How To Unpinch A Lacrosse Head

Are you wondering how to un-pinch your lacrosse stick? Lacrosse is an exciting sport with great competition. However, the rods are not always easy to handle and can be pretty tricky for beginners. Here are a few tips on unpinning your lacrosse stick so you can play more confidently and enjoy every moment of the game. So read along until you learn all about how to unpin.

How to Unpinch lacrosse head

How To Unpinch A Lacrosse Head

The process of restoring lacrosse heads to their normal state is described as un pinching. This is similar to the shaping process in that the plastic should be heated in an oven or microwave. Once the plastic has become malleable, insert a giant ball into the head to cause the plastic to expand and open up.

After removing the ball from the head, heat it again to make sure that there’s no damage to the inside of the head, Then use sandpaper or emery cloth to smooth out any rough areas where the director might snag during gameplay. Finally, polish off the sharp edges by rubbing them against another piece of leather. You’re ready to go!

If you want to avoid using chemicals such as paint thinner, try heating the head instead. To do this, place the head over an electric burner or in an oven set at its lowest setting. Heat slowly while turning the head often. When the plastic becomes hot enough to allow you to bend it easily, remove the head from the heat source and let it cool completely.

Repeat this step two times. As soon as the third attempt is successful, heat it again to melt the remaining portion of the plastic away. Use caution, though, since too much heat could destroy the head permanently. In addition, keep an eye on the temperature gauge throughout the entire procedure to ensure that you don’t burn yourself.


Un pinching is one of those things that takes practice; however, once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll find that it makes working with your lacrosse stick easier than ever.

It also helps prevent injuries caused by chafing and nicks. So get started now and see if you can save yourself frustration and embarrassment.