5 Best Women’s Lacrosse Goggles [2024] Adjustable & Comfort

Lacrosse is a fast-paced game that is gaining popularity significantly among women and young girls. Men’s lacrosse games require each player to wear a gear set, including a helmet for protection.

The rules for women’s lacrosse are different, and their gameplay isn’t rough compared to that of men’s and doesn’t require much gear, as you will later see. However, the most crucial equipment for women’s lacrosse gameplay is the lax goggles. The main focus of this article is to review the best women’s lacrosse goggles.

Best Women's Lacrosse Goggles

The 5 Best Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

Before jumping into the reviews, you should know that there are numerous brands to choose from. So you are not confined to our handpicked choices.

Every brand’s products consist of distinctive features from their competitors. That is why the article has a buyer’s guide to point you in the right direction for a better choice. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to narrow down your search to specific options.

1. STX Lacrosse 4Sight+ S Adult Goggle

When in the field playing your favorite game, your face is always vulnerable to being hit accidentally. However, there is a viable solution for you. The oval-shaped STX lacrosse 4Sights +S Adult google is a perfect lacrosse gaming gear you should consider.

Among the inner materials of this goggle is the silicone padding that is gentle on your skin. Due to its design, there’s a risk reduction of developing acne as it can absorb moisture and sweat. Cleanup of the goggle is relatively stressless and quick because of its detachable cover.

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Since this goggle complies with ASTM F3077 -17 women’s lacrosse product rules and lacrosse regulations, be rest assured that your safety is guaranteed. The goggles come with straps that you can conveniently loosen or fasten, depending on the level of comfort.

Keep in mind that its entire frame is made of silicone that comfortably fits on your face. Additionally, its lightweight assures you of increased comfort no matter how vigorous your play. Since it is primarily used in lacrosse sport, the goggle gives you a better and supreme view since it is dual sports google.

The rubber materials ensure they don’t fall off as you run or sprint while maintaining comfort at the same time. Also, their patent-pending design has significantly revolutionized eye protection. That is why they are made in limited quantities.

The arms and the nose bridge of these goggles ensure they stay in place. Plus, the titanium metal it is made of gives it superior strength so that it can’t get damaged easily by any external forces. Note that this women’s goggle is custom-made to fit both young and older women.


  • Easily adjustable head straps
  • Guaranteed comfort by the silicone frame
  • It is light in weight
  • There’s no view obstruction because of the oval shape


  • The gear isn’t available in many colors

2. STX Lacrosse Focus-S Goggle

As an intermediate player, this STX Lacrosse Focus Google is suitable as it delivers supreme visibility. Also, it is SEI certified for the current 2020 rule change. With this goggle, there’s minimal potential breakout due it silicone padding, which is form-fitting and doesn’t absorb moisture or sweat.

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Aside from its certification, it meets ASTM F3077 standardized requirements for women’s lacrosse. Some of the player positions for intermediate skill level are Middlefield, attack, and defense. The titanium cage ensures proportional distribution of weight to strength ratio while protecting the face.

Note that these goggles bear similar technology to that of their predecessor. Compared to 4sight focus goggles, it has a 30% weight reduction. Another component that increases visibility is its minimal double bar design.

It is worth mentioning that these goggles are not SEI certified even though they meet The ASTM requirements. Notably, they come in many fun colors with options for creating a customized look.

Before you buy them, you should know that they can’t be worn over the top of glasses. So, it’s better to look for another option if you have a prescription. Alternatively, consider getting yourself a pair of contact lenses if you have to use these goggles.

As a budget-friendly option, these goggles will deliver maximum performance and safety due to their reliable design.


  • It doesn’t have many wires, making it helpful in increasing visibility
  • For improved performance, It uses great technology
  • non-moisture absorbent silicone padding ensures a snug fit
  • Its design meets the standardized lacrosse requirements


  • Available only for intermediate adult players
  • There’s only one color for its lightweight frame.

3. STX Lacrosse Women’s 4sight Focus Goggles

The presence of an easily detachable cover makes it relatively easy to clean these goggles. On the inner side, it is made of silicone material padding that is gentle on your skin while providing fantastic snugness.

