10 Best Portable Lacrosse Goals-2024 (Pop-Up Goal & Folding Goal)

One of the most active field sport in present times has got to be Lacrosse. To be great at it, one must train and learn how to place their shot on the goal, past the goalie. Like with any other thing, the only way to be better is with practice.

While you can practice other basic passing and cradling drills, it will be hard to improve your shooting skills and get your offensive game to the next level without a lacrosse goal. However, traditional lacrosse goals are not designed to be brought down and stored away,

What to do if you want private training sessions besides the scheduled team ones or cannot leave the goal wherever you practice from? The best option has to be to purchase a portable lacrosse goal.

Portable lacrosse goals are collapsible and can be folded together to minimize the amount of space they occupy for storage in your closet, garage, or any other storage section.

Read in to know more about the best portable lacrosse goals, what to consider when selecting one, and so much more!

Best Portable lacrosse goals

The 10 Best Portable lacrosse goals

1. GoSports Regulation Portable lacrosse goals

The first to feature on our list is the GoSports Regulation Lacrosse goal. It is of the standard size of six by six feet, has rounded corners, weighs around thirty-three pounds. The frame material is made of steel, and its net thickness is 2.5 mm.

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It has a foldable frame, built tough enough for high school programs, college and youth leagues. It also comes with its storage carrying case and a net. The Gosport goal is straightforward to set up, and once you are done training, it takes a few minutes to break it down and fit in its small carrying case, ready for storage.

It has a thick steel frame that is perfect for holding up even the most powerful shots. The steel frame gives it stability, while the high-density netting allows the goal to endure competitive game levels and shots.

The best part about this one is that Gosport offers a lifetime warranty for the net if it tears. If you need a high-performance Lacrosse goal without breaking your bank, try this one.


  • The Gosport goal is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It has been designed to collapse down fast and fit inside its case. Setting it back up is also a walk in the park, both actions taking under ten minutes to complete.
  • It has a lifetime warranty on the net.  The net that comes with this goal may not be the thickest to some, but it is great that Gosport offers a lifetime warranty in case holes are ripped in it.
  • Customer service- most clients have confessed to receiving excellent customer service from the tea over at Gosport. If anything goes left, you can rest assured that Gosport will be ready to help!


  • The net is thin. The 2.5 mm net that accompanies the goal is quite thin and can easily rip off if advanced players use it, though it does have a lifetime warranty.
  • There is a cloth material around the pipes.  Although the cloth material doesn’t really affect the function of your goal, some players may not like them, and it is also different from what is used in real games.

2. Rukket Rip It Portable Lacrosse Goal ( Pop-Up Goal)

Another great option if you are looking for a portable lacrosse goal is the Rukket Rip It goal. It has square corners, weighs between nine to sixteen pounds, and comes in two sizes, the six by six feet and four by four feet.

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The frame material is fiberglass, and one of its best features is the 5mm thick net. It is easy to set up, and the solid fiberglass poles paired with the thick net create a resilient and firm goal to bear up intense games.

It is lightweight and can still bear hard shots, thanks to the  Rukket proprietary flex technology employed, which lets the goal absorb the impact of the mall.

Folding down ant transportation should not be a problem with this pop-up goal. It is folded down in three motions, and you can use the carry bag for easier storage and transportation. This goal can also be used for practice at any time, whether indoors or outdoors.

On the downside, the Rukket Rip It Portable Lacrosse Goal does not collapse down as much as the other pop-up goals.

The 6 ft by 6 ft goal breaks down into an equilateral triangle with the sides measuring 6ft, and the 4 ft by 4 ft goal breaks down into an equilateral triangle with sides measuring 4ft.


  • A thick netthe net on this goal, as mentioned, is quite thick, better than most competitor brands. It means that you will not have to replace your net in the foreseeable future.
  • Satisfaction guarantee-the brand offers its client a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund by returning it within thirty days.
  • Lightweight-Depending on the size you choose, these goals only weigh between 9 to 16lbs. A goal weighing that much should be easy to carry for players of almost any age.


  • It doesn’t collapse down the best compared to other goals, and you may also experience some difficulty fitting it inside your car.
  • It is not very sturdy, most likely due to its fiberglass frame material. Unlike other steel lacrosse goals, it may blow around in case of strong winds or move from the impact of solid shots.

3. Bownet Lacrosse Goals

Bownet official Full-Size portable lacrosse goal is our next feature. Its size is the standard 6ft * 6ft, weighs 7.9lbs with square corners and vertical fiberglass poles.

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Its net thickness is not disclosed, but it employs the Energy Absorption System technology, which helps to disperse shot energy throughout the net to ensure it lasts longer. Besides expanding its lifespan by diffusing the ball’s energy, this technology also allows more balance and stability. The UV treated Raschel knotless netting, meaning it’s definitely going to outlast the seasons.

