, it’s made of sturdy aluminum. Honestly, not everyone will tell you this, but withstanding extreme abuse like denting or scratching isn’t its strongest suit. I mean, it won’t be too vulnerable to wear or flaking off but keep in mind that it’s not made for high-level playing.

As for a goalie, your job is to hold on to the stick with a stable grip, so it needs to be comfortable. And to your surprise, it does the job pretty well.

Just so you know, it’s a miniature edition of one of the most popular Base lacrosse goalie stick around the world. Converting the groundballs into fast breaks is its forte.

Thanks to its traditional smooth shaft finishing. Also, you can do some tweaking with tape as per your preference in gripping.

Another thing worth mentioning is this material is an ideal option for goalies who just started playing and aspire to polish their skills. Here it weighs 3 pounds which isn’t too light nor too heavy for a stick that comes strung up already. You can have the maneuverability you want and the sense of security too.


  • Value for money
  • Standard stick length for youngsters
  • Ideal aluminum construction for entry-level goalies
  • Last long until used for extreme situations
  • Provides largest surface area allowance on the field


  • Not ideal for advanced playing
  • Grip isn’t durable enough


If you are looking for the best youth lacrosse goalie stick that too in budget, then this one is a sure bet. The stick length, balanced weight, smooth grip, pre-strung feature, and Maverik’s ingrained quality guarantees you a joyous playing experience.

3. STX Mini Eclipse Lacrosse Goalie

For the starters, can we talk about the look first? I mean, it might be STX’s one of the coolest lacrosse goalie stick you will ever come across, especially if you are into color gradients or transitions. It starts with a grey color from the bottom then fades into a darker black shade with the STX logo imprinted on it.

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Now let’s talk about the stick size and the head.

So, the stick is 38 inches, excluding its classic mini-eclipse head. The eclipse head is strung well with a soft goalie mesh pocket and a solid metal handle.

On top of that, the mini eclipse head of this STX lacrosse goalie stick is analogous to the design of the best-selling goalie heads. Looking at the price, this may be the best bang for the buck

Besides, the stick is made of durable metal and weighs 5 pounds.

However, comparing it to other mini lacrosse goalie sticks, this one is a little on the heavier side. But rest assured, it doesn’t impede the flexibility.

Long story short, this is a brilliant choice for beach play or backyard fun.


  • Ideal for playing lax in the yard
  • Chrome metal handle
  • Ball stop of the head holds the ball steadily
  • Reasonable price
  • Allows restringing for playing with the real balls


  • The pocket is too bagged
  • Can’t do tricks with it


Well, it’s as right as rain for any young lacrosse goalie who wants to enhance their skillsets. The price is competitive, too, so that you don’t have to invest a chunk load of money when you’re just practicing or having fun. The best part, it survives unforgiving weather quite impressively.

4. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie

Tell me this, do you remember the original STX eclipse that marched almost 22 years ago? In case you aren’t aware, the original STX eclipse was one of the most popular go-to for goalies. But with every perfect thing comes a controversy. Not soon after it was released, people complained about the flimsiness about this.

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Some goalies liked it that way, and others didn’t. Keeping this scene in mind, STX came up with the updated version, which is the Eclipse 2 complete goalie.

Without adding any extra ounce, STX made the new eclipse stiffer than the previous version. Thanks to the updated sidewall geometry feature, you can immediately grasp the stiffness as you take hold of this.

However, this one possesses 20 sidewall holes which can be a little intimidating if you are a new goalie because you have to muster up your goalie stringing game to make proper use of it.

Now about the throat design, if you prefer gripping the plastic of the stick head as close as possible for unparalleled security, then rejoice! The STX Eclipse 2 new ergonomic throat designs will allow you to do this.

Furthermore, the new scoop design enables you to develop your ground ball performance and additional sidewall holes for a wide range of pocket styles. You can personalize the head to meet your playing style.

With little to no change in the weight (2.5 pounds), this one comes with a 34 inches outlet platinum handle and pre-strung Semi-hard 12D goalie mesh. The difference resides in the enhanced stiffness that gives you the sense of security needed for fostering new skillsets.


