6 Best Women’s Lacrosse Heads in 2024 [In-Depth] & FAQ

The head is the most crucial component of a lacrosse stick and it can significantly impact your performance. That said, a poor-quality head with a flimsy stringing style, ineffective scoop, and weak mesh can ruin your whole experience and drag down your skills.

So, to ensure optimum output, you need to get a head that meets your requirements. Hence, we are here to help you find the best women’s lacrosse heads that will ensure durability, quality and enhance your performance!

In this article, we will talk about the top-rated lacrosse heads for women and highlight all the unique features these offer. So, let us dive into it!

Best women's lacrosse heads

6 Best Women’s Lacrosse Heads

We have listed the top six lacrosse heads for women and reviewed them based on their special and unique features. These products will give you the best gaming experience and even enhance your skills to ace every game!

1. Maverik Ascent Women’s Strung

The Maverik Ascent is a professional-grade lacrosse head that provides consistent and quick performance in every play. It comes with a genius design and durable structure that allows players to use it for a prolonged period with ease. The features of these products will not let you down for sure!

Maverik Ascent Women’s Strung

Now, the manufacturers designed this product to address all the needs of an attack/midfield position. It allows a 22-degree angle release, which gives greater control over the ball. Moreover, the angled release also enables powerful shots and precise throws every time.

Additionally, its flexible design provides high-level control and improves passing, shooting, and cradling skills. It also comes with a performance mesh runner system which allows an accessible channel to put the ball in the pocket and accommodates quick and smooth release.

Furthermore, to allow a more significant advantage over your opponent, this product comes with a special sidewall geometry on the ascent, enabling it to slide into other players’ heads effortlessly. That is not all; the product features shielded sidewall and scoop holes that protect the stringing from harm to ensure durability.

With the professional-grade stringing of NY, you do not have to worry about spending more cash on custom strung. It’s top-quality built, durability, and flexibility undoubtedly make it the best girls lacrosse head.


  • Allows 22-degree angle release
  • Enables high-powered shots
  • Easy passing, shooting, and cradling
  • Comes with a mesh runner system
  • Features unique sidewall geometry


  • The pocket is less deep

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It comes with a unique 22-degree angle and sidewall design to allow a greater advantage over opponents. You can improve and enhance your passing, cradling, and shooting skills with the mesh runner system easily.

2. ECD Infinity Venom

This women’s lacrosse head by ECD Infinity Venom will meet all your requirements without any doubt. If you want to invest in a high-quality head that will give outstanding performance game after game without wearing out, this is the perfect choice for you.

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The girl lacrosse heads of this brilliant company come with mind-blowing features that allow new heights of control over the ball. Moreover, this head will give you high power and precision while seeking and enable elite performance in every game you play.

Furthermore, after spending two years on the development process, the company developed this lacrosse top with all the right features!

For enabling high accuracy while passing, shooting power, and control over the ball, the head features a complete offset and full sidewall launch angle construction. With this unique construction, you will never miss control over your ball again.

Furthermore, the company uses lightweight material to prepare the shaft. Consequently, players can ensure more finesse while playing and have better grip.

This pre-strung model comes with a professional-grade stringing style, which saves you from the extra cost of custom stringing.

Moreover, its top-notch quality mesh and string material lasts longer and allows easy catch and whip even after many games. Therefore, if you want the best quality head for your lacrosse stick, you know where to look for it!


  • Complete offset and launch angle
  • High level of control and shooting power
  • Lightweight shaft for easy grip
  • Prime quality materials and built
  • Highly durable and sturdy


  • Pre-strung models can cost more

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The ECD Infinity Venom head will be the best pick for you if you want accurate control and precision over the ball. Moreover, its unique angle construction and lightweight shaft allow you to play with more accuracy.

3. Epoch Women’s Lacrosse Stick Heads

The pro mesh struck head by Epoch Lacrosse comes with a 15-degree unique bottom rail design. You can have full control while dodging, shooting, and passing with this fantastic technology. Moreover, its patent-pending technology featuring a 15-degree angle puts the ball high in the head and launches quickly to the sweet spot.

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This company came up with this amazing lacrosse head to provide you with the greatest advantage over your opponent. With the opinion and guidance of women professional lacrosse athletes, the company designed the product to eliminate all the issues women athletes face in the field.

Furthermore, the manufacturer rigorously tested the products to ensure the highest durability and sturdiness. This product can withstand wear and tear longer than any regular and traditional head. In addition, the soft and high-quality mesh also provides ease while playing and ensures durability.

It comes with a single strut design to enhance stiffness for all positions. Moreover, the strut’s features and minimal design make it exceptionally lightweight to allow players accuracy and power over the stick.

That is not all; the factory-grade tied-up heads coupled with the durable strung style allow greater convenience and optimize the sweet spot.