Setting up this goal is literally going to take you seconds. You don’t need any tools or guide wires; it gives you quick set up and take down sessions, saving on time and reducing the injury risk during practice and games.

The goal can be used indoors or outdoors, and its rigid steel frame comes with non-marking rubber feet to avoid damage on the floors and ensure stability and traction.


  • It is quick to set up  It only takes around 80 seconds to set up or take down this goal; it’s a time and energy saver!
  • Great net The net that comes with this goal is impressive, thanks to the EAS technology, which helps increase its lifespan. The net quality and strength are also very impressive.
  • Lightweight This goal weighs under ten pounds, making it easy to move around even by young players.
  • Has a Carrying case The Bownet Official portable lacrosse goal comes with a carrying case, not just a carrying case, but one with wheels! It fits nicely into its carrying case, and the wheels make transportation to different training spots a breeze.


  • No crossbar –  Unlike many other models, this particular lacrosse goal does not have a crossbar, yet it still holds the traditional square shape of lacrosse goals.
  • A bit pricey compared to other competitors, this goal may be priced on the higher side, but it still is a good deal for what it offers.

4. Rage Cage Box Lacrosse Goal

Next up is the Rage Cage Brave Lacrosse goal, which comes in the standard six by six feet size with square corners, weighing around thirty-four pounds and a net thickness of two millimeters.

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This goal employs the Rage Cage Ultra-durable net fastening system to offer more support for those hard shots, while the welded square corners are great for enhancing frame strength.

It folds down into an L-shape to easily fit the trunk of your car or your garage, unlike other goals that have to be taken entirely apart after use. The goal is also light enough to be carried by most players.


  • Quick set up and collapsing Setting up for practice and collapsing it down after use takes under one minute once you learn how to do it. And no, it is not hard!
  • Don’t need breaking apart Unlike many other goals listed herein and out in the market, you don’t need to take it apart after use completely. The Rage cage Brave goal simply folds down into an L-shape that’s easy to transport and store.
  • Quality frame The frame is of great quality, built to last.
  • Shooting target The Rage Cage Brave Lacrosse goal comes with a shooting target. The shooting target blocks out the middle goal area to help train you in shooting for the sides and corners of the goal.


  • It has a thin net It has a 2mm thick net, which is pretty thin and is likely to rip, especially if advanced players use the goal.

5. EZGoal Lacrosse Folding Goal

EZGoal lacrosse folding goal is our next feature. It comes in the standard six by six feet size, weighing thirty-four pounds and with rounded corners. It has a seventeen gauge rigid construction steel frame with 1.5 inches of coated powder.

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The net’s exact thickness is undisclosed, but it is heavy-duty polypropylene UV-treated net to ensure it lasts long; it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

This could be a great option if you are looking for a sturdy framed goal that folds flat rather than collapses down. A foldable goal is a good idea, especially if you want it stored somewhere and you don’t intend to move it a lot from one location to another.

However, the downside is that clients have discovered the goal to be very prone to rust and pose challenges while attaching the net.


  • It folds flat – This has to be one of its best benefits; folding flat enhances easier storage.
  • Net lifetime warranty- This goal is one of the few that come with a lifetime warranty on the net. It means that in case you rip a hole in your net, you can simply communicate with EZGoal for a replacement.
  • Thick frame- The 17-gauge steel is advantageous as it gives this goal weight, helping it stay in place when you shoot on it.


  • Rust -Some customers observed that over time their goals rusted. Maybe storing them inside could help curb this.
  • Netting may be difficult- Putting the net on the goal may be a bit difficult as you have to loop the string around the pipes and net. However, once you get it done, you will not have to remove it or reattach it for some time.

6. Kapler Regulation Portable Lacrosse Goal (Folding Goal)

Next is Kapler’s six by six feet portable lacrosse goal. Unlike other official goals with square corners, this one has rounded ones, weighs thirty-four pounds, and has a frame material made of steel.

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If you are a beginner trying to get used to the game or perfect your shooting skills, this is the goal for you as it is suitable for all skills levels, from kids to professional players.

Thanks to its snap-lock frame, it is easy to assemble, lightweight and foldable, making it easy to move your goal around, and a perfect pick for your backyard games.

This lacrosse goal has a seventeen gauge tubular steel frame that offers stability and some good weight to ensure it stays in place. It also features high-density heavy-duty netting to help in withstanding competitive shots and games.

The Kapler Regulation Portable Lacrosse Goal On the downside doesn’t come with net lacing rods that allow easy net attachment. You instead have to loop the lacing string around the goal and the net to attach.


