10 Best Lacrosse Mesh 2023 [In-Depth] & Buying Guide

You can’t go wrong with your lacrosse mesh if you want to cradle, pass and shoot properly. For the most part, it feels overwhelming to determine the best lacrosse mesh amongst hundreds of options available there.

It wasn’t as baffling as it is right now since there wasn’t much to scrutinize back in the day. Now, the tide has changed. Every brand obsesses over selling rather than ensuring quality.

Thus, you have to narrow down the ideal options for you. Herein, we have compiled a list of the top 10 lacrosse for 2023 with a comprehensive buying guide.

You don’t have to take the pain of crawling back and forth between one lacrosse mesh to another.

Best Lacrosse Mesh

10 Best Lacrosse Mesh

1. ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0

At the top of our list, we have the Hero 3.0 complete kit lacrosse mesh and HeroStrings by ECD lacrosse. In case you aren’t familiar with ECD, it’s one of the most reliable options for mesh available in the current marketplace.

If anything, they have only improved themselves, taking all the criticism positively and troubleshooting the errors in their subsequent releases. In fact, it has bagged the limelight for its durable mesh construction and convenient all-weather profile.

The hero 3.0 comes in a semi-soft and semi-hard texture with a moisture repellent feature.

Thanks to the Repel+ Coating that deters moisture from soaking in your mesh and prevents deformity. As a result, your mesh remains dry, light, and in perfect shape.

Moreover, the moisture-absorbency translates into increased weather resistance so that you can play regardless of the unforgiving situations.

Besides, the hero 3.0 offers an enhanced Innegra Core Weave formula for maintaining the strength-to-weight ratio that abates the weight without impeding stability.

Moreover, it scales down the bagging nature to keep the pocket supremely flexible. Now, let’s not forget about this mesh’s Textured LTH Fiber design that radiates an improved feel of the ball while remaining consistent yet lightweight.

No wonder it makes the pocket more responsive, allowing you to pass, catch and throw with utmost comfort and steadiness.


  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight yet stable
  • Withstands all weather conditions
  • Steady structure improves the movements of the ball
  • Soft, responsive feeling


  • Expensive
  • Fewer color availabilities


If you are still ruminating about the price point, then let us inform you that it’s the best lacrosse mesh for the attack. A professional lax player would recommend this as a beginner lacrosse player.

The pricing makes perfect sense given the weather resistance, lightweight profile, anti-bagging, and semi-soft feature. You may consider going for this one to improve your throwing and passing skillsets with a mesh that serves long-term.

2. East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Hero 2.0

The ECD hero 2.0 lacrosse mesh is without question a better and more advanced version than the previous release. It has reached many milestones by catering to new channel technology and developed construction.

The main objective for the upgrade is to complement more precision, control, and consistency. First, you have the ZoneTech feature in the hero 2.0 mesh by adding the new Innegra Fiber that is merged with LTH fibers.

It combinedly helps to channel your pocket, and the Innegra fiber being the lightest fiber around the world, promotes a vaulted and consistent channel. Meanwhile, the diamonds located around the outer walls stay somewhat more ribbed with the Innegra fibers.

The east coast places their LTH fibers at the core of the mesh for improved channeled pockets. On top of that, it generates a softer and responsive feeling.  

Now it boils down to the fact that the advanced ZoneTech formula features two unique attributes to one piece of mesh and ensures funneling the ball to the pocket channel.

Apart from these, as you already know, Innegra fibers are inherently lightweight and bag out less; the LTH fibers will boost up the responsiveness of your touch and brings a concentrated performance to your pocket.


  • Made in the USA
  • LTH fibers locate strategically at the core of the channel for a softer touch
  • Accurate, consistent, and more controlled experience
  • 13 available colors
  • The hydrophobic feature keeps the pocket weather resistant


  • A bit costly
  • One customer complained about the packaging


It’s the best mesh for lacrosse heads without dispute. The price is neither too high nor too budget-friendly.

We would say it’s fair given the quality and advanced features. Other than that, we recommend this product if you are looking for the lightest mesh possible because it’s optimally lightweight and is deemed one of the best lacrosse mesh for defense.

