What is the difference between field hockey and lacrosse?

You must first understand how lacrosse and field hockey are played before comparing them. In lacrosse, players throw the ball from one another using sticks with tiny connected nets toward the goal. The objective of field hockey is to score with a ball, and players use curved sticks to push the ball toward one another.

Lacrosse is considerably older than hockey. Many individuals assume that field hockey is the more popular sport because it has a longer history. Lacrosse is claimed to have originated sometime around the year 1110, whereas hockey was developed in the 1800s.

Hockey is considerably younger than lacrosse. Lacrosse wasn’t given that name until recently. It’s a Canadian national sport, having originated in North America. Stickball was one of the names for lacrosse back in the day. In 1636, John de Brebeuf established the game we now know as lacrosse.

What Is The Difference Between Fleld Hockey And Lacrosse

What is the difference between lacrosse and field hockey?

It’s impossible to dispute that the two activities have a few traits in common. Nonetheless, they are more distinct than similar. For your convenience, find detailed the distinctions between the two sports below:

The game mode

The most significant distinction is the one we’ve already covered. In lacrosse, the ball is passed between players who are separated by a certain distance, whereas in field hockey, the ball is continually passed between players and stays on the ground.

The difference in The playing stick

The Sport uses sticks as instruments, but they are not the same. The Field Hockey stick is flat “L” shaped and made of wood, while the Lacrosse stick is straight in form with a hook-shaped net at the end. Due to the various stick shapes, the two sports play very differently.

In field hockey, the “L” shaped stick effectively moves the ball on the ground. The hockey ball will rarely fly above a player’s waist with this stick style. In contrast, lacrosse players use a stick net to push the ball into the air.

The difference in safety equipment

The equipment that is needed differs considerably depending on the two games. Because of variances in ball trajectories, the safety measures for Field hockey and lacrosse are quite different.

You will need to wear shin pads, gloves, and gum shields as a Field hockey player. The high flights of the Lacrosse ball in the field necessitate wearing extensive gear. This explains why you need special safety equipment during the game.

You must have thick pads, gloves, and arm plates as a Lacrosse player. Helmets with thick lattice nets across the face may also be worn. This distinguishes Hockey players from Field Hockey players even more. Shin guards are the only kind of protective equipment or equipment that hockey players do not use.

Difference in balls

The balls are rather different for the two games. Lacrosse balls are made to fly and bounce readily. The balls are smaller, lighter, and have a smoother surface than Field Hockey balls.

Field Hockey balls, on the other hand, are designed to move overground. As a result, they are made heavier, larger, and with a rougher surface than Lacrosse balls.

Difference in Timing

In a field hockey game, like in a soccer match, the two teams play for two halves, 35 minutes in each. The Lacrosse games are split into quarters of 15 minutes. Due to less time and more rest periods, the lacrosse game is quicker than Field Hockey. Lacrosse is even faster than field hockey.

Difference in History

The Olympics include field hockey, which is a worldwide sport. On the other hand, lacrosse is a fascinating heritage game that does not compete in Olympic events. Lacrosse is a very distinctive game based on Native American folklore and tradition.

Difference in complexity

Lacrosse is a more difficult sport than field hockey, and the rules are stricter. Because of its rapid pace, lacrosse is a more difficult game to play than field hockey. The moves used in lacrosse to move the ball are more complicated than those used in field hockey.

The difference in offside rules

Lacrosse has stricter offside regulations than Field hockey, making it a more difficult game. It is considered offside if six players or more are discovered in the offensive half of the field in lacrosse. In contrast, Field Hockey does not have any offside laws; therefore, it is simpler for players to score.

In hockey, players may score without concern for the positions of opposing team members. However, in lacrosse, players must be highly attentive to one another at all times.

Difference in Maneuvers

The Field Hockey ball is always on the ground. To move the ball across the field, you don’t need to use your hockey stick much. However, just like a real hockey player, you only utilize the flat side of your hockey stick to propel the ball.

On the other hand, the lacrosse ball is typically in the air; therefore, it necessitates greater skill. You must master the technique of cradling the ball and tackling an opponent.


Field hockey and lacrosse are similar in that they are both field sports with a stick and a ball. However, the nature of the players, components and the rules associated with each are quite distinct, as described above.