  • Folds flat- This goal can be easily folded in seconds for storage when not in use.
  • Easy to assemble- Putting it up from the box for a game or exercise is easy.
  • A Sturdy frame – The goal, weighing over thirty pounds, should not be blown around by heavy winds or strong throws.


  • Lack of net lacing rods-Unlike with other goals, you have to loop the string around your net and frame to attach it to the goal due to the lack of lacing rods.
  • Rounded corners- Unlike regulation goals that have square corners, this goal has rounded ones.

7. STX Lacrosse Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal (Folding Goal)

The STX Lacrosse goal is a four by four feet box goal with rounded corners, weighing twenty-five pounds with steel frame material and a net thickness of three millimeters.

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This is an excellent option if you are out there looking for a box lacrosse goal, not field lacrosse. Setting up is easy, and it folds up flat for easier storage. The solid steel frame gives the goal some weight and helps it to stay firm.


  • Easy to store – The triangle part of the frame at the back folds flat, making it easy for storage.
  • A Decent net – The goal comes with a 3mm net which is thicker than most of the nets that come with the majority of the standard-size goals.
  • Easy to transport – At only 25lbs of Weight, this goal is light enough for most players to move around. It also folds down, making it less cumbersome to move from one point to another.


  • It has rounded corners – Unlike actual field lacrosse goals, which normally have square corners, the STX folding backyard lacrosse goal has rounded corners.
  • It has no net lacing rods – To attach the net with this one, you have to loop the string around the frame and the net. This process may consume more time compared to using lacing rods to attach your net.

8. NET PLAYZ Kids Lacrosse Goal (Folding Goal)

If you want to purchase a collapsible lacrosse goal for your child, Net Playz is a solid option.  It is a box lacrosse goal of the standard size, four by four feet, has rounded corners, and weighs a little over six pounds with fiberglass frame material.

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Net Playz kids lacrosse goal is perfect for training as it is more portable than the normal steel ones. You can easily carry it on your shoulder or fit it at the back of your car and practice the game from anywhere!

Setting it up and folding it down is a job that takes only a few minutes and is an easy process that even kids can do by themselves. Once it is folded into a smaller size, you can zip it up in the carry bag provided and store it safely.

Don’t worry about the weather ruining your day;  Net Playz Kids lacrosse goal has been designed by filament winding technology and has a durable fiberglass frame that is tough enough to stand strong winds.

Finding all the right equipment to train is essential in taking your lacrosse game to the next level, and for any kids or teens who are into the game, this goal makes for the best and most unique present.


  • Collapsible – The goal is collapsible, which means that you can easily take it down and fit it into a carrying case in a matter of minutes.
  • Lightweight- It weighs only six pounds with is super light, making it easy even for kids to move and carry around.
  • Affordable – It is one of the most affordable ones, which is expected,  seeing that it is a youth goal.


  • Only good for kids – Unfortunately, this goal is only great for kids and cannot hold up for players above ten.

9. PowerNet Portable Lacrosse Goal

PowerNet Portable lacrosse goal, made with a fiberglass frame material,  comes in two-goal sizes for you to choose from.  The four by four feet size and six by six feet size are perfect for training sessions, practice, or scrimmages.

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It has bow-styled fiberglass poles that help hold the net stiff and ensure it withstands even the hard shots as you play. Setting it up is only a matter of minutes, and there are no tools needed.

Once you are done using it, you can easily break it down and place it in the heavy-duty carrying bag that comes with dual shoulder straps for easier transportation.

The goal also comes with a durable knotless polyester net that has a PU coating. The net, made of 420D Polyester, is designed to stand the hardest shots, season after the other. In addition, you can train anywhere with this goal, indoors or outdoors, thanks to the rubber feet that add to its stability.


  • It is easy to set up and collapse down for storage after use
  • It comes with a durable and strong net
  • Portable and Perfect for training both outdoor and indoors


  • The fiberglass structure may not be the strongest.

10. SKLZ Quickster Regulation Lacrosse Goal

The SKLZ Quickster Regulation Lacrosse goal comes in the standard size of a field goal that is six by six feet and is great for scrimmage play and shooting drills.

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The goal applies the tension-tight frame technology, which includes quick connect tubes and quick clip attachments that make setting up and breaking down super easy.

The goal is lightweight and portable, with a carry bag included so that you are not restricted to training in one area. The net situation here is on another level; it comes with a durable net and webbing to make it last for seasons and seasons of training.


  • Portable – It includes a carrying bag to make its transportation easy.
  • Easy setting up and breaking down
  • It is lightweight


  • It is made of plastic material which may not be very durable

What To Consider When Choosing Your Portable Lacrosse Goal

Aside from establishing which type of portable lacrosse goal to buy, there are several more things to consider. They include;


When going portable lacrosse goal shopping, have in mind the size that best suits your needs. Is it the standard 6ft * 6ft goal or the box lacrosse goal of 4ft * 4ft?

