5 Best Mesh for Lacrosse Goalie in [2024]Lowest Price Guaranteed

The mesh you use for defense won’t work when you are playing the role of a lacrosse goalie. A goalie requires the kind of features that significantly helps in the diverse tasks assigned to him.

That’s why while determining the best mesh for lacrosse goalie, you undergo many challenges. You have to be very specific and adamant about obtaining some crucial features such as durability, stringing-ability, shape-retention, channeling, softness, etc.

And to find out the one that meets all those standards, you may feel baffled due to the magnitude of options. Hence our team has handpicked 5 goalie lacrosse mesh and curated an in-depth buying guide at the end so that you can pick the ideal mesh as a competent goalie.

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Best Mesh For Lacrosse Goalie

5 Best Mesh for Lacrosse Goalie

Here we have reviewed some of the finest mesh for lacrosse goalies after 24 hours of thorough research.

We have mainly focused on durability, diamond count, moisture absorbency, channeling capacity, responsiveness, weight, and many more nuanced features. Depending on the features and individual specialties, we have rated them from top 1 to 5. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. East Coast Dyes Goalie HeroMesh 12D

The east coast dyes marched their way into the world of mesh in 2011, and since then, they have only evolved, and now it’s a 30+ employee company with a vast assortment of lacrosse gears.

Their mission is to offer you the most advanced products that are the fruits of their passion and hard work. Truth to be told, they honored their vows, and at present, we have the best Hero mesh 12D goalie mesh by the ECD.

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It is designed with the elite goalie in mind. A 12-diamond count ensures an unparalleled balance between hold and passing capacity. Something that a goalie strives for while making those saves.

The Hyperweave formula delivers immaculate rebound control and an accurate outlet. Meantime, the LTH fiber reinforces your pocket to be more long-lasting and lightweight.

Not just that, the LTH fibers make your mesh built to last. Come rain or shine; the mesh remains intact. Neither does it bulge nor contract; be it blistering hot summer days or freezing snowy nights, the mesh will survive it.

This 12D hero mesh provides optimal control and quicker hands so that you can take hard shots without flinching. Also, the unique diamond shape promoted by Hyperweave engages and withdraws a shot’s energy, making the rebound control easier than ever.

With the mesh, you can vouch for a smooth release. To summarize, you will get everything a goalie requires to bag as much success as possible.


  • Made in the USA
  • A semi-soft feel and added texture for enhanced control and hold
  • LTH fibers facilitate weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable pocket
  • Uniquely shaped diamond offers unmatched rebound control
  • It can make better passes than any goalie mesh out there


  • Fewer color availabilities
  • It could be thicker for semi-hard use


There can’t be any alternative for this mesh. You can compare two top-rated mesh with this and discover how rare and inclusive it is. From a beginner goalie to an advanced player, ECD’s hero 12D mesh is the one that everyone needs. The pricing, quality, and features make it one of the best lacrosse goalie mesh.

2. STX Lacrosse 10D Memory Mesh Packet

Secondly, you have the 10D memory mesh packet from STX. The STX is widely known for its contribution to the world of lacrosse. They started in 1970, and since then, they have taken the world by storm through their high-quality and reliable lacrosse gears.

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With time they have only improved themselves listening to their loyal customers. The 10D memory mesh packet is one of their greatest inventions. It comes in 8 different colors.

From a basic white to flaming red, you have got everything. It is worth mentioning; this memory mesh is UV resistant.

The moisture-repellent feature helps you to play during the rainy seasons. No more holding back in humid weather; you need a lacrosse stick and this mesh to get yourself going.

This absurdly strong mesh features a proprietary coaxial composite weave for better utilization of memory fibers and control fibers. It produces a unique core that’s up to 10 times the tensile strength of steel. In short, it helps to retain the shape and hold better than most of the mesh available out there.


  • Increased strength and durability
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture-repellent
  • Memory fiber technology holds the shape intact
  • Steal for the money


  • Just the mesh, no sidewalls or nylon included
  • It may not be best for advanced goalie players


This is an excellent option for you if you are on a tight budget. However, it doesn’t come with a kit; instead, the mesh only. Still, the price is very competitive. You usually don’t seem to get that much strength, control, and durability at such a price rate. So, we would recommend this one for budget-friendly use.

3. StringKing Grizzly 2 – Goalie Lacrosse Mesh

If you are looking for a lighter version of StringKing’s grizzly 1, this one will do the job. This goalie mesh is 20% lighter than the grizzly 1 and offers quicker reactions with more stops.

The 2x semi-hard grizzly 2 lacrosse mesh comes with a tri-twist technology to maximize the texture and elasticity so that you acquire better control and surrender to fewer rebounds.

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Due to the lightweight feature, your mesh becomes utterly responsive and allows the pocket to respond to the ball, giving you more feel. Thanks to the tri-twist technology for the durable construction, you receive guaranteed high-performance and a pocket that sticks for a long time.