Therefore, for high-level performance and quality pass and shoot, this is the best women’s lacrosse head that you can get for yourself. With its unique angle and quality built, you can never go wrong in the field and enjoy an advantage over the opponents.


  • Lightweight strut construction
  • Single strut to increase stiffness
  • A 15-degree bottom rail system
  • Ensures durability and long-term usage
  • Minimal and effective technology


  • The throat design is weak
  • Mesh quality is not up to the mark

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The lightweight, minimal but effective, and efficient design will give you greater control and enhance your passing, throwing, and catching skills. This is the best pick for women who wants simplistic design but high-level performance.

4. Nike Women’s Lacrosse Head

The premium quality Lacrosse Nike head will not disappoint you with all the fantastic features and convenient technologies it has to offer. With the small and famous Nike logo on the top, the product comes with a sleek look and polished black color that stands out from the rest.

Nike Women’s Lacrosse Head

This product features a 10-degree angle technology which allows users to gain a better grip over their ball. With this remarkable technology, you can enjoy a quick release and enhanced ball feel, which will significantly contribute to improving your overall performance.

Moreover, this product has unique channel tabs to efficiently and effectively guide the ball to the sweet spot. The ball will directly land on the perfect spot without struggling too much and allow you to focus on your surroundings easily.

That is not all this great product has in store; it comes with a brilliant and unique head geometry that allows a high pocket on the string. This high pocket allows an increased hold level and enables the player to be on the move without losing the ball quickly.

Moreover, the overall structure of the head allows players to shoot more precisely and gain better control over the ball. In addition, the company uses high-grade strings and materials to produce the mesh, which ensures excellent durability. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best lacrosse head designs out there in the market.


  • Comes with a high pocket design
  • Allows increased hold over the ball
  • Channel tab feature to land the ball in the sweet spot
  • 10-degree technology
  • Allows quick release


  • The throat size may not fit other brands’ sticks

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Its excellent construction and 10-degree technology allow easy passing and throwing and hold the ball in position accurately. Moreover, the lightweight composite and head structure makes it the best women’s lacrosse head for attack.

5. STX Crux Pro Elite Women’s lacrosse head

The STX lacrosse head will give you the highest level of satisfaction and help you reach your goals efficiently. The evolution of women’s lacrosse equipment is accelerated by this truly amazing and premium quality product.

If you do not want to experience any disappointing purchase with your lacrosse heads, this is the one you should go for!

STX Crux Pro Elite Women’s lacrosse head

This head comes with a 10-degree offset build and is strung with prime quality mesh to allow players the highest level of convenience on the field. It features a minimal structure that makes the head exceptionally light and easily balanceable.

Moreover, the company uses its signature proprietary EnduraForm plastic. This premium plastic is rigid and ensures durability.

The product material is weather-adaptable; it can function smoothly even in freezing winter or hot summers. In addition, to provide users with superior ball control, the company utilizes the DropRail technology.

This fantastic feature also minimizes the sidewall and provides a more considerable range of motion. Furthermore, the head comes with the all-time hyped Speed Scoop feature that enables players to scoop up the ball effortlessly.

It features integrated string styles to ensure the durability of the pockets. Additionally, the manufacturer introduced the exclusive offset system to place the ball directly into the sweet spot.


  • Manufactured with proprietary EnduraForm plastic
  • DropRail technology gives better control over the ball
  • The Speed Scoop allows fast scooping
  • Exclusive Offset feature forces the ball into a sweet spot
  • Fit for use in both hot and cold weather


  • Only fit for attack/midfield position

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This product comes with various unique features, including DropRail technology, the Speed Scoop system, exclusive offset technology, and more, making it the top pick for players who want to outperform their own record.

6. Gait Whip Women’s Lacrosse Head

Gait introduced a never-seen-before head design for women with their innovative product Gait Whip. This product specifically addresses all the problems women face with their traditional stick heads available in the market. With top-notch quality and design, this became the players’ top pick in a short time.

Gait Whip Women’s Lacrosse Head

Unlike any other stick, this one comes with a curved offset technology which creates a unique style and enables players greater precision and balance. Moreover, the curved part makes scooping an easy task and allows athletes to carry on with the game without wasting time.

The high-quality elite pockets are sturdy and durable and drive the ball straight in the sweet spot effortlessly. With the top-quality mesh material and amazing pocket, controlling the ball becomes a piece of cake. With this premium design, you can focus on your game and don’t have to worry about anything else.

Moreover, for enhanced performance, the company introduced Unrivaled front pocket. It will allow the player to improve their skills and control the ball more professionally. In addition, the ultimate scoop design system makes picking up ground balls effortless and seamless.

The company also uses double-sided wall technology to create a fine narrow channel to drive the ball into the right place. That is not all; this head comes with an innovative stringing hole system that makes a large front pocket and allows players to catch balls without a single drop.