3. ECD Lacrosse Hero2.0

When it’s about releasing the ball with optimal accuracy and control, nothing does better than ECD’s Hero 2.0 complete kit lacrosse mesh. Even though ECD has released the latest Hero 3.0 version, this complete kit still mesmerizes lax players for its dependable performance.

More or less, people are drawn to it because of its competitive price. It’s an ideal option for youngsters who want to improve their throwing and passing skills without investing much.

Here two types of weaves are infused together into the core of the mesh, which creates a softer channel incorporating tougher sides of the mesh.

It facilitates a release runaway that helps send the ball out of the pocket during shooting. Albeit, it generates better retainment when handling the ball and cradling.

The mesh here is engineered with a lightweight fiber called Innegra, which happens to be less stretchy than LTH fiber. However, the solidity of these fibers makes the whole process easier.

It has got it all covered, from sending the ball into the channel to delivering a lightweight, consistent pocket.

On the other hand, the channel is extracted from LTH fibers. Meaning you are going to have maximum responsiveness of the mesh. Worth mentioning the LTH fibers are strategically placed where it’s needed the most so that you receive a soft feeling.

Now about the kit, the package here includes a piece of semi-soft hybrid lax mesh, 3 shooting strings, 2 shooting nylons, 5 strings for sidewalls, and 1 self-tapping screw.

As you can already assume, it is packed with everything you need to string the head from scratch despite any prior experience.


  • High-end mesh, made in the USA
  • Weather-resistant
  • Effortless stringing process
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Suitable for both novice and advanced players


  • Little bit pricy
  • Bottom strings not available


If you are looking for a mesh that applies to all age groups, then the ECD Hero mesh 2.0 is as right as rain. Also, the fact that it costs a little less than the ECD Hero mesh 3.0 makes it an ideal alternative for those who crave the ECD’s ingrained quality and performance but at a reasonable price.

4. East Coast Dyes ECD Lacrosse Vortex

During 2011 East Coast has conjured up a buzz in the realm of mesh. It was only the beginning for them until they came up with the ECD lacrosse vortex mesh in 2018. It was 10x times better and more innovative in terms of overall performance.

The whole concept of the vortex is to make the stringing process easier and faster. You can string up a typical pocket in a mesh with its irregular diamonds.

Kudos to the East coast, who made the impossible possible through their unwavering dedication. They came up with two different sizes and types of diamonds infused into the lacrosse mesh.

The upper side of the mesh and the three rows on the sidewall are the traditional diamonds equivalent to the hero mesh.

However, the difference confides in the center row that starts after the fifth diamond row. It associates a new diamond structure shape including larger diamonds, contrary to the traditional hexagon shape. This feature enables additional hold and embraces the ball better.

Thanks to their all-new patent-pending Hybridweave, blending two individual diamond shapes in one dynamic mesh.

This vortex mesh produces a SweetSpot amid the pocket that embraces the ball while making fast moves. The effortless transition between the two diamond structures promotes an organic release point and unparalleled level of control and sensation.

Apart from these, the LTH fibers of this mesh are utterly lightweight and sturdy. Consequently, you get enhanced feeling and quicker shots without hindering toughness.

They won’t bulge or contract even if it’s scorching hot summer morning or freezing cold night. Be it raining or snowing; east coast vortex mesh will have your back.


  • Made in the USA
  • 100% weather resistant
  • SweetSpot for facilitating a natural release point
  • Available in both semi-hard and semi-soft profiles with two color options
  • Lightweight for increased feel and faster shots


  • Stringing can be tricky if you prefer a high or mid pocket
  • It might not work with all heads


If you ask what is the best lacrosse mesh for hold then it is undoubtedly the vortex mesh. It not only holds better but also allows effortless stringing. Creating deeper pockets with an effective channel was never this easier, and that too in budget!

 5. STX Lacrosse PT M6A WE 6D

The STX is one of the OGs in the world of mesh. Their recent release of the PT M6A 6D memory mesh packet has brought a new term in exposure to the world of lacrosse, which is the coaxial composite weave.

Now, what does it mean?

Well, it’s basically a dual-fiber weave crafted for improving the overall mesh strength and durability. Here the brand’s memory fibers are mingled with the control fibers for producing a mesh that keeps the shape intact despite a thorough beating.