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Their supreme design makes it possible to fit most female players’ heads due to their oval shape. So, while wearing them, be sure they will provide maximum comfort courtesy of their unique design. Also, the goggles can eliminate acne flair-up since they are designed to absorb sweat and water.

Since the entire frame consists of silicone material, it fits on your face snuggly so, when you run or sprint, it remains in position and doesn’t fall off. Note that the safety of the goggles is guaranteed since it aligns with the ASTM F3077-17 women’s lacrosse product rules and regulations. Additionally, it is SEI certified, so; it meets the 2020 new playing rules.

Depending on the preference of your comfort level, you can fasten or loosen the head straps that the goggles come along with. Bear in mind that its oval wire design also contributes to its superior vision. The generic girl’s lacrosse goggles only weigh 140g, which is considerably light.

Since safety is a top priority, the combination of materials it is made of gives you an excellent experience as you play. The good thing is that it is available in a variety of sizes that you can choose from.


  • It has a comfortable and lightweight design
  • Presence of adjustable head straps
  • There’s isn’t interference of view due to its oval shape
  • Easy to clean since it is moisture and sweat resistant


  • It has limited color options

4. STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti Goggle

Compared to other models, there is a considerable reduction in STX Lacrosse Focus-S Ti Goggle weight by approximately 30%. Also, these goggles are ideal for elite lacrosse players, and it is a significant choice for major college team divisions.

Notably, it has a minimal double-bar design to ensure maximum performance as it delivers an excellent vision while also feeling comfortable at the same time.

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As for safety and regulations, its design is SEI-compliant equipment and also SEI-certified. Additionally, it meets the ASTM F3077-17 for women’s lacrosse requirements.

The titanium metal it is made of gives it a fantastic appearance, plus it is also strong making hence it can resist bending or breaking on heavy impact. Also, it comes in many color options to pick from based on your preference. The most common colors it comes in is black and blue.

In addition, on its make, it has a patent low profile design with an oval wire configuration for vision purposes. Just as the previous ones, it bears form-fitting silicone padding that absorbs moisture and sweat so that you can enjoy the fantastic experience it delivers. That said, there’s are minimal breakouts which in turn makes the goggles easily cleanable.

Also, the form-fitting provides comfort as it easily fits well to the face by the adjustable head straps it comes with. So, as you run on, it remains positioned on your face as per your liking and doesn’t easily fall off.

The good thing is that the materials it is made of make it durable over a longer time than most models, plus it doesn’t scratch easily.


  • It is light in weight
  • it provides exceptional comfort to the player
  • Comes in a wide range of color


  • It is expensive

5. STX Rookie-S Youth Google

Notably, these goggles are an ideal option for younger players hence the name STX Rookie-S. Since it is meant for the youngest lacrosse players, it is specifically designed to fit their faces. Also, its design conforms to the 2020 rule change and is also SEI certified. So, it’s probably not a good fit for adults.

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In addition to regulations, its standards meet the ASTM F3077 requirements for lacrosse rules on women and field hockey requirements. The most common colors it comes in are blue, punch, and green. Like that of adults, the oval-shaped wire design of the goggles delivers superior visibility while also providing comfort.

Note that the specific age suitable for these goggles is 12 and below. The vented silicone padding is non-sweat and moisture absorbent. That way, there’s minimum making the goggles easy to clean. Also, for visibility, it is smaller than the 4sight + youth to fit better and increase visibility.

Primarily, the cage material of the goggles is steel, which is strong enough to resist bending or breaking upon an eternal impact. That way, the player’s face remains unharmed. Typical field positions ideal for these goggles are the defense, midfield, and attack. Also, it is suitable for beginners on the skill level.

Because of their small size, they are easily portable as they are also considerably lightweight. The adjustable head strap that accompanies it can either loosen or tighten depending on the comfort presence of a player.

Just as the adults’ the straps hold the goggles in place to prevent them from falling off as the player runs or sprints. Additionally, they are a snug fit due to the form-fitting silicone padding gentle on the skin.


