10 Best Lacrosse Heads for Middies 2024 [In-Depth]

Lacrosse heads cannot be underestimated when it comes to their impact on performance at any position. Pads and helmets are essential for your safety, but the lacrosse head determines how well you shoot, pass, catch, check, pick up ground balls, and so much more.

Midfielders are a unique part of the game in that they play both sides of the field and are in transition as well. Therefore, it is important that they find a great lacrosse head to excel in all the parts of the game. The Head needs to pass and shoot well, besides being still enough to defend and scoop ground balls.

If you are looking to find the best lacrosse heads for middies, we have put together this article to give you insight on the same and details of what you should be looking for when selecting one.

Best lacrosse heads for middies

                      The Best Lacrosse Heads for Middies

1. Maverik Lacrosse Tactik Head Universal

The first feature on our list of the best middie heads is the Maverik Lacrosse Tactik Head, and for a good reason. The Maverick Tacktic head is made for the elite offensive middie, looking for the ultimate package to dominate the offense.

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The Maverick Tacktic head has been engineered for elite control. It has an optimal release point that increases control and has an added hold that provides extreme energy transfer when shooting.

The Duratough material on this lacrosse head for middies increases its stiffness, providing consistency under any weather condition.

The new X-Rail technology on this lacrosse head has been engineered to distribute stress to the rail on the opposite side, allowing it to have a lightweight and stiff design.

As a mid-fielder, a perfect blend of power and accuracy is necessary, and the Maverik Tactik Lacrosse head is able to deliver that thanks to the level 3 bottom rail. Like that’s not enough, it has multiple stringing holes to allow for custom pocket options.

It has a universal spec that allows for its use across different play levels. Made in the USA, the making of Maveric Tacktic Lacrosse heads has seen premium materials incorporated to offer you a superior quality product and unrivaled testing.

Overall, the Maverick Tactic Universal Lacrosse head is a great choice for middies, and if you decide to go with it, you’ll be a happy one.


  • The Maveric Tacktic head has a very stiff design.
  • It is relatively light
  • It has a ton of sidewall holes
  • It offers a great scoop


  • The only disadvantage with this lacrosse head is that its sidewalls are a bit small.

2. STX Lacrosse Stallion Omega Unstrung Head

The next feature on our list is the STX Lacrosse Stallion Omega Unstrung head for midfielders. Released in 2020, it counts as one of the best in the game, weighing 4.9 oz, with a mid to mid/high pocket-size ideal for it.

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It comes unstrung with an average number of string holes, hence allowing you to string it to your liking. The stiffness to weight ratio offered by the STX Lacrosse Stallion Omega Unstrung head has to be the best STX has ever created, attributed by the omega plastic. It is super durable and does not lose its stiffness over time.

The Head also comes with the STX speed scoop, loved by many midfield players. It is perfect for ground balls and has a small lip that helps cover the string holes so that they don’t interfere with your scooping.

The Stallion Omega has a great face shape. The bottom half of the Head has a narrow pinch and progressively opens up towards the scoop.

Despite having only an average amount of stringing holes, they have been well placed to ensure you don’t have challenges getting your ideal pocket. The inner lock technology has also been utilized to make stringing on the inside rail more secure and easier for you.


  • The Stakkion Omega head is durable and super stiff.
  • It has an amazing speed scoop
  • The Head is relatively light.
  • It has a great face shape


  • The main downside to the Stallion Omega head is its cost. It is quite expensive compared to other heads on the market. However, it does last longer than your average Head, and the cost may end up being worth it over time.

3. Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head, Unstrung

Released in the year 2020, the Maverick Kinetic 2.0 Lacrosse unstrung head is our next feature. It weighs 4.8 oz, with its ideal pocket being mid/high to high. The number of string holes available for your pocket of choice is average, and the stiffness is quite good.

For outside shooters that prefer high pockets, the Maverick Kinetic 2.0 might just be the best option. At your first glance at it, you will notice its unique shape.

Most of the Head maintains a tight pinch and towards the scoop, an aggressive flair. However, the scope is slightly over the 6-inch minimum hence still narrow as compared to other competitors.

Until about three-quarter way up, the Head is a gradual offset, and it cants back forward at an angle, making it perfect for outside shots. It has a more rounded scoop than the original Maverik Kinetic, a tighter face, and is easier to string.

Overall, the Maverik Kinetic 2.0 is an improvement on the original, which was one of the most popular heads in the past few years.


  • The Maverik Kinetic 2.0 increases velocity of the shot
  • It has a tight pinch throughout the Head
  • It is perfect for high pockets
  • It is a relatively light head


  • This Lacrosse head is not great for mid-to-low or low pockets.

4. East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse head was released in the year 2020, weighing 5.0 oz. It has average stiffness, an above-average number of string holes and its ideal pocket is mid-high to high.