This composition at the core of Memory Mesh develops tensile strength to the extent that it surpasses the tensile strength of steel, and it is as much as 15 times better than the strength of steel. You get that much strength without inviting any deformity or scratch.

Not just that, if you are more inclined to traditional pockets for its feeling, then rejoice! You are gonna get it here with the 6-diamond construction.

It promotes a traditional pocket feel while staying 100% moisture repellent and UV resistant. Regardless of the weather condition or the abuse you put on the mesh, it will most definitely survive. Be it blistering hot summer days or snowing nights.

It is deemed one of the strongest and best lacrosse mesh for the offense.


  • Weather, UV, and scratch-resistant
  • Coaxial composite weave for optimal strength and durability
  • Creates tensile strength 15 times better compared to steel
  • Lightweight
  • It holds the ball ideally


  • The string is stiffer (might not be suitable for beginners)
  • No color availability


As we said earlier, it’s one of the finest when it comes to offense, and there are midfield and defensemen, too, who found it supremely durable. It holds the ball with maximum strength and gives you a traditional pocket feel.

If you are a beginner and you are worried about the stringing part, then you can watch some video demonstration on how professionals string. It will do the job for sure.

6. StringKing Type 3X Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh

Do you want to get rid of net bagging once and for all? Well, we have the perfect solution for you.

The StringKing brings up one of their best creations that evoked notable chaos in the world of mesh. Presenting the type 3x semi-hard lacrosse mesh handy kit with mesh and strings by StringKing that stands up to your standards without question.

Every centimeter of this mesh drips quality. For starters, the yarns of this mesh aren’t like those obsolete yarns you would find in a cheap mesh. These come in a twisted pattern.

The Twistex technology embellishes the yarn with additional twists before they are knitted so that you can get a compact construction with optimal accuracy. Besides, this technology also promotes increased elasticity, improved ball control, and superior responsiveness.

Thus, it comes in handy no matter which position you are playing for or what type of player you are. You can never go wrong if you have this kit in your arsenal. Apart from the unmatchable elasticity, there’s a lot more to flaunt over.

You have this semi-hard lacrosse mesh that embodies an extremely thin and lightweight structure. However, you will fool yourself if you take it for a weak mesh while, in reality, it’s sufficiently durable, and the pockets too have a steady foundation.

Now about the kit and its contents, it comes with a handy kit with 1 type 3x performance lacrosse mesh, four sidewall strings, three shooting laces, 1 bottom lace, and 2 shooting cords; literally, everything you had wished for.

To be very honest, if you take a liking to affordable stringing kits that offer unmatched control and durability, then this one will surely assuage you.


  • The ideal stringing kit for control
  • Maximum speed due to the 15% thinner and lighter profile
  • Added twists generate a more compact structure
  • Amplified elasticity and texture amid the yarns ensure more control
  • Resistant to rainy weather


  • No hard mesh in the kit
  • Only available in 2 colors


Are you looking for a durable pocket with a great feel and control over the ball? Perhaps this is your time to get a taste of it. The StringKing Type 3X Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh stringing kit will effectively do the job.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone craving a smoother and snappier release. The best part, it costs less than most of the kits available right now. So why not?

7. Ninjalax.com Sensei Mesh 2 (Semi-Hard)

The sensei semi-hard mesh 2 from Ninjalax is a bargain option for you. Despite being the best cheap lacrosse mesh available in the market, it offers high performance and quality.

It’s worth mentioning that this mesh provides numerous attributes that are identical to ECD’s Hero 3.0 mesh and StringKings type 4 mesh.

Not only does it ensure an effortless stringing process, but it also guarantees an improved soft feeling.

The user-friendly stringing, no-break in time feature, the annihilation of unnecessary expansion forces, and the contraction pocket all work together to deliver unparalleled control and consistency. Additionally, the pocket will stick to where you have put it.

It’s designed to withstand all weather conditions. Thanks to the synthetic material of this product that deters moisture and keeps it dry even in humid weather.

However, it might not be ideal for advanced players since it has a reputation for quick ripping while undergoing extreme playing sessions.

Since some people don’t take a liking to the waxy feeling in their pocket, Ninjalax came up with this wax-free mesh.

