How To Make A Wooden Lacrosse Shafts

You are wondering how to make your wood lacrosse sticks? We’ve got you covered. Here are the steps for creating a lacrosse stick from scratch, including tips and tricks on choosing materials, tools, and techniques.

Steps Of Making a wooden lacrosse shafts

1: Find a Fitting Piece of Wood

To begin, you’ll need a piece of wood that’s about 31 ” x1 1/17 ” “x7/8”. The finished product will measure 31×1 1/17 “x7/8 . If you want your lacrosse to be legal, it must have a combined shaft and a head length of 40″ to 42″ and a maximum circumference of 3.5.”

How To Make A Wooden Lacrosse Shafts

2. Cut to Length

Use chop saw or band saw. Make sure not to cut through the handle bottom where it meets the top part. Use tape to mark out a centerline to know what size hole needs to go at the end of the pole when drilling. Drill holes at poles end using a drill press.

Then use a hacksaw to trim downsides until they meet the middle line carefully. A good trick is to clamp onto each side with clamps before cutting. You don’t want to lose any material there.

3. Drill Hole

Drill two 2-3/4″-diameter holes into both ends. It doesn’t matter if one goes all the way through or just partially as long as the previous spot is still intact. This allows airflow inside when strung up.

Also, remember to get them centered at the middle line marked earlier. Use similar technique used above by placing a wedge against either side of the shaft and then driving into place with a hammer.

4. Add Angles

Add 45 degrees angles to both ends of the shaft. To do this, put screws through one end of lacrosse which should now face away from other screws. Mark position of second angle and repeat process. Screws will hold everything together nicely while also providing additional support. Add another 45-degree tip near the midpoint of the shaft to create “V.”

5. Attach Handle

Using longer nails, attach handles to poles. Hammer nail heads flush shaft surface. Don’t worry too much about alignment as long as you’re able to hit those marks without hitting anything else first. As always, check fit several times along.

6. Finish Cutting Ends

Trim off excess wood around edges to smooth things out—the sand entire area with fine sandpaper. Finish with oil.

7. String Up Stick

If you’ve successfully strung up your stick, congratulations! Now it’s time to lace it up. Start by threading laces through holes drilled in shafts. Tie knots snugly around poles to secure them.


Making wooden lacrosse shafts isn’t hard once you understand some basic principles. With enough patience and practice, these simple methods lead to great results.