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Arguably one of the best Heads for the outside shooters, Its face shape is quite aggressive, with a tight pinch being maintained throughout most of the Head.

Unlike most middie heads, it has a higher offset, making it great for mid/high to high pocket stringing.

The East Coast Dyes Mirage head has a great scoop, rigid to give you a bit more control, and is easy to attach on the stick. For an outside shooter, the ECD mirage is a great option.


  • The Head is perfect for mid to mid/high pockets
  • It has an aggressive face shape
  • It has a good number of stringing holes
  • It is rigid
  • The Head is lightweight
  • It can easily attach to the stick


  • It may be heavier than some alternatives in the market
  • It is not suitable for low pockets.

5. Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Our next feature on the list of best Lacrosse heads is the Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung. This particular Head has been designed for players who like carrying their balls in low pockets. However, it still has outside shot power and sharp feeding accuracy.

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One of the features that sets the Warrior Evo 5 head apart has got to be the new Tilt technology. Technically, the string holes to this Head are angled such that the pocket seats are closer to the plastic, and the knots are left flowing in line with the downward side of the Head.

The Tilt-tech string holding design helps to improve the pocket tension hence an improved ball release. The bottom rail on the Head is also designed for a mid to low-sized pocket to allow for ball control and a quick release.

The excess weight is eliminated by the sym-rail, providing improved stiffness and sturdiness. Lest we forget, the Warrior Evo 5 head is universal and can be used at all play levels.


  • It provides great ball control and throwing accuracy.
  • It has a rigid frame
  • The Head is reliable and durable
  • The quality is great


  • It is expensive and goes for up to $100

6. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Unstrung Centrik Universal Head

Another great Lacrosse head that will not disappoint you is the Maverik Men’s Unstrung Centric Universal Head with double heads.

It is durable and lightweight and is the best fit for any midfielder. However, don’t get it twisted;  being lightweight does not mean that the Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Unstrung Centrik Universal head is not strong.

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It has plenty of stringing holes for that perfect pocket, and scooping loose balls with this lacrosse head would be a walk in the park. The level four bottom rail presence that is designed for a mid-high pocket helps deliver added power and consistent hold.

The Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Unstrung Centrik Universal Head, thanks to its new three Strut design, is able to maintain an ideal weight to stiffness ratio.

The throat is narrow enough to allow players to have greater control over the shots and passes. Players can also customize the pockets to their liking, thanks to the numerous stringing holes.

You do not have to worry about quality; Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Unstrung Centrik Universal Head parts are all made in the United States.


  • This Lacrosse head is super lightweight
  • It is durable
  • Very easy to string
  • It offers the player a good scoop
  • It is stiff.

7. STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Enduraform Unstrung Head

The STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Head is the next feature on our list, designed for the elite midfielder or attacker. The Stallion 700 was designed to bring new performance levels to the Stallion headline.

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It incorporates EnduraForm, which is a new formulation that improves its toughness in different weather conditions and temperatures.

It has a new speed scoop design that minimizes drag for quick scooping, hence enhancing quick and effortless groundball play. The STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Enduraform Unstrung Head has got to be the lightest model ever from Stallion, being 5% lighter and twenty-five percent stiffer.

The C-Channel technology employed on this product ensures the stress is distributed on the sidewall, hence extra stability and strength between the lines.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Enduraform Unstrung Head is FHS/NCAA legal.


  • It is lightweight
  • Stiff
  • Strong and durable

8. StringKing Men’s Mark 2V

The StringKing Men’s Mark 2V Midfield, Unstrung Lacrosse Head, was released in 2017, weighing 4.7oz. Its ideal pocket size is mid, and it has many string holes for you to string it as you like.

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The “V” stands for versatile, and that is exactly what the Head is. Despite being designed specifically for middies, it can be used by players in almost any position.

The StringKing Men’s Mark 2V Midfield Unstrung Lacrosse Head is stiff, lightweight and the number of stringing holes on it is more than almost any other competitor.

The Mark 2V also boasts of one of the best scoops in the game. The edges are rounded, ensuring it does not stab to the ground, hence helping you pick up ground balls from all angles. The stiffness-to-weight ratio on this product is amazing despite only weighing 4.7 oz.

The Head from StringKing also has a locking bolt to reduce the head rattle. It has a wide head and may not be the best if you prefer pinched heads.


  • Numerous sidewall holes
  • Super light
  • Very stiff
  • It offers a great scoop
  • It has a locking bolt for a reduced head rattle.


  • It is wider face-shaped compared to others.

9. Brine Dictator Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The Brine Dictator Lacrosse Head is the solution to finding just the right middie Lacrosse head, thanks to the development of the perfect hybrid material joined with intuitive design procedures.

