How to Clean Lacrosse Balls Without Causing Damage

If you want to learn how to clean lacrosse balls without damaging their integrity of these balls, there are a number of different things that you need to consider.

Because there is more than one type of lacrosse balls (i.e. game balls and training balls) on the market today, here are 3 things you need to know about lacrosse balls and the best cleaning methods.

How to Clean Lacrosse Balls

1. Additives Create Oily and Greasy Surfaces

First of all, it is important to note that these training balls are made up of a mix of materials. The main material, however, can be described as a solid piece of vulcanized rubber. Therefore, it is not only strong but also durable enough to be resistant to scratches and breaks.

You should also that there are additives in this vulcanized rubber that determines how hard or soft these balls should be. As a result, after a period of time, the surface of the ball can be oily and greasy from the oils and plasticizers.

2. Oily and Greasy Surfaces Need To be Removed

Since these greasy surfaces can cause a variety of different issues like impeding the accuracy of a players’ shot or increasing the chance of injury, the oils and grease needs to be removed completely from its surface before they are used again.

3. How to Wash lacrosse Balls

Cleaning the grease from the lacrosse balls can help to avoid potential problems in the future. This cleaning process is relatively simple to do, and will only take about 30 minutes to complete. Here are the basic steps that you can follow to keep these balls clean for the games that players participate in.

Step 1

You need to gather all of the supplies that will be needed to do this job (i.e. dish soap, bucket, and hot water).

Step 2

Fill the bucket with hot water and then add a generous amount of dish soap to clean the balls. Drop the balls into the bucket and let the balls soak for approximately 30 minutes before taking them out.

Step 3

Wipe the balls down completely with a towel to remove the remaining water on their surfaces. Once you have completed the towel drying, you should place these balls in a clean dry place to let them dry completely out in the air.

Step 4:

If the balls still have greasy remains on the surface, you can spray the balls with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will dry quickly so they may be ready to use right away.


Due to the overall makeup of lacrosse balls, the method of cleaning should be done in a specialized way. This is because of the oils that the balls secrete over a period of time.

To remove these oils from their surface, the balls can be cleaned by letting them in a bucket of hot water and dish soap for about 30 minutes. And, once the process of drying is complete, the balls can be used again without the possibility of losing their integrity or causing injury to anyone in the nearby area.