  • It comes with a curved offset head
  • Elite pocket design for greater control
  • Unrivaled front pocket, which allows high-level performance
  • Double sidewall system to create a narrow way
  • Innovative stringing hole design


  • The quality of the mesh material is poor

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This head features various innovative technologies to accommodate all your needs and enhance your performance; with the top-quality pocket style and sidewalls, you can ace any game you want.

What Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Women’s Lacrosse Head?

Before buying any gaming equipment, doing primary research is a crucial step. Luckily, you will find everything you need to know about buying women’s lacrosse head in this article! 

Here we have mentioned a few pointers you should keep in mind to help you find the right product that fits your needs. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Wide or Narrow

The position you play highly influences the type of lacrosse head you should be using. You should choose the type based on your skills and the place you play. You can face trouble if you do not use the right size, depending on your position. If you are a defender, you should definitely consider getting wider heads.

Moreover, coaches and trainers also recommend wider heads for entry-level players. Because, with narrow heads, catching becomes difficult, and only pro players can master the skill of catching balls with narrow heads.

Furthermore, the goalie requires the largest heads among all the positions that range from 10-inches to 12-inches. Hence, you should choose a narrow or broader head depending on your capability and position.

Stiff or Flexible

The sidewalls of the head can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the lacrosse stick. Plus, strength, weight, and many more factors depend on stiffness and flexibility.

Choosing either a stiff or a flexible sidewall depends on the position and your preferences. Stiff heads tend to be heavier and are perfect for defensive moves.

Therefore, if you play defense, you can go for stiff sidewalls. However, for attackers and midfielders, flexible heads are more appropriate because midfielders and attackers need to make agile movements which can be done quickly with adjustable heads.

Curved or Flat

Type of scoop is one of the most critical factors of a lacrosse head. You need a good scoop to lift balls easily and pass effectively. The top of the head can be either curved or flat. Generally, U-shaped curved scoops are preferable by professional and skilled players. The curve allows players to pass and shoot balls accurately.

On the other hand, for beginners, a flat scoop is a more popular choice. Flat scoops allow easy pick from the ground and enable a player to learn the basics of scooping balls. Furthermore, defenders also use flat heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For what reasons can lacrosse head become illegal?

According to NCAA rules, the lacrosse head should be three inches wide at the throat. It should be a minimum of 10 inches from the top to the throat of the head.

Moreover, the lacrosse head should be of specific materials, including synthetic, wood, or laminated wood. If these measurements are not proper, it will be considered illegal. Moreover, if the top point of the head is higher than 2.75 inches off the surface, the head will be deemed illegal.

2. How to choose a lacrosse head?

The first thing to consider while choosing a lacrosse head is the position you play. It can be broad, narrow, sturdy, soft, etc., depending on what role you play in the game.

For a defensive player, the head should be stiff and broader. On the other hand, lightweight and flexible ones give better output for attack and midfield position.

Furthermore, a goalie should be using the widest head available in the market because the main job is to block goals. Hence, by analyzing the position and the job, you can choose the right one for yourself.

3. What are the different types of bottom rails?

The bottom rail is the plastic part containing holes to allow the mesh to be strung. There are various bottom rails like high/level 5 bottom rails, which enable the mesh to go deeper at the top of the head to add extra velocity to the shots.

Then we have mid/level 3 rails, which provide a great combination of speed and precision. And lastly, the low/level 1 bottom rails are best for possession players.

4. What is a pinch in a lacrosse head?

The space between the two sidewalls of the bottom part of the head is called the pinch. Many players prefer pinched (small space between the walls) sidewalls.

Now, the popular belief is that the closer the wall, the better. A pinched head allows a smooth channel in the pocket and enables you to throw more accurately.

5. What type of mouth is suitable for me?

The largest and broadest portion of the head is called the mouth. A wider mouth allows users to pick up balls faster from the ground. If you are a beginner, you should start with a wider mouth to build a good game foundation. Moreover, if you’re a defender or a midfielder, a wide mouth is more suitable for you.

6. What is the head of a lacrosse stick?

The top portion of the stick is called the head. It is the most critical part of the lacrosse stick and contains all the essential elements.

The head includes the mesh, scoop sidewalls, pockets, and more. You can purchase either strung or unstrung heads from the market. Women’s lacrosse stringing can also be customized according to preferences.

7. What do manufacturers use to make lacrosse heads?

Many companies use high-grade, sturdy, and durable plastic to produce the head. Moreover, nylon resin is also a popular choice for making it.

Manufacturers also use prime quality nylon to create the womens lacrosse stringing. But hard plastic is the most popular choice for producing the head of a lacrosse stick.

Final Words

That is all you need to know about the best womens lacrosse heads. Hopefully, this insightful article will help you get the perfect head for your stick. Moreover, our comprehensive buying guide should also guide you to the right product and help you get what your skills require.