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The Dictator from Brine is a chance for any face-off middies to dictate the game with wins. It is also Brine’s cameo into the “face-off specific” market.

An all tapered rail built with the newly designed and strategic core-tech system maximizes feel and allows for perfect pinch locations for face-offs.

The Brine Dictator Lacrosse head can dominate any weather conditions, from scorching heat to cold weather. Specific material bend used to build it flexes easier and is more durable in colder temperatures.

It has a minimal offset, and the bottom rail is long and straight, allowing you to get your hands closer to the ball. The strengthened throat design helps create the ideal placement of the ball for transitioning away from the X.

Brine Dictator Lacrosse Head is NHFS and NCAA legal.


  • It has a tapered Rail design with strategic core-tech to create the perfect pinch location for face-offs.
  • It has a longer bottom and decreased offset for closer hand placement to your ball during a face-off.
  • It has a strengthened throat design to create ideal placement for your ball when transitioning away from the X.

10. WARRIOR Regulator – HS Spec Unstrung Lacrosse Head

The WARRIOR Regulator – HS Spec Unstrung Lacrosse Head is another great choice for midfielders. For its price point, I must acknowledge this lacrosse head is basically a steal.

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It has several quality features, among them showcasing the LOC-Throat technology. This technology eliminates instances of your Head rattling on your shaft and adds ultimate stability. When frequent shaft rattles occur, they may cause stability in your cradling and throws.

Different solutions have come in the past to fix this issue. Still, the LOC technology employed on the Warrior regulator Lacrosse head eliminates the need to have tape under your Head.

It has a mid-high sidewall design and is made for high pockets for quicker release and increased shot power. WARRIOR Regulator – HS Spec Unstrung Lacrosse Head is super durable and rugged built, and despite how roughly you use it, it will not get deformed that easily.

This Lacrosse head is lightweight, thanks to the Warrior Sym-Rail technology that eradicates excess weight and offers maximum stiffness. It has been engineered for stability, maximum power, and versatility.

It is extremely stiff, but this is to your advantage as it helps you pick up groundballs more effortlessly. It also comes with numerous side-holes included in its design for any customizations.

 If you are on a hunt for a new head, this particular one will exceed your expectations and take your game to the next level.


  • It is very stiff
  • Very stable
  • Ideal for high pockets
  • Great for picking up ground balls
  • Many side holes for customization


  • Not ideal for face-offs

How To Choose The Best Lacrosse Head for Middies (Buying Guide)

When playing Lacrosse, being a middie is a wonderful experience. Shopping for the right equipment for this position, however, may not be as great.

If you know what you are looking for, this does not have to be the case when purchasing lacrosse head equipment.

Below are some of the things to consider when shopping around for a lacrosse head.

1. Gender

Lacrosse is divided into gender and leagues, and there are different rules for women and men players. Buying the wrong Lacrosse head and wearing it in the field may have you disqualified, and it is, therefore, essential to read the label and see if it is for your gender or not.

2. Price

Price should really be the last thing to consider when making your purchase; remember, you get what you pay for.

Therefore, it makes more sense to invest in reasonably pricey equipment that is of good quality and high performance. It is likely to last you longer, and you don’t have to keep buying middie Lacrosse heads every now and then.

3. Weight but Durability

A midfielder is always running passing balls from one point to another hence why they need both a lightweight and durable Lacrosse head. Heavy ones will only slow them down, and weak, poor-quality ones will cause more harm than good.

Consider anything under 5 oz, and anything above 5.5 oz is much heavier and will slow you down.

4. Stiffness

Any good Lacrosse middie head should offer a great balance of flexibility and stiffness to make it great for both defense and offense.  Even if you got the lightest Head, it wouldn’t function well if it’s a complete noodle or breaks easily.

However, a balanced blend of flexibility and stiffness offers a midfielder the stability they need while on the run. You need a stiff head that will not flex during scoops or when getting checked.

You also need to find a head that stays stiff and doesn’t break over time as they often start out stiff when new but become more flexible in high temperatures.

5. Skill Level, Weaknesses, and Strengths

As you go out shopping, you need to establish what you find most comfortable to play with as a mid-fielder. This includes knowing your weaknesses and strengths. If you are a beginner middie, it is best to stick to beginner-friendly lacrosse middie heads.

6. High Pocket Setup

A mid-high pocket setup is great as it enhances the hold as you run across the field as a mid-fielder. It prevents you from losing the ball as you run and also helps with scooping up the ball when on the run.

7. Scoop

Middies spend most of their time in the field in transition and face-offs(read about Faceoff head); hence they often pick up a lot of ground balls.

This makes a good scoop vital. You, therefore, need to look for a scoop with a nice rounded shape to make it easier and smooth picking up ground balls.

More angled allow you to pick up balls at a higher angle in relation to the ground, while flat scoops may force you to bend over, which may slow you down.