Frame material and Weight

More advanced older players should go for heavier and stronger goals made of thick steel, while beginners may want to go for a lighter one that’s easy to carry for training.

Net thickness

Net thickness is another essential factor to consider, of course, depending on the player’s game level. It would be best if you had a net that is thick enough to endure your shooting.

College and professional players should go for a 6mm thickness or more, 5mm is great for high school players, and youth players can do with a 2.5mm net.

Remember that you can always get a thicker net replacement for your goal in case the original one rips. Some goals also come with a net lifetime guarantee, so you might want to utilize that if your brand has this offer.


Every lacrosse goal you purchase will come in a box, and it is up to you to set it up. Some come in a snap-on design, while others feature nuts and bolts, and others in a push-pin assembly design.

If you know you’ll have to keep tearing down and moving your lacrosse goal often; you might want to go for the Snap-On assembly design rather than the nuts and bolts one.

Net attachment style

The string has to be looped around the net and frame to attach the net with some goals. This consumes more time than the goals with lacing rods to attach the net directly to the back of the frame.

Other players also prefer using zip ties, which are easier to use and consume less time.

Quality and design of the frame

A good portable lacrosse frame should be light enough to transport from place to place and easy to store. The frame design should also be easy to dismantle and set up.

Pop-Up Lacrosse Goals vs. Folding Lacrosse Goals

Portable lacrosse goals come in two main types that you have to choose from. They are;

  1. Pop-up or collapsible goals
  2. Foldable goals

Pop-up goals tend to collapse at multiple points throughout the goal; for example, they could collapse mid-way through one sidebar.

On the other hand, Foldable goals fold up the back triangle only so that it becomes flat with the front side of the flame.

The pop-up goals may take a bit more time to set up and collapse, but they break down to a smaller surface area. The foldable ones, on the contrary, are super easy to fold and erect, but they remain size 6ft by 6ft even after folding because the front frame does not collapse.

If you intend to take your lacrosse goal for practice at different locations, the pop-up goals are the best option for you. However, if the plan is to have your goal at a single location, say at your house, the foldable ones are a better option as they are usually more sturdy and durable.

Products to Purchase Alongside Your Portable Goal

After considering all the factors discussed above and settling on a goal that fits your needs, you might be interested in other products that you could purchase to improve your game even further.

Below are some of the items you might want to consider


Backstops help prevent balls from hitting cars, houses, or anything around where you’re shooting from. You simply set up these large nets behind your goal to stop the balls that missed from flying away. It also makes the collection of balls much easier.


Rebounders replicate a wall where you set them up, throw the balls against them, and receive back. They are great for practicing and bettering your shooting skills since you can simulate receiving feeds like it’s done in a real game.

Shot blockers or targets

Another product to consider buying with your lacrosse goal is a target or shot blocker. They are perfect in helping you practice your accuracy and mimic having a goalie present.

Replacement net

The original net that comes with the goal is likely to wear out after some time, which is why you might want to purchase a replacement net.


Cones help mark the spots you want to shoot from. They can also help you set up any other drills you want to try out with your new portable lacrosse goal.


Why should I buy a Lacrosse Goal of my own?

Buying a lacrosse goal of your own is important if you do not want to limit your practice to the team’s training schedule only. Becoming a great player calls for countless practice hours of throwing, passing, and shooting.

Having your own lacrosse goal at home means that you have a chance to practice more regularly to master the game.

What is the difference between Portable Lacrosse Goals and Static Lacrosse Goals?

Portable lacrosse goals can easily be folded and effortlessly stored in a car for transportation, which is great if you love practicing in different fields. On the other hand, static ones are not portable but may last much longer than portable goals.

How big should a Lacrosse goal be?

Irrespective of the brand you go for, the size of lacrosse goals remains the same. The standard size is 6*6 ft, for use in lacrosse matches for schools and tournaments.

Smaller goals measure 4*4 ft, but these are mainly used for indoor Lacrosse. Depending on your needs, ensure to purchase the correct size.

Is Getting A Cheap Lacrosse Goal A Good Idea?

In the past, it would cost people a fortune to get a lacrosse goal. However, you empty your bank account to have one in your backyard nowadays.


It is better to choose Lacrosse Goals based on the lightweight, affordable, and great net. We have reviewed the best portable lacrosse goal you can find on the market.

For youth players who just want to have some fun playing lacrosse, buying a cheap goal is the way to go. If you are serious about your training, then you should consider buying a decent lacrosse goal.