Semi Hard VS Semi Soft Lacrosse Mesh( Pros & Cons)

A pocket is one of the integral parts your lacrosse stick should have. This part makes direct contact with the ball and this is where shots and passes commence and catch the end.

It is possible to have your lacrosse pocket ready to supplement your skills in the game and also to hold up strong if you know what you should look for when you are buying a mesh.

There are several available styles of meshes you can select from. However, these meshes could be broken down into two distinct choices;

Semi Hard VS Semi Soft Lacrosse Mesh

– The semi-soft lacrosse mesh

As the name suggests, the semi-Soft lacrosse mesh is made from a softer material and has been designed to be simpler to string and stretch. Additionally, this type of mesh can be easier and quicker to break in.

A head that has a semi-soft lacrosse mesh can make a pocket that can easily move with the ball and this leads to more improved control, responsiveness, and hold.

– The semi-hard lacrosse mesh

The semi-hard lacrosse mesh tends to be stiffer compared to the semi-soft. One of the great abilities of the semi-hard lacrosse mesh is its capability of creating consistency and smooth releases.

Additionally, this lacrosse mesh can perform quite well in wet weather but takes longer to break in than the semi-soft lacrosse mesh.

So, which is the best mesh you are recommended to use? The following article has compared the performance of the semi-soft lacrosse mesh and the semi-hard to help you make the best choice. While most of it boils down to the personal preferences of the player, it is important to have the required details when you are deciding which one you should pick.

A team member who likes to run and shoot employs the use of a lot of dodges or release shots with a lot of power will be recommended to use the semi-soft mesh. Additionally, the semi-soft lacrosse mesh can also be a good pick for beginner players.

On the other end of the spectrum, a team member who enjoys feeding the ball to other team members and getting the ball from their stick quickly might prefer using a semi-hard lacrosse mesh.

By identifying the right lacrosse mesh and knowing how the two meshes differ, it is easy to get your pockets ready for the best performance. Here are some of the key tips that will help you in choosing the best lacrosse mesh for your stick.

Understanding the semi-hard lacrosse mesh

The best words that can be used to elaborate on what the semi-hard lacrosse mesh is a fine wine that will take more time to mature and change to a wonderful pocket.


  • The ball sits inside one spot of the pocket and hardly rattles around.
  • The semi-hard lacrosse mesh has a better life expectancy in the rain.
  • The shapes of the pocket will stay consistent and also have a longer life span.


  • Due to the rigidness of the mesh, it is harder to string with
  • Less ball feels as if the player is cradling.
  • Longer time before breaking in a pocket due to the hardness the mesh has.

Understanding the semi-soft lacrosse mesh


  • The game is ready as soon as the head has been strung, there is no break time players need.
  • The players have a more advanced feel of where the ball has settled while using a semi-soft lacrosse mesh.
  • It is easier to string when using a semi-soft lacrosse mesh than when you are using a semi-hard lacrosse mesh.


  • The mesh is going to lose its shape fast and start to bag out as time goes by.
  • When used on a rainy pitch day, the mesh easily fills with water making the stick stiff and harder to throw.
  • Due to the easy snapping or shifting, to ensure that all its pockets are kept, the semi-soft lacrosse mesh requires maintenance.

Final Verdict

With the increase in sports brands that deal with lacrosse meshes, you are likely to have a hard time choosing one to buy from. Additionally, you will also have a hard time knowing the best you can buy if you are a newbie in the game. Doing thorough research to know how to differentiate between the two is important.