The mesh arrives in a sixteen-millimeter length and 1.6 ounces weight with a total of 10 diamond patterns.

Being supremely lightweight assures you a smoother release and better control over your ball.

Furthermore, if you look closely at the mesh, you will catch sight of the fibers that are braided uniquely. It helps to reduce the potentials of tearing. So overall, this is a steal for the money.


  • Cheapest mesh available right now
  • High-performance
  • Easy to string
  • Survives all weather conditions
  • Smoother release and optimal control


  • No stringing kit included
  • Only one-color availability


Obviously, you won’t get premium quality at this price like the other products mentioned above. However, the performance is extraordinary given the price since most of the mesh contains similar features yet costs twice as much.

So, if you want to save some bucks on your beginner mesh and attain some competent features, then this one is an ideal choice.

8. StringKing Women’s Type 4 Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Until a few years ago, women’s lacrosse wasn’t legal. Thus the need to produce lacrosse mesh and other gears specifically for women wasn’t anyone’s headache. But now, things are changing since women are taking an interest in sports and fueling their athletic spirits to change this world.

Upon observing these revolutions, a bunch of companies released lacrosse gears specially designed for females. StringKing is one of them who came up with a type 4 semi-soft lacrosse mesh kit strategically designed for the girl’s game. This mesh offers hybrid diamond sizes typically larger towards the scoop but narrower towards the throat.

It participates in forming a consistent channel and pocket. Maximum responsiveness and softer feeling allow you to catch and cradle better. Then comes the tri-twist technology that enhances the texture and stretchiness. Hence you can obtain a cushioned grip on the ball for optimal control.

Apart from these, it weighs way less than most universal meshes. It’s more aerodynamic and permits you to execute faster shots smoothly.

Not just it, the StringKing women’s mesh kit can hold up to any weather conditions. Due to its minimal break-in profile and steadiness, it doesn’t change on you. If you ask what is the best women’s mesh for lacrosse heads, this is the one.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Minimal break-in
  • Hybrid size diamonds
  • Supremely lightweight
  • Superior responsiveness


  • A bit pricy
  • Fewer color availabilities


If you are looking for a mesh kit ideal for women’s lacrosse heads, then worry no more. The StringKing women’s semi-soft lacrosse mesh kit possesses everything a woman needs – be it making faster shots or controlling the ball. It will have your back.

Yes, it is on the pricier side, but due to its durability, it’s gonna last long. So, your investment will be worthwhile.

9. StringKing Grizzly 2 – Goalie Lacrosse Mesh Piece

Here’s another lacrosse mesh for StringKing. But this one is specifically for lacrosse goalies. We talked about best defense and attack mesh, so it would be unfair to forget about the goalies since they play the most critical role.

A goalie needs a lightweight and responsive mesh in hand to stop the balls from hitting the net and allowing the defense to take the lead.

The StringKings grizzly 2 meets the various needs of a goalie by offering the same features as the classic type-4 mesh for field players. However, there’s one significant difference, and it lies in the tri-twist technology.

This feature minimizes the overall weight and improves elasticity in the pocket. As a result, you can eliminate the potential dreaded rebounds, which enhances your game and helps you make maximum saves.

This mesh is tighter and stiffer yet provides a soft, responsive feeling so that the transitions between saves and passes become easier and smoother. Furthermore, Grizzly 2 lacrosse goalie mesh is 20% lighter than grizzly 1. Consequently, you receive quicker reactions and increased stops.

As for the quality and toughness, you can rest assured when relying on StringKing. They are the best in the line, and their performance has always been top-notch. The tri-twist technology engineers a durable construction in the grizzly 2 Goalie mesh, offering you a high-performance mesh with a tough pocket that lasts.


  • Increased texture and elasticity
  • Utmost control and fewer rebounds
  • Sturdy construction
  • More saves, ideal for goalies
  • Lightweight than its predecessors


  • Less customer feedback
  • Might not be resistant to all weather conditions


You can’t go wrong when you are instilling your faith in StringKing. That said, this mesh is perfect for lacrosse goalies, offering optimal control and minimized rebounds. With 20% lighter mesh, you can achieve a faster hand that translates into more saves. So why not?

