What Equipment Do You Need For Lacrosse

If you are looking to start playing lacrosse, there are a few pieces of equipment that you will need. Lacrosse is a sport that requires a lot of gear, but it can be a lot of fun once you have all the right equipment. Here are some pieces of equipment that you need for lacrosse:

What Equipment Do You Need For Lacrosse

20 Essential Equipment For Lacrosse Playing

1. A lacrosse stick :

STX Shield 100 Strung Lax Goalie Stick

A lacrosse stick is probably the most important piece of lacrosse equipment. The stick’s head is made out of a mesh material similar to a fishing net. It can be difficult to catch the ball with your bare hands starting, so having this sort of “net” helps protect your hands from being hit by the ball all play long.

2. A throat guard :

CAS Cascade TP-S Goalie Throat Piece

This piece of equipment finds its place under your lacrosse helmet and protects your neck from impact during play. It will expand if something hard comes in contact with it, which is why it finds itself under your helmet. Without it, you are taking a huge chance of getting injured every time you go up for a shot or receive a pass.

3. Lacrosse gloves :

STX Cell 5 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Gloves are important to have if you want to catch the ball properly. They will also protect your hands from getting hit by the ball and help keep them warm during colder games.

4. Arm pads :

Arm pads protect your arms from getting bruises and cuts during a game. They can also help reduce the impact of a fall on your arm.

5. Elbow pads :

Elbow pads do the same job as arm pads, but they protect your elbows instead of your arms.

6. Lacrosse jersey :

A lacrosse jersey is different from other sports jerseys because it has shoulder pads. This helps protect your upper body from being hit by the ball or other players’ sticks.

7. Helmet :

A lacrosse helmet is necessary for all players to have on during play. It protects the head from injury, so it is really important not to go out onto the field without one of these.

8. Mouthguard :

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

This piece of equipment may seem like a luxury, but it can help you avoid having to get teeth fixed if your mouth comes into contact with another player’s stick or falls on the ground during play. You may look silly wearing it, but it is worth its weight in gold if you end up breaking a tooth or chipping one because of an accident on the field.

9. Rib pads :

If your rib cage comes into contact with another player’s lacrosse stick, it can cause some serious bruising. Rib pads help to protect your ribs from taking a beating during a game.

10. Shorts :

You will want to wear shorts while playing lacrosse because they are loose and allow you to move around easily on the field.

11. Socks :

Lacrosse socks are long and go up above your knees. They are made out of a thick, absorbent material that will keep your feet warm and dry during a game.

12. Athletic shoes :

Athletic shoes are necessary for playing lacrosse because they have good traction and will help you move quickly on the field.

13. Towel :

A towel is important to have with you at all times when playing lacrosse. It can be used to wipe the sweat off your face, clean your stick, or dry off the ball.

14. Water bottle :

Dehydration can be a real issue during long lacrosse games, so staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is important.

15. Sunscreen :

Sunscreen is necessary if you will be playing lacrosse in the summertime. The sun can damage your skin if you are not careful, so make sure you apply sunscreen liberally before heading out onto the field.

16. Bug spray :

If you are playing lacrosse outside during the summer, you will want to bring bug spray with you to keep the bugs away.

17. Hat :

A hat is a good idea when playing lacrosse in the sun. It will protect your head from the sun’s rays and help keep you cool.

18. Lacrosse tape :

Lacrosse tape can be used to tape up cuts and bruises on your body. It is also helpful for taping your stick together if it starts to come apart during a game.

19. First aid kit :

A first aid kit is a must-have for any sport, but it is especially important for lacrosse because of all the contact during a game.

20. Lacrosse cleats :

Cleats are necessary for playing lacrosse on grass or turf. They help you grip the ground better and prevent you from slipping while running or jumping.


Lacrosse is a great game to play on the weekends, but you need equipment. If you’re wondering what kind of gear you’ll need for lacrosse, The article has given you some ideas about which pieces of equipment are best suited for your needs and budget.