With the unmatched rebound control, consistent release, and quicker hands, everything is possible with StringKing’s grizzly 2 goalie lacrosse mesh. When attached to a lacrosse stick, this mesh sucks the shot up and holds the ball in your stick. The amount of rebound will also be reduced to half.

About weather resistance, this mesh is built to resist harsh weather conditions and extreme abuse.

It doesn’t expand or contract regardless of the situation. Usually, lightweight meshes deform due to moisture absorption while playing in a humid environment. But this mesh can deter a heavy amount of water. Hence you can invest your money into this and vouch for the durability.


  • Durable construction
  • Supremely lightweight
  • Improved rebound control
  • User-friendly maintenance
  • Effortless stringing


  • Available in black only
  • Takes time to break-in


If you are someone who roots for a semi-hard feeling and better rebound control, then this is the one for you. From faster hands to quicker throws and accurate outlets, this ultra-light, ultra-fast lacrosse goalie mesh has your back.

Also, it doesn’t require intricate maintenance hassle. Even when you mess up during the game, it will take only a few minutes to re-string it. Given the price, it’s really a great deal.

4. ECD Goalie HeroStrings Stringing Kit White

You may need to pay some extra bucks to afford the ECD’s HeroStrings goalie stringing kit but trust us when we say this; it is worth every penny. The textured strings feature a smart lock technology that holds the knots tight and retains the sidewall tension, for starters.

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It helps the pocket grab the ball better, which means you achieve more saves and an enhanced playing experience. However, the tension and tightly woven strings don’t impede the soft feeling.

You still have a smooth and accurate release. Now for durability, the hero strings are made with abrasion-proof fibers. It offers increased durability and maximum longevity. In any weather condition, it can withstand criticalities and abuse.

This ready-to-string mesh kit offers high-performance for beginner goalies who suffer to make saves during their starting days.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this goalie mesh by ECD holds up exceptionally well and allows you to shoot, pass and cradle with ease. Weighing only 4.94 Ounces, it gives a better feel while facilitating improved control over the ball’s movements.


  • Increased tension offers better hold
  • Lightweight mesh allows optimal control and responsiveness
  • Weather-resistant
  • Complete kit
  • Made in the USA


  • A bit pricy
  • One-color only


For a goalie who prefers mesh with improved holding capacity and a smooth release, this HeroStrings stringing kit is the ideal choice. As long as you don’t have a tight budget, you are good to go.

5. StringKing Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh

One of the most important aspects of making maximum saves is to have a light stick and a faster hand. Here, with StringKing’s grizzly 1s semi-soft lactose mesh kit, you are gonna have 30 grams lighter goalie mesh than most of the meshes available in the market.

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This one is ideal for goalies who prefer a supremely lightweight mesh attached to their lacrosse stick and a kit that contains every element required for re-stringing.

The New FlexLite™ fibers set up a controlled horizontal stretch across the lacrosse mesh. It drives the lacrosse mesh ball to die in your pocket and confirms yielding fewer rebounds.  

Apart from these, you have the sharper outlets incorporating a unique hybrid pattern for procuring a deep, channeled pocket in your lacrosse head.

This goalie mesh is all-weather resistant, allowing you to play regardless of adverse weather conditions.

Here the set consists of one grizzly 1s semi-soft goalie mesh piece, 4 goalie sidewall strings, 2 goalie shooting cords, 3 goalie lace, and 1 goalie bottom lace. To conclude, you get everything in a nutshell that helps you score more saves, eliminate the chances of rebounds, and throw sharper outlets.


  • 30 grams lighter mesh enables more saves
  • Ensures surrendering to fewer rebounds
  • Ideal lacrosse mesh kit for goalies
  • Creates deep channeled pocket that throws a dime
  • All-weather resistant


  • Only one color
  • It might not be durable enough for university lacrosse


If you are looking for the best lacrosse goalie mesh kit to improve your overall game, that too in a budget, then this is the one for you!

What Things to Consider Before Buying Best Mesh for Lacrosse Goalie       

You need to take a few things into account while shopping for a goalie lacrosse mesh. As a lacrosse goalie, your job is to resist the ball from hitting the goal bar and lead the defense. Sometimes you need to make fast cuts, hard passes, and throws.

An attackman or defenseman’s lacrosse mesh shouldn’t be the one you are using. It should be different in various aspects to fulfill the distinct responsibilities as a lacrosse goalie.

Below we have described some crucial factors that you must decipher before purchasing. Have a look!

Diamond Count

As a lacrosse goalie player, it’s essential to have an improved grip over the ball, have rebound control, and make the outlets easier. And to ensure all of these, you will need as much diamond count as possible.

The rule of thumb is the larger the diamonds, the better the grip and lesser rebound. Hence choosing a mesh with a 10D or 12D diamond count is paramount.