  • It is made of solid steel for face protection
  • it is made of durable materials
  • cheap and affordable


  • Ideal only for kids due to their small size

Women Lacrosse Google Accessories

(LokoSphere Girl’s/Women’s Lacrosse/Field Hockey Goggle Strap)

There are many women’s lacrosse accessories, but the concept of this rather one lacrosse accessory is unique. It is because it’s an idea by a mom and a dad when they realized their daughters weren’t comfortable using the standard straps that came with goggles. Some of the goals this strap aimed at achieving are;

  • Suitability for girls or women with ponytails
  • Form-fitting and comfortable
  • Conveniently adjustable
  • Stylish appearance
  • Made to fit little girls perfectly

It is worth noting that these straps are not only suitable for lacrosse but also in field hockey. Their design makes them interchangeable and also adjustable. The straps may have been made with girls/women in mind, but men can also use them for a similar purpose.

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Design And Features

LokoSphere Girl’s/Women’s Lacrosse/Field Hockey Goggle Straps are among the best custom-made straps that fit all ages. The strap is comfortable, stylish, and colorful for both girls and women. Also, the straps are available in a variety of colors.

The straps are made from comfortable neoprene, which is form-fitting and soft, which makes them elastic. That way, they’re easily adjustable. As a rule of thumb, One size fits most, so, on both ends, there are adjustable Velcro closures on each end.

The materials they are made of make them soft and gentle on the skin and irritation-free. The strap is also highly recommended as it can perfectly fit nicely on the head and is light in weight. The straps are also highly durable due to the high-quality materials they are made of.

So, these straps will only fit googles that have loopholes for removable straps. Since they are interchangeable and adjustable, girls can wear them according to their fashion requirements. Note that Lokosphers goggles are sold separately and can only work with compatible goggles, as stated previously.


  • Form-fitting lightweight design
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and sassy


  • Only compatible with goggle that has holes on both ends

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

How you make the best choice as per your preference is very critical. The top priority when purchasing women’s lax goggles is protection.

During gameplay, you have to protect your eyes from stray balls or lacrosse sticks from hitting your eyes. Also, you should feel comfortable while wearing them. Below are some of the factors to consider.

Shape Of the Cage and The Materials It Is Made Of

As you already know, most goggle cages are metallic. Compared to plastic ones, they are heavier. However, the metal cages are durable, solid, and can resist damage due to external forces compared to plastic ones.

The plastic goggles are made to seem as though you aren’t wearing goggles. But you might notice them bouncing off your cheekbones which is a typical occurrence with metallic goggles. So, consider getting ones that fit you perfectly well.

Professional players in advanced leagues might like goggles with a minimalistic cage without the bottom bar. With this, weight problems are eliminated, and there’s improved visibility, but as for protection, the nose remains exposed. Typically, these goggles sit flat on your face due to their steeper profile.

Goggles with more bars provide maximum protection than those with less. Most kids are inexperienced with handling lacrosse sticks. So, consider getting them ones with many bars. You can go as far as making sure the goggles are custom-made to provide girls lacrosse eye protection.

Frame Materials

Metal frames are the most noticeable structures on Google. Primarily, their role is to provide you with the utmost comfort and protection. A majority of the models are made of silicone polymer that easily wipes clean to prevent breakouts.

Other models have a rock-solid plastic front for increased eye protection alongside a silicone pad or a soft plastic on the inside. The padding on the inside ensures maximum comfort as it presses against your face.

Some goggles that employ less innovation have a simple non-metallic cage and only polymer as one of the primary materials for the frames. As a player, you can consider this model a viable option since it is ultra-lightweight with optimum comfort.

Requirements by the League

Importantly, you should review your league’s rules first before making any purchase. It is because of complex guidelines set by most women’s lacrosse leagues conforming to ASTM international headgear safety.

Note that wearing lacrosse goggles girls is a must for women’s lacrosse, even though it doesn’t require much protective gear.


Sizing of Google is an essential factor for comfort reasons. A typical rule of thumb is that one size fits all ages 13 and below and 13 and adult sizes for 13 and above. By fastening the adjustable head straps to your preferred comfort level can make a significant difference.