10. Jimalax Lacrosse Money Mesh Solid Colors Pink

Lastly, we have the Jimlax money mesh in a solid pink color. We find the color really attractive and fancy. If you attach it with a white lacrosse stick, it will pop up and drag everyone’s attention.

It’s considered one of the best youth lacrosse mesh for its lightweight feature. Probably it’s the lightest in our top 10 picks list. Weighing only 1.6 ounces gives you exceptional control over your ball so that you can make fast cuts and move smoothly.

The fibers used in this mesh are also robust and appear to be weather resistant though it’s not specifically mentioned that it holds up to weather criticalities. Also, since it’s a soft mesh, it’s more likely to be susceptible to moisture and wet environments.

So, it’s advised not to use it during the rainy season. It’s better to be safe than cry over spilled milk.

However, it is incredibly flexible due to the loose netting. While some players find it useful for easy break-in, professional lacrosse players say it hinders control. Hence it depends on which position you are playing in or what is your playing style.

This way, you can easily determine whether it’s the right choice for you or not. Another thing worth mentioning is the knitting of this mesh is overlapped so that it becomes tougher and long-lasting.


  • Reduces the chances of sagging 
  • Overlapped knitting
  • Extraordinarily lightweight
  • Soft mesh
  • Reasonable price


  • Not ideal for rainy seasons
  • No stringing kit included


If you are looking for a soft mesh without adding any additional weight to your lacrosse stick, this is the right choice for you.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Best Lacrosse Mesh

Questions may arise about what qualities reside in an ideal lacrosse mesh. And to answer this question, we have curated a buying guide for you. Here we have described some of the crucial factors you must consider while shopping for the finest lacrosse mesh in the market.


The first thing to inspect is the durability since it dictates how long the mesh will stay put. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in something which doesn’t even last a month. Sometimes, the mesh gets damaged or torn apart due to adverse weather conditions or abuse.

Especially when you are playing in the rainy season, the mesh absorbs water and gets baggy. It not only increases the weight but also causes deformity. Hence, it’s utterly important to look for a highly durable and weather-resistant mesh.

Thus, it can repel moisture and survive humid environments. Be it blistering summer days or raining cats and dogs; your mesh will stay intact for months.


Then comes the type of mesh you need for your role as a lacrosse player. Not all types apply to the type of game you are playing, that is for sure. Hence you need to be very clear from the start about it.

There is a wide range of mesh types available in the market. Typically, they are hard-mesh, soft-mesh, semi-soft, semi-hard, etc. We have broken it down in the upcoming segment, where we have explained each type precisely.


You don’t want a mesh that bags out fast due to the loosening material. Hence, picking a consistent mesh reduces potential bagging and is paramount to withstand extreme abuse. This way, you can vouch for a successful playing event.


The lighter the mesh, the better the control – because generally, the lightweight meshes provide increased control over the ball’s movements. It helps you to cradle and throw more effectively.

Here we have reviewed some meshes that come with Innegra core weave that minimizes the overall weight and allows enhanced control. Eventually, it makes the mesh more responsive to the touch of the ball.

Diamond Count

Several diamonds are drawn out horizontally amid your pocket. The rule to determine the right amount of diamond count is to decide first whether you want a better hold or better shooting ability; because the more the diamond, the cleaner the passes, and the lesser the diamond, the better the holding capacity.

You must choose the right mesh with the ideal amount of diamond according to the role’s requirements.

Flexibility and Tension

The rule of thumb is to choose a mesh that is neither too elastic nor too tight. You need to ensure the right amount of elasticity present in your mesh.

If the flexibility is well balanced, the ball can easily go through the mesh, helping you to catch, pass and throw. However, remember not to choose the one that is entirely loosened.

The mesh should also consist of ample tension so that you can easily throw the ball.

Types of Lacrosse Mesh

As we promised to flesh out the things better for you, here we have explained the various types of lacrosse mesh so that you can determine which type you require.


First, we have soft-mesh, which is the most flexible and looser than any other type of mesh available. Due to the flexibility and softness of this mesh, players prefer to use it for catching and cradling balls.

Its also deemed to be ideal for amateur and intermediate players. There’s one setback of this mesh. It sometimes becomes too wobbly; thus, it gets tricky to accommodate, especially when it gets wet due to moisture absorbency.