We recommend our East Coast Dyes Goalie HeroMesh 12D product in this case. It has a 12D diamond count and offers better grip, fewer rebounds, and easier outlets. Choosing the proper diamond count for a beginner and an advanced player is crucial.


This is something you can’t ignore. Your goalie mesh needs to be long-lasting and weather-resistant. Most of the time, the mesh gets damaged or expands given the moisture-absorbent nature due to rainy weather.

But when you have a built-to-last and weatherproof mesh, you don’t have to worry about it all. It lets you play in all weather conditions and stays firm for a prolonged time.


A lightweight mesh offers enhanced control over the movements of the ball. You will come across various technologies, such as the tri-twist technology that makes the mesh lighter than most goalie mesh.

With a lighter mesh, you will have better control and faster hands. You can make more saves with a lightweight mesh than any other heavy mesh attached to your lacrosse goalie stick.

This is why always choose lightweight meshes. If you are someone who prefers an extraordinarily lightweight feeling, then select the StringKing grizzly 1s semi-soft goalie mesh or the grizzly 2. It is more than 30 grams lighter than other meshes.  


Who doesn’t want an increased feeling over the pocket? Choosing a responsive mesh will allow your pocket to react to the ball and provide you with more feel. Thus, always stick to the one that offers maximum responsiveness. It helps you control the movements more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep my lacrosse goalie pocket should be?

Typically, the lacrosse pockets are supposed to be less than one ball deep to honor legality and retain the maximum amount of hold. But for a goalie, the pocket should be two or three balls deep.

How can I soften my goalie mesh?

Sometimes you want the mesh to stretch out or expand. But you probably don’t know how to soften the mesh, and you may not have the money to buy a new one. Don’t worry.

You need to take the lacrosse stick (attached to the mesh) to the shower with you and lather a thick portion of conditioner on the mesh. In the meantime, knead a pocket into the mesh with your lacrosse ball.

Leave it for a couple of hours, and you will notice a big difference in the shape. Eventually, the conditioner will soften the mesh and make it bigger and stretched out.

How can I string my 12D goalie mesh?

To string the 12D goalie mesh, you will need the goalie head, goalie mesh, sidewall strings, shooting strings, knife, and a lighter.

You can cut the sidewall and shoot strings beforehand to make the process easier. Once you have all the necessary accessories, it’s time to spread open the mesh holes. You can use your hands and grab both sides of the mesh and stretch it out to expose the mesh holes.

Do it to the whole piece of mesh from top to bottom. Remember that the mesh needs to be loose and have enough space in the holes. Now begin to fold the top 2 rows of the diamond together.

After that, keep the mesh in the opposite direction of the stick; it will ensure that the ball stays in contact with the rough side of the mesh.

Consequently, the smoother side of the mesh remains on the back of the stick. Now string the top lace starting from the core. Fold the upper lace in half and bring the edges together.

Once done, take the two ends and insert them across the center hole. Keep going through the upper center hole of the goalie’s head while both pieces are inserted from the head’s front side.

Now haul back the two ends together through the loop of the string. Once you are done, start stringing the top lace from the center, secure the top corners, string the sidewalls, create the channel using a ball and string the bottom of the stick.

Lastly, add the shooting strings and snip the excess and burn edges to smoothen out. And you are done.

Which is better between a mesh kit and a single piece of mesh?

A mesh kit or a stringing kit is better when you don’t want to undergo the hassle of stringing the mesh all your own. The stringing kit comes with everything that goes under the making of a well-stringed lacrosse goalie mesh. It’s similar to ready-made food.

The prep is done; you just need to bring it to play. Thinking of maintenance, it’s handier than a single piece of mesh.

But mesh kits are often pricier. Thus, it might not be a good investment if you are the stringing doctor of the lacrosse team. Having prior experience helps in stringing from scratch; thus, a stringing kit isn’t required in such cases. So, according to your convenience and comfort, you can choose either of them.

Is lightweight goalie mesh weak?

Lightweight meshes aren’t necessarily weak, but some say it doesn’t give them the robust feeling. Or you can say the heavier meshes offer a sense of security that the lightweight meshes lack.

However, in terms of durability, lightweight lacrosse mesh aren’t half bad. Just make sure that they are weather-resistant and made of durable material.  

What is the best goalie lacrosse mesh?

Overall, the East Coast Dyes Goalie HeroMesh 12D mesh is the best; it doesn’t cost too much and offers everything needed for a goalie. But if you are looking for a goalie mesh kit in the budget, then the StringKing Grizzly 1s Semi-Soft Goalie Lacrosse Mesh Kit will be the best option for you.

Final Words

Above everything, it solely depends on your preference and your playing style while deciding the best mesh for lacrosse goalie. There’s plenty of room to experiment and evolve.

Mostly a luxury game like lacrosse does require a lot of improvisation. However, it’s always better to start with a quality mesh when you are just a beginner or want to improve your game.

Hopefully, the lacrosse mesh reviews and buying guide will help you in this aspect.