When you wear the goggles, they should press gently on your forehead right above your eyebrows as they rest on your cheekbones. To test them, consider going for a quick jog. If they are bouncing off your face, adjust the head straps. Alternatively, you can play around with the straps until you get a comfortable feel. And if that doesn’t work for you, consider getting another that fits you well.

Why Do Female Players Wear Lacrosse Goggles?

The most obvious answer to such an inquiry would be for eye protection. Lacrosse is a fast developing game, and currently, there are more female participants than ever.

As you already know, there is more contact in male lacrosse than in females. It is due to differences in the rules governing the game for each gender. Even though women’s lacrosse does not require so much gear for protection, it is required for female players to wear goggles for girls’ lacrosse eye protection for any particular game as stipulated by ASTM international safety guidelines.

As already mentioned, most goggles are made of steel, but other players would prefer plastic for peripheral vision. The good thing is that there’s no rule stating that female players can only wear plastic or metallic goggles. The choice is yours.

The main reason behind a strict requirement for wearing goggles is that female players are prone to injuries, unlike male players. For such a game, it is vital to ensure the eyes, which are the most sensitive, are protected no matter what.

Accidents do occur in a lacrosse game for both males and females. For example, a player may cause unpredictable injury to a fellow player with a lacrosse stick. Also, the ball can accidentally land on a player’s eye when an opponent throws it, so the eyes need to be constantly protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are essential in evaluating the products displayed on certain pages. Similarly, the same is applicable here with the lacrosse goggles. If there’s something you aren’t understanding, consider viewing the below frequently asked questions.

How Do You Reduce Acne Breakouts From Your Lacrosse Goggles?

Acne Mechanica is the medical term associated with women’s lax google acne breakouts. While everyone’s body skin is different, some will get acnes and those who won’t. Apparently, this is due to clothing and sporting equipment that provides an ample environment for acne to thrive.

If you suspect that your goggles are causing you to have acne, you can continue wearing them and play as usual and see your skin clear. Accumulation of dirt on the goggle’s frame might be the primary cause of acne. Ensure that you clean the frames thoroughly with mild detergent and water.

Also, identify areas where acne is more prevalent to adjust the frames to get rid of them. Alternatively, consider washing your face first before wearing the goggles and after to prevent dirt build-up on your skin. If these solutions don’t work for you, consider consulting a dermatologist to establish the cause of the acne breakouts.

How Do Lax Goggles Fit?

The women’s lax goggles are supposed to fit above the face. Also, they are supposed to conform to your cheekbones. So, when you run or sprint, they should feel comfortable in that they aren’t supposed to feel too tight or too loose.

Note that testing the goggles before purchasing them is crucial. Since they come with head straps, you should adjust and position the lax goggles conveniently on your face to your preferred comfort.

If that doesn’t work, consider buying a strap. But, you’ll have to ensure the goggles have holes on both ends for lokosphere straps. Also, ensure the straps you settle for aren’t too large or too small.

How Do Women Wear The Lax Goggles?

You already know that there are lax goggles for both girls and women and how they are worn across all ages is similar. Also, neither the shape nor the size matters. So how do you wear lax goggles? First, adjust the head straps to fit your head, then pull the goggles down to your face.

Proceed by adjusting the head straps at the back of your head, and they should sit comfortably on your eyes. The goggles shouldn’t come off your face if you move your head sideways or up and down.

Can You Wear Glasses Under The Lax Goggles?

The quick answer is yes. Many models provide an allowance for the glasses to fit. But, there are those goggles tailor-made to fit your eyes with glasses perfectly. So, it would be best if you opted for women’s lacrosse goggles for glasses that don’t interfere with your regular eyesight. Also, they should tamper with your vision during gameplay.

Final Verdict

When buying lax goggles, carefully consider the above factors. Notably, it would be best if you made your purchase based on a long time basis. Purchasing expensive lacrosse goggles for girls that last for five years is better than buying cheap ones that last a year for a similar period.

In children is where you might want to get the ones that don’t last long, especially for those almost approaching their teenage years. They might outgrow the goggles before you’re ready to buy another.