Semi-Soft Mesh

Then comes semi-soft, which means it’s neither too soft nor too hard. It’s something in between. The coating is thicker in the semi-soft mesh as it uses wax coating, unlike soft mesh.

It takes a decent amount of time to break in. Thus it’s preferred by the intermediate players. Also, it doesn’t get damaged while undergoing rainy weather or conditions; in fact, it makes it increasingly pliable.


The best part about hard mesh is its durability. It can survive unforgiving situations and abuse. Moreover, it lasts longer than any other mesh type. Hard-mesh is one of the widely chosen options.

A thick layer of wax is coated over it; hence it remains unharmed even during rainy seasons. On top of that, it takes a lot of time to break in when you are using a hard-mesh.

You may find it troublesome to restring once it gets damaged. Since it’s not soft and less flexible, the responsiveness isn’t quite impressive, and restringing it feels tight.

Semi-Hard Mesh

It’s quite similar to the hard ones, although it takes less time to break in and feels softer. Here you get a better feel of the ball and fixing it is easier. You can pair it up with a long pole as it works best in that manner.

Stringing Kits Vs. Single Pieces of Mesh

The primary difference between stringing kits and single pieces of mesh is the “user convenience.”

For instance, when you have a stringing kit, you don’t have to take the pain of stringing your mesh all by yourself as the kit carries everything inside. It’s like a frozen food can.

Metaphorically you need to open the can and put all the elements into the frying pan. Long story short, if you want to free yourself of the trouble of stringing your string, then a stringing kit will come to the rescue. Also, it’s a good investment when it comes to maintenance.

Now about the single pieces of mesh, if you have prior experience stringing your own and don’t mind doing it again for the next few years, you should consider buying single pieces of mesh.

You can buy nylon and shooting laces too. It’s a better investment than purchasing a stringing kit, and it will make your stringing game strong. You will potentially become the center of attention in your team for your stringing skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which mesh type is better for lacrosse?

You may wonder which one is better between the soft and hard mesh. Well, the answer is both are better but in different aspects. The soft mesh is relatively faster than your hard mesh and is better when it comes down to cradling or passing.

Also, due to its flexibility and lightweight feature, it gives you better control over the ball’s movement. However, it’s not quite durable. On the contrary, a hard mesh is best known for its durability. It can withstand all weather conditions and stay unscathed for a prolonged time. 

What is the best lacrosse mesh for attack?

The ECD hero mesh is considered the best for this purpose. Its infamous performance and top-notch quality made it the favorite of professional lacrosse attackmen.  ECD hero mesh is the first choice for optimal consistency or unbeatable durability when playing as an attackman.

What is the best mesh overall?

The ECD Lacrosse Hero 3.0 Complete Kit Lacrosse Mesh and HeroStrings is the best overall since all stringing essentials are in a nutshell. You can root for it 100% when it’s about durability.

Also, the strength-to-weight and Textured LTH Fiber design will work in harmony to provide you with a lightweight and improved feeling of the ball.

What is the right side of the lacrosse mesh?

The rough side is the right of the lacrosse mesh you should use as it first gets in contact with the ball. However, it’s not an inflexible thing. You can do as you please, though many players like it the other way around.

It’s just that the rough side offers a better hold, and the smooth side promotes better release. So, you get to decide.

What is the most affordable lacrosse mesh?

The Ninjalax.com Sensei Mesh 2 is the most affordable option on this whole list. Not only does it come with a reasonable price tag, but it also offers some high-end features. We recommend it if you aren’t prone to play during rainy seasons and want to save some bucks.

Why is lightweight lacrosse mesh better?

Lightweight lacrosse mesh is deemed better for its better feel, control, and flexibility. But when it comes to durability and a sense of security, lightweight mesh might not always stand up to your expectations.

Unless you choose the lacrosse mesh that is equally lightweight and durable, too, selecting a lightweight lacrosse mesh might not be “better.” However, if you mean better control and responsiveness, then sure, lightweight mesh is better indeed.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide on the best lacrosse mesh review was helpful. Now the ball is in your court! Make sure to evaluate all the qualities, keep the buying guide in mind and choose the one that meets all your standards. Also, don’t forget to share your experience if you make any purchases.