  • Concave teardrop shape
  • Ergonomic throat design offers better control for ball clearance
  • Won’t bend while making tough shots
  • Ideal for quick hands to obtain maximum gains
  • Scooping groundballs feels as smooth as butter


  • Re-stringing it might feel tough
  • Due to the excessive flexibility, the head may bend while saving fast shots


The larger the surface area, the higher the chances to gain more saves. Truth to be told, extreme flexibility of the stick head can be a downside for some goalies.

On the contrary, some goalies prioritize flexibility more than anything. Because let’s face it, lightweight goalie sticks with stiffer sidewalls and flexible scoop translate into easier saves.

So if you are looking for a goalie stick with a bigger surface area, then come rain or shine, this is the suitable one to go for.

5. Warrior Nemesis 3 Complete Goalie Lacrosse

Lastly, you have the nemesis 3 complete goalie lacrosse from the Warrior. Before anything let me tell you that the Warrior’s lacrosse head is one of the best-selling products.

Now imagine this competent goalie head attached with a premium quality lacrosse stick. Wouldn’t it be great? Well, guess what Warrior made your visions come to reality. You get the best-selling head coupled with the tough 42 inches lacrosse stick which is built to last.

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It can survive extreme abuse and unforgiving weather conditions due to its ultra-rugged sidewall design. Hence you don’t need to limit yourself to certain surfaces or environments while playing.

This goalie stick is supremely lightweight; thus, with faster hands, you can achieve more saves since it comes with more tapered holes. You can customize the stringing style according to your preference. However, it’s professionally pre-strung with warriors 12 diamond mesh.

The stick is 30 inches, weighs only 1.2 pounds, and is made of durable alloy material. Needless to say, it offers maximum control while handling the stick. Despite the speed of the shot thrown at you, the warrior nemesis 3 goalie stick will withstand it.

As far as you are expecting a high-strength goalie to improve your game without comprising consistency, this complete lacrosse stick will suffice.


  • Lightweight yet durable with reinforced strength
  • Attractive design and color combination of charcoal grey and yellow
  • Feather-like weight of the head with ultra-rugged wall design
  • A short goalie stick for increased handle control and consistent saves
  • Doesn’t bend regardless of the hard shots


  • Pricy
  • Reframing the strings can be tricky


If the high price tag isn’t your prime concern and you want a short, lightweight stick equipped with a durable head for all-weather conditions, then it will do the job.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Best Lacrosse Goalie 

As much as a goalie needs to enhance their defense game, let’s not forget that having the right goalie stick is also crucial. Keeping this notion in mind, I have curated a comprehensive buying guide for you.


The first thing to consider is the material that goes into the making of your goalie stick. There’s an array of materials that are typically used for lacrosse goalie sticks. Such as,

  • Aluminum Alloy

These are the most popular and commonly known for their lightweight feature. It also endows you with better control and strength at a reasonable price point. Not only for the goalies, but aluminum shafts are also great for any lacrosse player.

  • Composite

Then comes the composite material which is extracted from the carbon fiber and built to offer durability. It’s popular for its supremely comfortable grip and temperature control.

  • Titanium

As for titanium, it’s crafted for optimal strength. They are the toughest bad boys when it comes to playing the role of a goalie. So, if strength is all you care about without missing out on the weight then this material will do the job.

  • Scandium

This material is what you would call the “Elite” against all the stick materials. It maintains an immaculate strength-to-weight ratio. Hence, most of the professional and celebrity players choose scandium-made sticks. And, of course, they come in an outrageously expensive price tag.

Stick Length

The next thing which should be taken into account is the stick length excluding the head attached to it. Since you are concerned about the goalie sticks particularly, the standard length should be between 30 to 40 inches. For younger players, the stick can be cut down shorter.

Shape and Weight

Remember that the lighter the weight, the easier it is to control. The lightweight sticks convey a sense of control when it comes to throwing and launching the ball. Now for the shape, most of the sticks come in an octagonal shape, albeit you may prefer a different shape to stand out in the crowd.

