How To Clean Lacrosse Mesh [4 Essential Steps]

How To Clean Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse meshes can get irritatingly messy after use, especially if they thrust and hold balls more frequently in the mud. It goes even further to spoil the fun if you’re doing it for leisure. For that reason, it’s always good to clean them for an enhanced sporting experience. Nonetheless, you must understand how to clean lacrosse mesh the right way.

Since the standard lacrosse mesh is made of nylon, washing it can vary slightly from the cloth meshes in other sports. To properly wash it, you must first stretch it out to expose more surface area, soak in water to loosen the fabric before applying soap and scrubbing. Afterward, rinse it with water and dry it.

Steps on cleaning lacrosse mesh

Cleaning lacrosse meshes should be systematic to make it thorough enough. Cleaning these meshes the right way also maintains their value and increases their durability. Here are the steps to help you clean your lacrosse mesh.

1. Stretch the mesh out

Nylon can be clingy, and that reduces its surface area exposure for proper washing. When the meshes are mud-caked, they also lose their elasticity, making them shrink beyond their regular sizes. Therefore before washing, it’s imperative to make a routine stretch on the material to loosen it. Do that by pulling the edges with slight force using both hands to expose more surface area.

2. Soak the mesh in water

Soak the mesh in water afterward when it’s adequately stretched. Although that won’t have much impact on the nylon, it would help loosen it a bit. If possible, use warm water to make the nylon looser and more flexible when washing.

For the light-shade types, including white and grey lacrosse meshes, soaking them with bleach will remove all tough stains smudging them, making cleaning much simpler with soap.

3. Apply soap and scrub

If you can immerse the mesh in soapy water in a dish, the soap would stick much better. However, if you opt to apply soap on the mesh directly, ensure that it’s moist for the soap to bind with the mesh material adhesively.

You can then use your hands to scrub, but a soft-bristle brush would do much better. Ensure that you cover parts with tough stains to make the leaning more thorough.

4. Rinse the mesh with clean water

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse it with clean water to dispatch the soap. For better rinsing, use clean running tap water to wash away the soap quickly. It may require more than a single rinse to get the soap and stains out ultimately.

If the stains show no signs of yielding even after rinsing, please rinse the mesh in clean bleach water for about five minutes. Afterward, rinse with water to clean off all bleach and prevent it from weakening the nylon. Ensure that it’s dry before using it again.


While indulging in the sport is fun, clean gear makes it more enjoyable. It’s vital to clean the mesh since it’s always the first to get caked with mud and grime, making it irritating.

But as simple as cleaning it may seem, you must do it systematically and follow the correct procedure for exceptional cleaning and durability.