How To Dye a Lacrosse Head Black at Home

How to Dye a Lacrosse Head Black at Home

The sport of lacrosse is an exciting game but known to many as an expensive sport. To play this game, an individual needs a lacrosse stick to which the lacrosse head is attached. Since lacrosse gears are relatively costly, those who own them ensure proper care.

One of the fantastic things about having a lacrosse stick is that you can have the lacrosse head dyed at any time. Different people dye their lacrosse heads for various reasons. The main one is to make it distinct and appealing to their preference.

There are many kinds of dyes to choose from when looking to dye the lacrosse head. The easier way would be to spray-paint the lacrosse head; however, it is best to use RIT dye for better and satisfactory results.

Are you looking to dye your lacrosse head at home? Easy. The supplies needed for the dyeing process are black RIT dye, goof off liquid, dish liquid preferably dawn, brushes, and sponges. For those that would love to use the decals, a decal transfer paper, and a decal vinyl sheet is essential.

Dyeing your lacrosse head can be expensive as the process requires a lot of attention to be done right, especially when there is a mix-up of colors and when using decals. Getting a solid black dye is easier. Dyeing at home is less expensive hence preferred by many.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step process on how to dye your lacrosse head black at home.

1. Since you need the lacrosse head only dyed, remove the lacrosse strings from the head and set them aside, preventing the strings from getting dyed.

2. Use a sponge to clean the lacrosse head with the dawn and cool, clean water. It is essential to remove any dirt on the lacrosse head before starting the dyeing process.

3. Let the head dry after cleaning.

4. Cut and remove the vinyl decals. This step is for those using decals to decorate the head.

5. Use the transfer paper to apply the decals to the head. Once you stick the decals on the areas you want to decorate, use a little heat to ensure the decals stick well on the lacrosse head and prevent dye bleeding.

6. Get a heat-proof pot and boil 2-3 liters of water. Hit this to 180 degrees. A lot of water is needed to ensure it covers the whole lacrosse head when dipped in the water.

7. Pour in the black dye, carefully stir to get a soup form, and then dip the lacrosse head. Leave it for some time, preferably 10 minutes, for a darker shade. Getting a dark dye may not be easy; that is why an individual should ensure that they leave the head in the dye for many minutes.

8. Once the head is fully dyed, remove it from the pot and transfer it to a sink.

9. Rinse the head with cool water, spray goof off and scrub using the brush. Putting enough goof off will help in removing excess dye and keep the stick clean.

10. If you have decals, pill them off and do a quick wash to ensure there are no pieces of the decals left.

11. Put the head in a freezer for 2-3 minutes to stiffen the dye. This step is not a must-do step. It, however, helps make sure the dye sinks in the lacrosse head well.


Dyeing your lacrosse head can be fun and often gives satisfactory results because of the customization to fit individuals’ needs. However, continuous dyeing of the lacrosse head weakens the plastic used to make the head, which is quite annoying and negative to many.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure you care for your lacrosse head, dyeing once in a while, to avoid the tedious dyeing process.