And it’s totally fine as the shape doesn’t affect your performance whatsoever. However, it’s worth mentioning that hexagonal-shaped sticks are effective regardless of the playing manner.


With no surprises, a textured surface works better in terms of comfortable grip and control. The grip surface should prevent slips or collapses too. In case your stick doesn’t come with a textured surface or grip, you can make your grip by taping it.


Not everyone has the luxury to play lacrosse because it’s indeed an expensive sport. You have to keep in mind that you aren’t only investing in a stick and a whole bag of goalie gear. Thus, you have to plan your investment wisely so that you can spare some money for other gears and future developments.

That said, if you are willing to spend more than 100 dollars on your stick, then make sure to set the bars high. Expect more in terms of the material used in the sticks as well as advancement for overall performance.

See, I am not a fan of expensive goalie sticks since I still consider myself a rookie player. But do I fancy a goalie stick with a high price tag in the future?

Yes, because as you become more experienced and skilled with your play style, you crave a premium edition. So, what important for you is to invest wisely depending on the level you are at right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my lacrosse goalie stick throwing down?

Probably because of extreme whipping, your goalie stick is throwing down. It emerges from the faulty stringing with the lacrosse pocket. However, you don’t have to stress over it as you can undo the strings and re-string them properly to avoid such whipping.

Do I need to keep my lacrosse goalie stick dry?

Not necessarily. It may get wet due to humidity in the air but what’s crucial is to avoid overexposure to the moisture. If it is extremely wet, then no wonder the pocket will sag.

Also, it can make pockets vulnerable to wear and tear. So it’s recommended to avoid such surfaces which are too damp. For instance, in the rainy season or grassy fields as wet mud is adhered to them.  

What is the ideal weight for a goalie stick?

The rule of thumb is to seek the lightest stick possible, as the lighter, the better. So, there’s not an ideal weight. Anything light will do if you aren’t expecting a heavy stick.

I am saying this because heavy sticks are preferable too for their sense of security and minimized susceptibility to denting. So, it depends on whether you prioritize ease of movement or durability. You can try the STX eclipse or The Warrior Nemesis 3 goalie for a lightweight experience.

What is the best youth lacrosse goalie stick?

Better maneuverability and larger surface area are two crucial features that dwell in the best youth lacrosse goalie stick.

Thus I would like to recommend the STX 6000 shield goalie stick and STX lacrosse eclipse because the STX comes with the STX 6000 stick with a lighter head. So if you already have the STX 6000 shield stick, you can just buy the eclipse head separately.

Can I customize the string?

Yes, you can customize the strings of your goalie stick head. It’s advised to look for a stick that comes with extra holes in the sidewalls. That way, you can add more strings as you desire. Take the STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick” for instance, that offers additional sidewall holes for an expanded range of pocket styles.

What is the difference between a long stick and a short stick?

The longer sticks are for the goalies who want enhanced torque on their outlet passes and scoop the ground balls while clamping rebounds effortlessly. Also, longer sticks are prone to offer a bigger surface which means more saves.

On the other hand, the shorter sticks are proven to be the lighter ones. they are easy to control and maneuver. You can smoothly cradle and handle the ball. Especially if you are a mobile goalie, then a shorter stick will increase the chances of saves due to its dodging caliber.

So, these are the factors that come into play while debating over a long stick and a short stick. And, upon considering these facts, you can comprehend that an ideal goalie stick would be the one that is at least 40 inches long yet weighs less.

Can I use attack shafts if I am playing for a goalie?

Yes, you can if you prefer a shorter version, like short as 30 inches.

Final Words

So that was today’s review for the best lacrosse goalie stick. Now, if you are looking for a stick that is perfect for rec-level and entry-level goalies, then the STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick (CSSH10) would be the right choice. It is also the best overall.

Besides, the Maverik base jr Mini and STX Mini Eclipse would be suitable for fiddle lax or backyard fun. In contrast, if you want something for honing up your skills as a beginner goalie, then you can try the STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie stick too.