How to String a Lacrosse Stick [Step-By-Step Guidelines]

The creativity of stringing a lacrosse head has been passed down for centuries, but it does not mean it is a straightforward process for beginners.

The technique of lacrosse stringing depends on the player’s skills and experience which is why beginners without the knowledge fall short of ideas. Below we have provided a step-by-step guide for stringing a lacrosse head. They include;

How To String A Lacrosse Stick

Preparation before you start stringing a lacrosse Stick

Before you get started, make sure you have all the items needed to string a lacrosse head:

  • Unstrung Lacrosse Head
  • Mesh
  • Strings
  • Utility scissors
  • Lighter
  • Large Needle Nose Pliers

Start by stretching the lacrosse mesh before you start stringing the lacrosse head. Stretching a lacrosse mesh helps you to come up with the idea of the shape of pocket you want to string and have an easy time while stringing without re-doing it. Nonetheless, you will be able to string while moving along much quicker.

It is advisable to use a double overhand knot for stringing the top string and sidewall string, instead of using a standard overhand knot. The significance of employing the overhand knot method is that it prevents the sidewall strings from pulling through the sidewall hole of the lacrosse head. In addition, the pocket will also stay more consistent in the long run.

How to String Lacrosse Head Top String

The head top string is the foundation of stringing your lacrosse stick. Therefore, ensure to string the top head of your lacrosse pocket and make it consistent by tightening. A loose top string will make the mesh break thereby making the ball hit off the plastic lip of your lacrosse head. To string the head top follow the guide below;

  • Fold over mesh a couple of rows so that a 9 diamond row is on top and Cut your strings to the appropriate size.
  • Then, melt the ends of the string to prevent fraying and lick your fingers and pinch to create pointy ending tips for an easy stringing process.
  • Begin the process of stringing the top of the mesh into the head by taking the top nine-diamond row and folding it onto the nine-diamond row below it.

  • Work from left to right as you tie a double knot at one end of the top string and wrap the string around the first hole in the mesh and the first hole in the sidewall to keep the mesh in place and ensure to keep even tension throughout the process. Repeat the knot 4 times along the top of the head or mesh while pulling the string tight between each knot.

  • Skip a hole of mesh, string the string through the back of the head top hole, up through the mesh hole, around the back of the string and continue up through the plastic hole, and through the hole created in the string.

  • Lock the final hole to the plastic as you did on the second step and secure the string with a double knot.

  • When you’re finished, the center of the mesh should be lined upright in the center of the head and you should be able to see through the diamonds when done correctly.

There are two methods you may use to string lacrosse head top; they include; the 9 Diamond Top String and the Hidden 9 Diamond Top String.

1. 9 Diamond Top String

The 9 Diamond Top String style is ideal for low lacrosse pocket which is also simple to string as it works on the top string method.

2. Hidden 9 Diamond Top String

The Hidden 9 Diamond Top String style is ideal for stringing a high pocket with a lacrosse stick that requires a lot of control. These methods allows the mesh to float at the top thereby widening the channel for the ball to sit higher in the pocket.

How to String a Lacrosse Head Sidewall

To string a lacrosse head sidewall strictly follow the steps below;

  • Start by tying a double overhand lacrosse knot while doing them at the same time to make a perfect tension and should be the same on each side. Undo the entire side and correct if you notice you did one side differently than the other. Doing knots separately makes it easier to make mistakes on one side of the sidewalls and you cannot be sure you are replicating the same thing.

  • Next, attach the lacrosse mesh to the sidewall of the lacrosse head by utilizing a double overhand knot in the two loops to make sure the knot will never slip through the hole. However, the size of the sidewall hole on the lacrosse head determines how many loops you can do for the knot to stay more secure and won’t slip through the hole.

  • The first couple of diamonds should be pulled down tightly in the head to create a flat Chanel and help the ball release down the middle with ease.

  • Due to the legal pocket depth limit, make sure you can see no air or on space above the ball.

  • Confirm both sides and make sure they are tight or equally tensioned.

  • Trim the extra string from the sidewall.

How to String a Lacrosse Stick Bottom String

Sidewall creates too much friction on the bottom meshes which eventually will rip through and ruin your mesh. For that reason, you need to string a 6-inch long bottom string. To do that employ the tips below;

  • Melt the tips of the bottom string, tie a knot and insert the string at the bottom plastic of the stick and weave the bottom string through the 10th diamond mesh row. Ensure, you go in and out of each hole in a row.

  • Tighten the bottom string and tie it off through the plastic hole.

  • Then, string the shooting strings while going through a hole of mesh towards the top and weave the shooting string through a row of mesh.

  • Once you are done, confirm around the sidewalls while weaving the string back going above through the same row on the opposite side of the mesh to cover up any part of the mesh in the row.
  • When you are done with weaving, tie it off where you started the weave.

It is done and ready for use.