8. Stringing Holes

Heads often came with only ten sidewall holes or less back in the day, making it difficult to string and customize different pockets, simply due to the limited number of holes.

Fortunately, most Lacrosse head manufacturers recognized this drawback and began offering from fifteen upwards sidewall holes.

When shopping around, it would help if you checked out the stringing holes available on the heads you are considering purchasing. This way, you are sure they are enough, and their shape or size is perfect for your stringing preference.

9. Strung vs. Unstrung

The last factor to consider is whether to get a string or unstrung Head. Most people in the past have considered purchasing unstrung heads to string it themselves or have a friend do it.

In the recent past, however, many companies like ECD and Strin King are offering great string jobs on their strung heads, making them a viable option.

If you decide to go with the strung ones, do a bit of research and see if it meets your preference and if other customers like the string job on it.  Avoid the factory-strung pockets, which are shallow and overall poor at all costs.

Lacrosse Head Rules

As a middie looking to purchase a Lacrosse Head, you need to ensure that you select one that follows the rules and guidelines of your play level.

There are three options, namely;

  • NFHS
  • NCAA


The NFHS heads are legal and allowed for use in high schools and all youth lacrosse levels. These particular ones tend to be very pinched, and they do not allow the ball to fall out of the stick easily.

This makes it harder for the defenses to stop hence why they are prohibited for use in the MLL and college.


NCAA-approved heads allow for a narrow width of the lacrosse head, making the mesh sag and hold the ball more at the top of your head.

This adds velocity to your shot, making it hard for opposing goalkeepers. They are applicable in college leagues, but you are not to exploit this in the high school and Youth leagues for safety reasons.

Universal Heads

The universal heads are allowed for use in any level of play. The rules here observe the minimum requirements for mouth width and pinch, making it an easy switch between divisions.

Please note;

Starting in 2018, the NFHS (high school) and NCAA(college) rules for lacrosse head dimensions began to match. Previously, the high school heads had to be wider towards the scoop and narrower towards the throat and vice versa for college heads.

However, the two organizations now have the same set of rules, meaning any head that meets the NCAA rules is also legal for NFHS.

Here are the rules for heads:

  • Minimum width of 6 inches at the widest part of the Head
  • Minimum width of 3.5 inches on front and back of the Head at 5″ up from throat of the Head
  • Minimum width of 3″ at 3″ up from the throat of the Head
  • Minimum width of 3″ at 1.25″ up from throat of the Head

If you buy a Lacrosse head released in the past two years, you need not worry about meeting these guidelines and regulations.

If the Head was released from 2017 backward, you would have to check if it meets the NCAA guidelines. If it meets them, it should also meet the current NFHS rules. If it doesn’t, then it is most likely illegal for both college and high school, as the new NFHS rules were effected in 2018.


1. How can I dye a lacrosse head?

To dye a lacrosse head, you need to wash it with hot water and dish soap first. Boil water and mix the dye in it. Sink the Head into the boiled water without the strings. Remove them before sinking it into the water. Sink it for thirty seconds, then use a spray to make the color fix.

2. How do I attach a lacrosse head to a shaft?

On the shaft, identify the position you want to set up your Head. Make a hole with a drill machine and try to set up the Head according to the hole. You can use lacrosse tape and make several wraps around the Head for better attachment.

3. How to pick a lacrosse head?

You pick your Lacrosse Head depending on several factors. Your position at the field and your level are two of the most important factors to consider.  Beginners may need to choose wider Lacrosse Heads, while skilled players may prefer narrower Lacrosse heads.

Depending on your position, attackers may fancy narrow Heads for better shooting chances, while a defender may like to have a wider Lacrosse head to gain control of the ball easily.

4. What are lacrosse heads made of?

Lacrosse Heads are mainly made of nylon; it is used to string the Head. The sidewalls are made of plastic, and Users sometimes use tape to attach the head and shaft parts.

5. What size screw for lacrosse head?

For your Lacrosse stick to be perfect in the field, you need screws! They attach the Head to the shaft, and losing them would mean not getting to enjoy your game.  Ensure to have perfect screws in positions of about 1/8 inches.


Lacrosse is a great game to enjoy, especially as a midfielder. To go out and select the right Lacrosse Head out of all the alternatives in the market, however, not so fun!

Shopping for your equipment is not only all about having money. There is a lot of research that needs to go into it. Is it durable? How is the ideal pocket size of this lacrosse head? Is it sturdy enough for your middie position? What are the Lacrosse regulations for my level of play?

Ensure to have a list of the requirements you need your ideal Lacrosse head to meet, and tick your boxes!

While this can be overwhelming, we hope this article makes it easier for you as you prepare to go shopping for the best Lacrosse mid-fielder Head!