How to Hold a Lacrosse Stick: Everything You Need to Know About a Lacrosse Stick

Have you just joined a lacrosse team but don’t know how to hold a stick? That’s not a big deal! Read this article to the end to become an expert lacrosse player.

What is a Lacrosse Stick?

A lacrosse stick is a long-handled stick used to play lacrosse with a curved L-shaped or triangular frame positioned at the end with a net at an angle. A lacrosse stick has three parts;

  • The head. This is the top part of the lacrosse stick, and it’s made of plastic. The head of the lacrosse is designed differently for defense and offense players.
  • The shaft. This is the longest part which can be 30 inches for the attack or midfielder’s, 40 inches for goalies, and 60 inches for the defenseman’s. It’s made of different materials, the common ones being wood, carbon, and metal.
  • The mesh. It’s a peace of material at one end of the lacrosse stick used to pass, handle, shoot, scoop and throw the ball. There are different types of lacrosse mesh in the market.
How to Hold a Lacrosse Stick

How to Hold a Lacrosse Stick

If you want to start playing lacrosse, you might have watched people play and realize different positions they hold lacrosse sticks and realized that they sometimes change the situation.

You will hold your lacrosse stick differently when passing, shooting, catching, and cradling a ball. You must first ensure you have the right lacrosse stick.

Holding the Lacrosse Stick the Right Way

1. One hand should be on the end, while the other should be on the top portion of the stick. For the left-handed, the left hand (dominant hand) should be at the top while the right hand (non-dominant) should be on the end of the stick, and vice versa for the right-handed.

2. The open end of the lacrosse stick should be facing outwards.

3. The shaft should be divided into four. The first part is just below the head, the second is a quarter down, the third is half the shaft, and the fourth is at the butt of the shaft.

4. The dominant hand should hold the shaft on the first portion while the non-dominant on the second. This is the position for catching the ball.

5. When cradling the ball, position your dominant hand on the second portion and the non-dominant on the fourth part.

6. When passing the ball to the next person or shooting to the target, the dominant hand must be on the third part of the shaft while the non-dominant on the fourth.

7. For a one-hand cradle, normally practiced by defensive players, the hand must be a few inches below the end. In addition, the wrist and the shoulder must move in a rocking motion.

8. Practice motion for stick handling. Throw the stick sideways and catch it with the other hand without moving your head.

9. After you have a good grip on the stick, now practice with the ball.

Holding a stick might look simple, but it’s not for a beginner. However, following the above steps and practicing regularly makes it simple.

Buying Tips for a Lacrosse Stick

To be a good lacrosse player, you must make the right choice of a lacrosse stick. The kind of lacrosse stick you will buy will determine your playing experience. Here is what to look for in a good lacrosse stick.

  • The sidewalls must be thinner.
  • The shaft should be light and quality for durability and faster movement.
  • Look for a lacrosse stick with good depth.
  • Look for a high-performance mesh.
  • Ensure the lacrosse head is tightly screwed to the shaft.
  • V-shaped ball’s width channel.
  • Consider the right size of the lacrosse stick.

How Much Does a Lacrosse Stick Cost?

Lacrosse sticks are priced differently according to the quality, materials used, and player level. Different brands also sell their lacrosse sticks differently. Even though the prices vary for various reasons, the average cost of a lacrosse stick is between $99 to $229.